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Rant & Rave will inspire kids to write, draw and doodle about the things they really care about. A unique journal with a fun twist: a double cover that lets you rave about the good bits, then twist the journal over to rant and let off a little steam!This innovative journal, initially available in ‘My School’ and ‘My Holiday’, will not only create relaxed and enjoyable moments, it will help the child to let their feelings flow and discover their own uniqueness.A lovely activity book for home-time, bedtime, holidays or weekends, and a fun unique gift for any occasion. Guided prompts in ‘My School’ take the child on a rant and rave about important friendships, playground antics, teachers, and lots more. While ‘My Holiday’ inspires children to explore the highlights and challenges of their travels. Lively colour illustrations with lists and spaces to draw make Rant & Rave easy to use and ideal for a wide age range. It will help to build the child’s confidence in writing and self-expression, and create a wonderful lasting keepsake

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Rant & Rave Journal Reviews

Tested By
Lisa Fisher – Hollie 7 years

Awarded The From You to Me – Rant & Rave 5/5

I think that it is a fantastic idea. This is a lovely sturdy journal. Hollie thought that it was fantastic. She
loves to write but sometimes lacks the Imagination of what to say. This gave
her all the inspiration needed. We both like the idea of flipping the book from
ranting to raving. Hollie really enjoyed writing in this book. Again, she loved
the inspiration it gave her. She would have written something but nothing as
detailed as what she wrote in this journal. It has helped her to recall
memories that she would probably have forgotten. I think that this is a
fantastic idea ad will certainly purchase more books like these for presents
and more holidays. Definitely great
value for money. I would purchase
more. I have nieces that would love
this! Perfect for rainy days, children that want to write but don’t know what
to write! Lisa
Fisher – Hollie 7 years

Tested By
Lesley Davies – Finley 7 Years

Awarded The From You to Me – Rant & Rave 4/5

Fantastic Idea and a great way for parents to
discuss school with their children and discover their highs and lows. Paper
used very good quality, thick and pages do not tear or fold easily. The cover is glossy and durable. As soon as Finley saw it he wanted to use it
straight away and he did! However, it was not used after a day or so and I had
to prompt him. He did the bits he found
exciting. We
both thought that the "double sided” idea was great, Finley loved to turn the
journal around for the Rant side. Very
unique. He enjoyed answering the questions about his
school day. However, it didn’t hold his
attention for more than 15 minutes at a time, but that could just be he’s a boy
and 7. Some questions he found difficult and didn’t understand, but he enjoyed
writing out his friends. He just left
the ones he didn’t want to answer or couldn’t answer. This did stimulate him
but not to doodle. He moved onto other
activity books after around 10 minutes. It is a great and novel idea,
wonderfully designed. It was a great way
to find out more about my Son’s school life.
It showed a few things I didn’t know about his friendship circle and it
was a great way to have a discussion about school as he doesn’t normally tell
me anything! Even though I think the journal is a great idea and fun for
children I feel the RRP is too high. I
would purchase if I saw it on offer. I
would recommend but for an older child. A
great way to get your child to open up and for parent’s to discover more about
their child’s time at school. Lesley Davies – Finley 7 Years

Product Tested By Hayley Archer – Jacob 6

Hayley Awarded The From You to Me – Rant &
Rave 4.7/5

Jacob was very excited, I thought it looked
good quality for money, very impressed. Superb
quality and very well presented. Jacob
couldn’t wait to start writing in it. We
loved the way this was set out and was easy to use. My son loved this journal and enjoyed writing
and doodling in it. The questions in the
journal helped him think about what to write about. This was stimulating for my
son to use and he had fun. I believe it
is quite expensive, especially as you can buy pads in Tesco for 99p that they
can write and doodle in. I would purchase this and would certainly
recommend. It would have been 5/5 if it
wasn’t for the price. Brilliant, my son loved it!!! Hayley Archer – Jacob 6 years

Definitely great value for money. I would purchase more. I have nieces that would love this! Perfect for rainy days, children that want to write but don’t know what to write!


Lisa Awarded The From You to Me – Rant & Rave 5/5

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