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Rapide Ultra 2 W90-RU-P

The Rapide Ultra carpet cleaner makes it quicker and easier than ever before to keep your carpets looking spotless. It combines ease of use and manoeuvrability with the very latest deep cleaning, quick drying technologies, so you can achieve professional results yourself.
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Rapide Ultra 2 W90-RU-P Reviews

Product Tested by: Sharon Young

Product Tested By Sharon Young

Sharon Awarded The VAX Rapide Ultra 2 Carpet Cleaner 5/5

Excitement couldn’t wait to use it. Packaging good no wastage. Good instructions clear andconcise. Felt they could have included general guidance on how much solution would be needed to clean a room etc. Great size and lightweight. Very easy to move around just like a regular hoover. It took about 20-30 mins when first used it, reading instructions thoroughly and then measuring and mixing relevant cleaning solution for the job. I imagine it would take a bit of time if I had to just get it out for a spillage due to the fact I have put it back in the box and tied it up. This is a Fantastic cleaner, I didn’t realise my daughter’s carpet was Pale Pink! I did feel that a plastic measure was needed to measure out the correct amount of cleaning solution to mix with the water. It took us 10 mins to find something we didn’t want to use again that we could use. Easy to rewind the cord. Cord was long enough for our needs. Thought the box could have been top opening so it would be easy to put the cleaner back in the box to keep it in good condition. We had to get some string to package up once used which was a pain. Superb really is a great product and does what is says it will. Having light coloured carpets, kids and cats this is a product you can’t be without. Value for money Yes & No – I thought for how much it costs to have carpets cleaned this is a good and fair price if you were cleaning them every month.  However I feel that more people would purchase it at a more affordable price of £199.99. I would purchase at price of £199.99. I would recommend without hesitation as this is a great product which gives you peace of mind when you have children and pets.  Even though I marked down on acouple of areas this did not affect my overall experience in using the product and the results I have achieved. A great product and it lived up to everything I expected from it. My carpets have never been cleaner. It was easy to use, lightweight and I can not now imagine not having this product. I can’t wait to clean my carpets again, seeing the end results its absolutely amazing. Sharon Young


Product Tested By Jeanette Philpot


JeanetteAwarded The VAX Rapide Ultra 2 Carpet Cleaner 4.9/5

Looked fantastic. Well packaged, well protected and delivered promptly. Instructions clear and precise and very easy to follow.  Larger than our other Vax, and holds more carpet cleaning fluid so you can cover bigger area.  Shape is good and easy to use, just a little bit heavier than our previous Vax, but very effective. This is very easy to move round the home and has cleaned our carpets like a dream. We have a house full of young boys and dogs and this is an absolute godsend. This takes just a few minutes to set up for use. This is so easy to set up and you are ready to go in no time.  We used the spray attachment first to treat some ground in stains which was a breeze. We then filled up the VAX and cleaned the living room carpet. It looked the bes tit had for years. This is a strong durable cleaner and the carpets came up looking brilliant. Well the best they have for years. This comes with every accessory you need to clean carpets, upholstery and furniture. Cord is easily made neat when finished. The whole design of  this VAX is Fantastic.  Never had any problems with length of the cord and we have a very large living room and the length of the cord enabled us to clean the whole room with ease. Very easy just pack it all away and stored in our store room, as we do use it weekly with children and pets. The quality is Excellent. This is superb value for money. We had our last VAX for years and this one is far superior, cleans better and will last for many, many years.  So definitely value for money. Would purchase this as brilliant.  I would recommend as this is a very effective carpet cleaner and performs well and so easy to use. The design is superb, larger than normal so will cover bigger area.  So easy to use and the power in this is amazing picking up ground in dirt.T his has been an absolute godsend and is used on a regular basis.  Easy to use, easy to clean, store and will last for years. We just loved it.  Jeanette Philpot


Product Tested By Gillian Robinson 

GillianAwarded The VAX Rapide Ultra 2 Carpet Cleaner 5/5

The product was well packaged and not too large. It showed the product clearly.  Instruction is fairly simple. The booklet shows every stage in clear simple pictures with the parts of the machine that you need to use/move/operate etc. highlighted in orange, along with it explained simply underneath each picture.  It is quite bulky and heavy, even before the water is in it, however this is to be expected – there’s a lot of workings involved!  If you were older or had back problems, you might not find it quite so easy!  It’s very easy to move around and goes where you want it to go.  It didn’t take very long to get the Vax ready for use, however you couldn’t just get it out of the cupboard and go – unless you were picking up an accidental spill, then you just had to put the hose in the front and suck!  Although our hall carpet didn’t have any stains and wasn’t visibly dirty, we have only just moved into the house and wanted to give it a once over.  The carpet looks like new.  It is a gold/sand colour and the colour has been revitalised.  The same carpet on the stairs (which hasn’t been cleaned with the Vax yet) looks like a flat yellow in comparison.  At first glance there looks like pipes and attachments all over the place, however they all serve a purpose and serve it well.  Perhaps a bigger bottle of shampoo could be included!  The cord just wraps around two hooks on the back of the machine rather than retracting.  The cord was longer than on our vacuum cleaner so was more than long enough.  It is rather large, so we have found it a bit of a problem to store. WE don’t have a full length cupboard in this house, so at the moment it is stored in our bedroom which isn’t ideal.  It will probably end up being stored in the garage.  I think it is excellent quality.  All the parts seem sturdy and from the results I have seen, it works very well too!  It does seem quite pricey, however if you can clean a whole house of carpets and upholstery then it is a lot cheaper than getting this done professionally.  And you can do it more than once! I would consider buying it as it has really revitalised our carpets.  I maybe wouldn’t have been prepared to pay the price without having tried it first.  I would recommend and I have done.  My dad has already booked in to borrow it! I was quite surprised at how heavy the machine was however there is a lot of kit and water to carry. It has brought our carpets up a treat, and am looking forward to doing my dad’s carpets as they really do need doing! Gillian Robinson




A great product and it lived up to everything I expected from it. My carpets have never been cleaner. It was easy to use, lightweight and I can not now imagine not having this product. I can’t wait to clean my carpets again, seeing the end results its absolutely amazing.


 Sharon Awarded The VAX Rapide Ultra 2 Carpet Cleaner 5/5

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