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Raw Gaia Massage Oil for Her Babies

This is a soothing and gentle massage oil for babies that is also nourishing and calming. It includes macerated lime blossom oil which has wonderful relaxation properties as well as oils high in GLA.This Massage oil can also be put into the bath and into an oil burner.Ingredients: For Her Babies Massage Oil is made with 100% organic

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£11.49 for 50ml purchase online

Raw Gaia Massage Oil for Her Babies Reviews

Product Tested by: Aurora Kerr – Arron 23 Weeks

Product Tested By Aurora Kerr – Arron 23 Weeks

Aurora Awarded The Raw Gaia Massage Oil for Her Babies 4.3/5

Initial impression was that the produce looked nice, the packaging was nice and it smelt nice when I opened it.  It looked like something that I as a mum would like to choose for myself if looking in a shop.  I like the packaging the only point I would make is that it is not that clear that it is a baby product and if you were looking in a shop you may not think it looked like a baby produce but may look like it was for a mum.  The glass bottle is nice and the neck of the bottle is a good size to apply to hands to then rub on baby. The oil is easily applied.  Once I poured it in to my hand it was not too runny and therefore easy to then apply to my baby’s skin.  The oil was very easily absorbed in to the baby’s skin and left it moist without being too oily. I really liked the absorption compared to Johnson’s baby oil and organic vegetable oil which I had also used.  The oil did have a nice aroma it smelt relaxing but the smell was quite faint so not too overpowering for a baby. We did not have any negative reactions to this oil. My baby really enjoyed the massage especially on his stomach he was making ‘ooo’ sounds when I was doing it.  My baby did not sleep any better but I do not think this would be anything to do with the oil he is breastfed and feeds every two hours day and night because he is a hungry baby.  He did seem more relaxed when being put down to sleep though and seemed to fall asleep quicker after a massage.  Every night I would use this oil just doing his tummy and once or twice a week doing an all over massage including legs, arms, stomach and chest.  Arron does not have any skin problems so just used as nice massage oil.  I really like the oil I like the consistency that it is not too runny, and I also like how easily it comes out of the bottle, I have tried the body shop oil and it was very difficult to get out so it is very good for these things.  I do think it is quite expensive for the size of the bottle, if I were going to pay £11.49 I would expect it to be at least 100ml, I think if I was looking in the shop I would be unlikely to pay that amount for the size unless it came highly recommended.  I would consider buying it if it was on a special offer or reduced but I would not pay the rrp for the size bottle.  I would recommend it its really nice but again I am unsure about the price. I like the fact it states it is vegan I have met a few women at baby groups who are vegan so this is good to know and I will let them know about it. Really love the oil especially the fact it’s not too runny but price puts me off. Lovely smelling well absorbed oil for a lovely bonding massage with your baby. Aurora Kerr – Arron 23 Weeks

Product Tested By Laura Wildfish – Lilly Aged 3 Months

Laura Awarded The Raw Gaia Massage Oil for Her Babies 4.2/5

Looked good quality and liked the fact organic and natural. Really liked the aroma too as not overpowering just soft gentle aroma which Lilly seemed to like. Glass bottle is a nice size and easy to dispense the oil. You do not need a lot just put a small amount on your hands. The oil is a nice consistency and easy to put on. The oil is absorbed quickly and does not leave any residue. Soft gentle easy to use organic oil. Lilly loved her massage time and helped me and hubby bond more. We would always give Lilly massage after bathing her and set her up for a nice night’s sleep. We would massage Lilly all over and really relaxed her and left her skin feeling soft and smooth. We never had any reaction to the oil as so soft and gentle to use.  I am not sure whether Lilly slept any better using this oil as she is a good sleeper. However, the massage seems to calm her down and get her ready for sleep. It is now our regular routine after bathing and she loves it. Lilly also suffers from very mild eczema and this certainly calmed her condition down. Did not clear the eczema but helped improve the condition. This is expensive but you do not need to use a large amount so the 50ml does last. It is also natural and organic and you always pay more for this and worth it as like to know I am using only the best organic natural toiletries on Lilly. I would consider purchasing this as a special treat and also a nice gift idea. I have recommended. A lovely massage oil, kind to Lilly’s skin and left her skin feeling soft and smooth and smelling lovely. Laura Wildfish – Lilly Aged 3 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Traveller – Ariel Aged 5 Months

Lauren Awarded The Raw Gaia Massage Oil for Her Babies 4.3/5

Loved the look of the bottle, looked very good quality, just not so keen on glass bottle with baby. The packaging was eye-catching and liked the design of the bottle.  Easy to apply the oil.  A small bottle, but you only need a tiny amount of oil when using.  An organic product which is also good news.  I found the oil easy to apply and it would absorb into skin easily.  The oil is just right and not too runny, so you can apply to baby with ease.  A nice way to bond with your baby and also give her a lovely massage which she really enjoyed.  I would use this oil during the day when we had our play time on the mat and it would relax Ariel and she would smile and enjoy the massage.  It would also leave her skin feeling silky smooth. Never had any reaction to this oil.  Sometimes we would use this after her night time bath and seemed to calm her nicely for bedtime.  Some nights she would sleep well, but other nights she would wake us up as not a really good sleeper yet.  I do think this calmed her at night but not all the time.  She is just not a good sleeper presently.  I was unsure of the glass bottle but nice size to keep safe in bathroom cabinet.  I really enjoyed using this massage oil and both myself and my husband enjoyed seeing our daughter enjoy her special massage time.  The oil has a gentle aroma so not too overpowering which is good.  A high quality product, expensive but nice for a treat. We would purchase this in the future but not all the time due to the cost. Have recommended as would also make a nice gift for baby. Lovely soft fragranced organic massage oil. Soft and gentle for your baby and natural. Lauren Traveller – Ariel 5 Months


 Lovely smelling well absorbed oil for a lovely bonding massage with your baby.


Aurora Awarded The Raw Gaia Massage Oil for Her Babies 4.3/5

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