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Rawganic Facial Cleansing Wipes

Contains natural cleansers, skin conditioners and emollients. So mild, they can be used as part of a daily facial cleansing routine. Supplied in a strong resealable pack, they are suitable for all the family and all skin types. Enjoy the softness and strength of cotton, respect the environment and avoid aggressive chemicals. Organic cotton is produced in a way that is both natural and sustainable.
Gentle and effective cleansing wipes – Skin soothing and conditioning – Cleanse, tone and moisturise – Specially balanced for skin contact – Pure organic cotton fabric – Fragrance free – 95% organic ingredients – Certified organic by the Soil Association – Certified organic by the Vegetarian Society

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£3.00 - £3.50 Available to purchase online Health Food Stores, Budgens, Harrods Pharmacy or click online to find local stockist

Rawganic Facial Cleansing Wipes Reviews

Product Tested by: Lizzy Booth

Product Tested By Lizzy Booth

Lizzy Awarded The Marshall Curtis Rawgenic Facial Wipes 4.7/5

Liked the look of the pack as simple and stylish and liked the fact Organic. Also good information on the pack too. These come in a resalable pack so easy to use at home and take on your travels. You get about 25 in a pack so will last a little while. I found these wipes were moist, gentle on my skin and nice thickness (did not tear). I found using these so much quicker. I would get home from work and pop upstairs and just wipe off all my makeup with ease. They left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Much quicker than using soap and water and very gentle as Organic. I tend to use wipes for removing makeup as so much easier and these were lovely. I also found then great for cleaning my children’s hands and have purchased some more as took them away on holiday with us. These were easy to use and good quality and left my skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. I found these to be very good quality. I feel they are reasonably priced compared to other Skin cleansing wipes and also they are Organic so gentler and kinder to the environment. I have already purchased more and recommended. A great cleansing wipe, cleans face in no time, gentle, kind to skin and Organic. Loved these. Lizzy Booth

Product Tested By Millicent Cross

Millicent Awarded The Marshall Curtis Rawgenic Facial Wipe 4.4/5

Arrived and looked nice. Liked the style of the packaging and looked nice quality. The wipes come in pack of 25 and you can seal the pack once you have used one wipe and they stay moist. I find using wipes to cleanse my face quick and convenient. These were really nice quality wipes and very effective. They never caused any irritation and cleansed my skin. I would use these to remove makeup, cleanse my face in the morning and also used them for my children too when we were out and they had dirty faces. I really liked the thickness of these wipes, and they were gentle on the skin .I use wipes all the time and these are up there with the quality of the other wipes I use daily. The price is higher than my usual brand but then again they are Organic so paying extra for a gentler wipe. I have really enjoyed using these and very effective. I will be purchasing more and taking these away with us on holiday soon. We found these very effective and left my skin feeling clean. Millicent Cross  

Product Tested By Diane De Garis

Diane Awarded the MarshallCurtis Rawgenic Facial Wipes 3.6/5

Organic, colour & fragrance free wipes – the sort of wipes I would buy to use if reasonably priced. I did however find myself annoyed by the "3-in-1” statement, as when I read further the description stated …”to cleanse, tone and moisturise, and gently removemakeup.” – Which I make to be 4 things! 25wipes per pack which seems standard. Wipes are moist and plenty thick enough to give face a good scrub and not break. They are definitely quicker and very convenient, ideal for holidays, however I think for the small amount of extra effort you can’t beat soap /cleanser with a flannel as that is only way to ensure skin is thoroughly clean. This was a good alternative wipe for your skin to use. As with all wipes I feel a film of makeup is left behind. Good quality compared with other wipes. If I buy wipes they are normally on offer, and I therefore generally would pay £2 max per pack. For an occasional user of wipes I’m not worried about them being organic so wouldn’t pay quite this much. Good as wipes go, slightly expensive, and no substitute for a proper cleanser and water. Diane De Garis

A great cleansing wipe, cleans face in no time, gentle, kind to skin and Organic. Loved these.                


Lizzy Awarded The Marshall Curtis Rawgenic Facial Wipes 4.7/5     

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