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RC Illuminated Moon

Bring the moon into your own room with the Brainstorm Toys RC Illuminated Moon. This authentically detailed model of the moon is designed to hang easily on your wall like a picture and the realistic moonscape shines moonlight just like the actual moon. Use the remote control to automatically scroll through twelve illuminated lunar phases or use the manual function which allows you to set your own moon to look just like the moon outside from a new moon all the way to a full moon. The moon also includes an auto shut-off mechanism to preserve battery life, making this item perfect for bedtime. It is really easy to set up and no mains electrics are required, it is powered by just 4 x AA batteries in the moon and 2 x AAA batteries in the remote. You can also read fascinating information about the moon in the colourful educational booklet included. This detailed moon makes a stunning room accessory or a reassuring night light.Brainstorm Toys is a range of fun, educational and interactive products that brings together a host of fascinating items. The aim of the Brainstorm Toys brand is not only to entertain children but also to inspire them to learn more about their environment.

£22.99 Available to purchase Leading Toy Stores, Argos, Amazon or click online to find local stockist

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RC Illuminated Moon Reviews

Product Tested By Daniella Fiddock – Ellie 6 years

Daniella Awarded The Brainstorm RC Illuminated Moon 4/5

When this arrived I was impressed. Well packaged and interesting for the children (moon themed), my daughter was excited as soon as she saw it. Instructions not as simple as they could be. I felt the instructions almost over complicated the simplicity of the product. The moon itself feels slightly fragile to the point that I put it straight onto the bedroom wall to avoid my daughter handling it too much as I felt it wouldn’t last too long. The remote control feels slightly more robust but again I felt it could be broken fairly easily. I would be happy to pay £25 but not £30. Its education al and fun and my daughter uses it every night. It is a multi-functional product and would recommend it to friends as a night light, education tool and a fun product for children of all ages. A good all round multi-functional
product. My daughter uses it every night as a night light and the automatic timer is a bonus. She also uses it to educate her friends about the moon!! The packaging was fun and had my daughter’s interest straight away. It’s easy to install and extremely straightforward and child friendly to use. Daniella Fiddock – Ellie 6 years

Product Tested By Jackie Cook – Liam 6 years

Jackie Awarded The Brainstorm RC Illuminated Moon 4/5

On receiving this I wasn’t too sure what the aim of this product was. I.e. whether just a light or to learn about the moons phases. The illuminated moon comes in a box with clear plastic front so you are able to see the moon straight away. The moon itself shows craters but is just grey so not sure would be very appealing to a child unless they were really interested in space and planets. I didn’t really feel that it explains exactly what this product is for or does. I was a bit phased and unsure that to expect once it would be used. The packaging is blue and yellow and to be honest did feel it was a bit uninspiring. Instructions clear and simple place a battery into the moon and hang on the wall. As simple as hanging a wall clock so nothing to complicated. Remote control is self-explanatory to. As this is hanging on the wall and will not be played with other than by remote control it feels sturdy enough. The moon has lumps and bumps to correspond with craters making it look realistic. I personally wouldn’t pay the price quoted at £30.99 but then I am not into space. My lad does love this but not from the aspect of learning about the moons phases as I don’t think this really does teach this, but loves the fact that he can control the brightness of the moon more than what it means. He does have learning difficulties so this may be why. I feel it is no more than a wall light and at the price an expensive one. Possibly someone who is more into space and the moon would be an ideal product. Just not suited for my family, however until it’s on the wall and working this is not clear as do feel the box doesn’t make it clear enough as to what this is about. Product arrived packed well. Initial reaction was not particularly impressed but thought perhaps once on the wall would be good. It does serve a purpose of a wall light with a dimmer facility. Love the remote facility, which is particularly good when wanting to read or sleep. Jackie Cook – Liam 6 years

Product Tested By Sarah Ewan – Amelia 6 Years

Sarah Awarded The Brainstorm RC Illuminated Moon 3/5

First impressions Not good I’m afraid, very plasticky looking. Packaging good and clearly shows the item you are purchasing. Instructions Easy to read & has interesting facts about the moon and its cycles. Very disappointed with the quality of the product. It is basically a round lump of plastic. If I had paid the rrp I would not be impressed. I also had to ask for a new remote as the first one sent with the moon stopped working after about 5 minutes. Although I must admit the company was very good and supplied me with a replacement remote very quickly. Personally I do not feel this is value for money. It is essentially an expensive nightlight. I could buy a better quality light for a lot less. I love the idea of the moon and the educational side of it but the product sadly does not deliver. My daughter showed some interest in it but mostly it was used as a night light when my youngest daughter went to bed. Sarah Ewan – Amelia 6 Years

The packaging was fun and had my daughter’s interest straight away. It’s easy to install and extremely straightforward and child friendly to use.


Daniella Awarded The Brainstorm RC Illuminated Moon 4/5

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