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Real Good Tomato Ketchup

Real Good Ketchup is a new awesome range of delicious No Added Sugar table sauces made with rich Mediterrenean tomatoes, allergen free and plant-based ingredients, without GMO, artificial flavourings or preservatives. Winner of two Free From Food Awards 2017 and Sugarwise certified Free From Added Sugar. Delicously tomatoey !

Tomato Paste (43%), Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sweeteners (Xylitol, Steviol Glycosides), Corn Flour, Sea Salt, Onion, Garlic, Spice.All of our Real Good ingredients are plant-based, non GMO and definitely not tested on animals. We use a small amount of Xylitol from sustainable Birch forests in Scandinavia for natural sweetness and an even smaller amount of Stevia along with delicious Mediterranean tomatoes in our recipe. Steviol Glycosides is the technical name for Stevia leaf that everyone is required use on the label.Good news for those of you new to Xylitol -consuming foods containing Xylitol instead of sugar contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralisation.. The sugars below are naturally occurring sugars from the tomatoes and spice. There is no added sugar.
All our Bizziebaby Testers reviewed this as part of a Calorie Controlled Diet. 

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£1.99 100g Available Amazon UK,, Selected Morrisons, Co-Op, Ocado, SuperValu, Wholefoods or click online to find local stockist

Real Good Tomato Ketchup Reviews

Product Tested by: Amanda Hayes – Ethan 4 Years

Tested By
Amanda Hayes – Ethan 4 Years

Awarded The Real Good Ketchup 4.2/5

I really like
the concept of this product as it’s well-known that ketchup contains lots of
sugar. I wasn’t mad about the packing I felt with the natural ingredients etc.
it could have a much more premium feel. I was not aware of this brand. I hadn’t seen it in the supermarket prior to
receiving it from Bizziebaby. The information on the packaging is really
helpful. The labelling was really clear
too and so was the information on the website. The recyclable packaging was a
big hit. This did help with my diet but not as much as some who have ketchup on
everything! We do use ketchup with certain foods like fish & chips, burgers
and bacon sandwiches and it’s normally Heinz but sometimes a shops own brand. We
all tried it, my son didn’t notice any difference which was great, but my
husband thought it a little vinegary. I thought it tasted quite different to
standard ketchup but the taste was not unpleasant and I would definitely use it
again. This ketchup did help with my calorie counting. We like to eat healthy
wherever possible and don’t add extra salt to our diet so this product fitted
in well with our lifestyle choices.
Quality is really good. A little
expensive but still good value. I would definitely buy this ketchup again. I thought the information on the
label/website were the best I have seen on a food product. I would buy instead
of not in addition to our normal ketchup.
We tend to shop for our sauces and ketchup in Morrisons or
Waitrose. I would recommend this
product. We liked the real good ketchup
and would use it again because of the lack of sugar and salt. The taste wasn’t
totally as ketchup so my husband took a little convincing. But generally I
think it’s a good product. Amanda Hayes – Ethan 4 Years

Tested By
Claire Styles – Henry & Olivia 1 & 2 Years

Awarded The Real Good Ketchup 4/5

Professional looking packaging and immediately drawn to it because of
the no added sugar and low salt. I was
not aware of this product prior to being sent to review for Bizziebaby. I did find the information on the packaging
helpful. All too often products now have
got far too much sugar, salt and added extras in so it’s refreshing to see
something that has reduced amounts. My children and I all enjoy ketchup so as
well as helping me reduce my calories it also helps my children have a
healthier diet. We use a wide range of ketchup but mainly purchase Heinz or
Aldi own brand. All the family tried this ketchup and they loved it. Very tasty, with extremely good and rich
flavour. I had nothing but positive reactions from my children. This did help
with my dietary needs. I always try and
be sensible with my diet but sauces are something I do tend to over indulge in.
Anything that helps reduce the calories and sugar/salt in these is a positive. I
believe you still have to be careful to not have too much but this helps have a
balanced diet. No complaints on the quality. The packaging looks great and
would stand out on the supermarket shelf. Well-priced for the added benefits.
Pricier than the Aldi own brand but worth it. I would buy this product going forward. The no
added sugar piece on the packaging could have a section underneath that says
‘Contains only naturally occurring sugars’. Absolutely yes would buy this in
addition to my regular ketchup. The main
stores we buy our ketchup from are Aldi and Morrisons. My friend’s children love ketchup so
I’ve already told the mums about this product. Very good product. I’m only
giving 4/5 rather than 5/5 as it’s more expensive than what I normally buy. The
health benefits are there to see and the taste is excellent and I’d imagine
this will find its way in to a lot of shopping baskets, perhaps only by passed
by the people on a real budget. Claire Styles – Henry & Olivia 1 & 2

Tested By
Lorna Heath – Daniel 3 Years

Lorna Awarded
The Real Good Ketchup 3/5

Design was
good, clear, colourful and not too cluttered. Interested in no added sugar
ketchup as I follow Slimming World and love tomato ketchup! I wasn’t aware of
this product although I know Heinz do a similar version which I have never
bought. The information on the packaging was helpful because I am on Slimming
World. I eat ketchup regularly but not enough for it to make a difference to my
diet. The main ketchup we purchase is Morrisons own brand. I did give this to
my children to taste, but sadly none of them liked it. It just tasted like passata. Very tomatoey
flavour but nowhere near sweet enough. This did however help me with my calorie
count on my diet. It is always better to have sweetener and lower salt in
ketchup for health benefits but it needs more sweetener to taste like proper
ketchup. Consistency was good, just not sweet enough. Why do diet/low salt or
sugar products have to be so expensive?! You can buy a bottle of supermarket
ketchup in this size for ¼ of the price. I would not purchase this as too
expensive and not sweet enough for me. No one liked it in my house and we have
4 ketchup lovers. It needs more sweetener adding to it. It’s a very tomatoey
flavour but instead of tasting like a ketchup table sauce it tasted like
passata. I would never put passata on chips, I would add it to mince for a Bolognese
etc. My children didn’t like it either and they are also big ketchup fans. The
level of sweetness needs to be reviewed in my opinion. As I said above, the
cost is too much. I know that low fat/low sugar things tend to have a heavier
price tag but this size bottle is ¼ of the price of regular supermarket
ketchup. We get through a lot of ketchup in our house so it would really add to
the cost of the weekly shop for us. Sadly I can’t recommend it. Lorna Heath –
Daniel 3 Years



I would recommend this product. We liked the real good ketchup and would use it again because of the lack of sugar and salt. The taste wasn’t totally as ketchup so my husband took a little convincing. But generally I think it’s a good product. 


Amanda Awarded The Real Good Ketchup 4.2/5

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