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RECARO Easylife Stroller

The RECARO Easylife stroller is the perfect companion for everyday family life.   The colourful Easylife combines the flexibility of a lightweight stroller but also boasts a range of features you would expect from a full size pushchair. LIGHTWEIGHTAt only 5.7 kg, it is one of the lightest in its classParticularly compact size (49 x 58 x 26 cm) PRACTICAL Intuitive one-hand folding mechanism Continuous handle and front swivel lockable wheels Freestanding when folded COMFORTABLEColour coded push-push brakes: Lock and release of the brake even with open shoes Eight smooth running wheels for the best comfort All round suspension guarantees a smooth ride Multi recline positions Breathable mesh panels ACCESSORIESA full range of accessories are available for the Easylife, including:Rain cover Mosquito net Carry bag Bumper bar Cup holder Parasol Privia adaptors 

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2016 

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£189.00 Available Very, Recaro shop or click online to find local stockist

RECARO Easylife Stroller Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Dhara Desai – Aaliya 2 Years

Dhara Awarded
The RECARO Easylife
Stroller 5/5

The stroller
looks lovely and very comfortable to push. Its height is perfect. I am short
and my hubby is tall. We both find it easy to handle. The instructions are very
specific. The stroller is really very easy to assemble as the manual states a
step by step process. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to erect as I need to
push the joints really hard on a few occasions. Most of the time it is easy. Folding
the stroller is really very easy. It is about sliding a hinge to your right and
turning the handle. You don’t have to use your strength at all. My daughter
loves the stroller. She can sit comfortable and also sleep very conveniently. The
harness is very easy to use. It’s easy than my previous stroller where I used
to struggle. This harness is safe as it won’t allow my daughter to come out and
I can quickly put my daughter in the harness. There is space at the bottom of
the stroller. It would’ve been nice to have something available to hang at the
side of the handle as well when shopping.
The sun canopy gives enough shade to cover my daughter’s face while
she’s sleeping. The pushchair is very compact when folded. It fits easily in my
Vauxhall Corsa boot. The fabric is
smooth and my daughter is comfortable when she sits in the pushchair. It is
very easy to steer it on the pavement. The pushchair steers easily on any
surface. Its wheels are very smooth. The pushchair is really easy to use,
compact, and comfortable and looks trendy. It fits in the car boot and leaves
space to keep other shopping bags in the boot. I really like the pushchair. The
pushchair is amazing and based on its looks, size and utility it offers value
for money. I like the pushchair as it is compact, fabric is comfortable for my daughter,
easy to assemble and doesn’t occupy much space at home and in the car. Also
when I travel on the bus, I can easily park it without occupying much space. I
would purchase this pushchair. I will
recommend this product to anyone as there is no reason to give any negative
feedback. It is light weight, compact, easy to steer and my daughter is
comfortable when she sits in it. I would say that the pushchair is a perfect
combination of light weight, comfort, convenience and it is value for money. Dhara
Desai – Aaliya 2 Years

Tested By
Gemma Roberts – Rhys 7 Months

Gemma Awarded
The RECARO Easylife
Stroller 4/5

The pushchair
looks stylish and is very lightweight.
It is well packaged. The instructions are quite clear and have both
diagrams and written instructions for all of the functions, a big positive for
me. My only complaint would be that
there are not separate sections in the book for different languages so each
section covers 6 languages making the instructions slightly harder to
read. This is only a minor issue. The
instructions state that the pushchair can be put up using just one hand. I have found that this is only possible when
the pushchair is held quite high in the air to start with. Otherwise it needs a second hand to fully
erect the pushchair. Folding down is much easier than putting up the pushchair
and this can be done quickly and with one hand as shown in the instructions. The
seat has a good level of padding making it comfortable to sit in. The back is also padded. The sides are well ventilated which will be
good for the Summer months. The recline
function gives added comfort for when the child is asleep. The harness is easy
to secure and altering the length of the straps is also straight forward. I felt that Rhys was nice and secure in the
chair even though he was only just over the recommended age for starting to use
the pushchair. The pushchair is light and easy to manoeuvre so is nice to shop
with. The basket underneath is small
though so you are not able to carry much shopping at all. I would also be wary of hanging bags from the
handle due to the lightness of the pushchair so would worry that it might
overbalance. The sun canopy gives reasonable coverage, especially if the seat
is in the recline position. The canopy
also gives some shelter from rain but is not sufficient for keeping the child
dry. The pushchair isn’t supplied with a
rain cover. I feel that this is a big
negative for the product, especially given the weather in this country. Had I paid £189 for the pushchair, I would be
upset to have to pay another £20 for a raincover as I feel this should be
supplied as standard. The pushchair is very compact when folded down so fits
easily into even a small boot. The fabric is of a high quality and is practical
whilst still being comfortable. It would
be easy to wipe clean with most basic spills. The pushchair manoeuvres
easily on pavements. The fact that it is
very light helps this as well as the swivel on the wheels. I was unable to try
the pushchair out on sand but it steers easily enough on grass. The pushchair
looks very smart and is designed well. As a lightweight, portable pushchair, it
performs very well. As previously
mentioned, the basket underneath is on the small side and the lack of raincover
a negative. The pushchair is only
forward facing which is standard for this type of pushchair. As a result, although the pushchair is marketed
for children from age 6 months, I’m not sure how many 6 month old children
would be happy to sit facing away from their parent so this will mean that not
everyone finds the pushchair suitable for them.
My baby was not happy to be facing away from me so I will be saving the
pushchair to use more when he is a bit older. At £189 I would say the pushchair
is at the higher end of the scale and quite expensive. However, it seems to be well made and of good
quality. Not having tried out cheaper
models, it is hard to make a comparison but other than the compact size when
folded, it is hard to see what makes this pushchair stand out against other
cheaper pushchairs. As previously
mentioned, the lack of a raincover detracts from the value for money as, realistically
you cannot go without a raincover in this country meaning that you are adding
another £20 to the initial cost of the pushchair in order to be able to use it
fully. The pushchair is easy to erect and collapse; it looks smart and is
comfortable. It manoeuvres easily and is
very light. This all adds together to
make it nicely portable and ideal for trips away when space in the car is at a
premium. I would consider purchasing this stroller. I would recommend because it is a smart,
practical, well-made product. I have been impressed with this product and look
forward to making more use of it when my son is a bit older and happier to face
forwards. Gemma Roberts – Rhys 7 Months

Tested By
Carla Bowes – Lillie Mae – 6 Months

Carla Awarded
The RECARO Easylife
Stroller 4/5

Nice bright
lightweight pushchair which is suitable for all ages. Easy to fold and put back
up. Although disappointing that didn’t include rain cover or foot muff. Although
the instructions are easy to follow the multiple languages on each page makes
them confusing as you have to look around for the remainder of the
instructions. Really easy to erect and can easily be done one handed, so can be
done whilst holding baby / child. The pushchair can be folded with one hand
again but it a bit tricky to do whilst holding your baby. It is reasonable soft
and has a little bit of padding but we bought a seat liner to add a bit more
comfort as baby is only 6 months we felt she needed the extra bit. The harness
is really secure and has multiple fastenings so you can clip one part in then
do the next one as opposed to trying to hold it all and clip in together. It is
easy to adjust to fit with the size of baby / child. However it is a bit tough
to open at first but once you get used to it, it’s ok. I found it really easy
to shop with pushchair; it fit around most shops easily unlike with a big pram
where it can be tricky. Although nothing separate came with the pushchair we
did find that the hood which is on the pushchair was reasonably good coverage
in the sun with regards the rain it wasn’t but we have purchased the rain cover
separately. I have a Seat Ibiza and it fitted easily into the boot and
also had enough room for a couple of bags of shopping. Fabric seems really good
quality and that it will last a long time. Really easy to steer on pavements
and because it has the ability to lock the front wheels so they don’t swivel it
makes it easier. I have only used the pushchair on grass not in the sand
yet but on grass can be a bit tricky as wheels go all over and can be tough to
push through grass. I think it could slightly be improved I found the basket
underneath to be a bit on the small side although could fit baby essentials in.
The way you lay and sit the seat up is a bit tricky at time but once you get
the hang of it seems a bit easier. I think the price for the pushchair is a
little bit expensive, it does have a few things other pushchairs don’t have
i.e. one hand folding easily but the fact it doesn’t include foot muff or rain
cover makes it more expensive when having to buy these separate. Really good
sturdy compact pushchair which is easy to use and fold away, fits nicely in my
car and the fabric comes off easily enough so can be washed down. I would have
liked for it to have included the rain cover at the least hence why I have
marked it down. Overall I really like the pushchair and would defiantly buy it
again if the need arises. I would recommend because it is a good sturdy
lightweight compact pushchair. My overall experience was good, baby seems to
like the pushchair and seems to be content whilst in it, it is easy to use and
fold, the colour is really nice and seems sturdy enough that it will last a
while. Carla Bowes – Lillie Mae – 6 Months






I will recommend this product to anyone as there is no reason to give any negative feedback. It is light weight, compact, easy to steer and my daughter is comfortable when she sits in it. I would say that the pushchair is a perfect combination of light weight, comfort, convenience and it is value for money. 


Dhara Awarded The RECARO Easylife Stroller 5/5

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