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Recaro Young Sport Car Seat

Extremely long useful life: one seat for children from approx. 9 months up to 12 years (9 – 36 kg). Safety plus: integrated 5-point belt and headrest that can be adjusted 3 times for Group I (9 – 18 kg), 3-point-belt in vehicle and headrests that can be adjusted 2 times for Groups II and III (15 – 36 kg). Comfort and safety: the single-hand belt adjustment automatically adapts the harness when the backrest is adjusted; incorrect operation is almost impossible.

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Recaro Young Sport Car Seat Reviews

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Product Tested By Michelle Minton – Amelia 11 Months

Michelle Awarded the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat 5/5

We followed the instructions with ease for the product once we found them. The seat was easily installed using the cars own 3 point seat belt. The seat grows with child up to the age of 12 approx so extremely good value. Our daughter is 11 months and looks well cushioned in her seat with good head support. In our MC Priori her head flops to one side and ‘looks’ uncomfortable but not in this seat. Very easy to install and seat is very light so good for transferring between cars. Adjusting the height and width of the seat looks straight forward enough but we haven’t removed the inner cushion yet as our daughter still needs it. The recline function is not as easy as on our other seat as the knob is in an awkward place (at the side of the seat but presses into the actual cars seats and not so easy to turn) Lovely fabric. Matches the upholstery of our car. We have a mat in ours to protect from any nappy leaks just incase. We have wiped up minor spills with ease. We haven’t needed to wash the covers but they are removable and washable at 30 deg. Replaceable covers and straps are available to purchase too which is great. Excellent. No need to pay out for more car seats as your child grows. This seat costs as much as seats designed for a more limited age range. Would recommend. We have bought one for the grandparent’s car. Great modular design. Appears comfortable and nicely padded … the tester always falls asleep in it! Good safety features which is a big plus of any child seat. Reliable name and good price. If we could change anything we would like the clasp to be metal and not plastic as we feel this would be more likely to last the lifetime of the seat. The seat does not recline as much as our MC Piori but this would not stop us from purchasing it. Ours fitted easily into an Audi A4, VW Golf and Honda CRV. Michelle Minton – Amelia 11 Months

Product Tested By Claire Schoenherr – Chloe 11 Months

Claire Awarded the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat 4.7/5

When I first saw the seat I thought it looked very smart & sporty. I was impressed at how comfy it looked too. The instructions were very easy to follow & the pictures really helped, I had no problems at all following them. Seat can be reclined, harness can be removed to accommodate growing child, removable & washable cover. Chloe seems very comfortable in the seat, the fabric is so soft and the head support is fantastic. I was very shocked at how easy this was to fit in the car, I thought it was going to be difficult and that we would have to leave it in the car once fitted but we can easily remove and refit whenever we need too. Fabric is very soft and easy to clean however this type of fabric does tend to show up every mark quite prominently. Overall I love the design, I do however wish the seat would recline slightly more back and the recline function would be easier to use if in one place at the front bottom of seat rather than on both sides. Great value for money. Although you can get similar seats for slightly less money and with the same features, the style and appearance of this seat really makes up for that. I think this Recaro car seat is really fantastic, there are a couple of things I would change as mentioned but overall it has everything I would expect and more, I am happy knowing Chloe is safe & secure in the back of my car & she looks really comfy & happy when she is in it. Claire Schoenherr – Chloe 11 Months

Product Tested By Nikki Cooke – Isobel 11 Months

Nikki Awarded the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat 4/5

It is a nice car seat, looks good, and material feels nice. Once you find the instructions, it’s easy, but you have to take the seat apart to find them. When assembling the product it has to be altered to fit the child, but this is easy. The seat grows with the child up until the age of 12 and we have had no complaints about its comfort! It’s easy to install the car seat; it just fits into the seat belt in the car. I was a little unsure when adjusting the height and width of the seat because it felt like it was going to break. I think the overall design of the seat looks nice and comfy. Both my daughters had a go in it, so I can say it is 2 year old proof as well! It is an expensive initial price to pay for a car seat but if it lasts up until the age of 12 then it is worth it. The only thing that puts me off is the price. It is a good sturdy seat which fits well into my car, and both of my children are comfortable in it. The 2 year old also didn’t try to escape from it! If you can afford the price, then it’s definitely a nice seat. Nikki Cooke – Isobel 11 Months

Great modular design. Appears comfortable and nicely padded … the tester always falls asleep in it!


Michelle Awarded the Recaro Young Sport Car Seat 5/5

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