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Recipe File (Union Jack)

It’s our practical solution for enthusiastic and creative cooks. The Recipe File is perfect for storing favourite magazine clippings and loose hand-written recipes. Up to 90 recipes can be stored in 45 separate pockets. The flip top binding and six movable index cards are designed to make recipes easy to find. And there are great practical features for using the file in the kitchen: the built-in stand allows easy reference when cooking and the wipe-clean laminated cover and pockets keeps everything clean.The Recipe File won Gift of the Year (stationery products) in 2004 and remains as popular as ever.

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Recipe File (Union Jack) Reviews

Product Tested by: Sarah Worton

Product Tested By Sarah Worton

Sarah Awarded The KTwo Union Jack Recipe File 5/5

When this arrived it was good and I liked the size and sturdiness. Packaging good and kept product safe in transit. Instructions pretty simple as it has files and organiser bits in there. Loved the design. The pockets to store cuttings and recipes are more than generous in size but not too big! very wide openings so really easy to get in just got to be careful you don’t move it the wrong way and drop your cutting out.This had ample pockets to store my recipes for my needs. Good sturdy design and stayed upright when using in the kitchen and easy to read recipes. The file pockets are also very easy to wipe clean. Quality is fantastic and I love it. Excellent value for money. Design is just perfect for your needs. Would definitely purchase this item.Would also highly recommend. I loved this recipe file very handy to put all my cuttings in rather than everywhere in my house!!Sarah Worton


Product Tested By Sarah Palfreeman

SarahAwarded The KTwo Union Jack Recipe File 4.7/5

I thought it looked impressive, the picture on the file was very British and appealing. The file arrived in an envelope; it was in good safe condition upon arrival. It didn’t really have any instructions but it is fairly self-explanatory. The individual pages have headings on them. There was a list of the other products that the company sell. I really like the design the picture on the cover is pretty and British. I also like that it can be stood up for ease of use this is a great advantage. I have managed to fit all the cuttings I have taken out of magazines in so far, but if something was printed out from the computer it would be A4 and it would have to be folded to fit in the pockets. It is simple to insert the cuttings; they just slide in from one side. I feel there are enough pockets in each of the sections. It was sturdy and it didn’t fall when I was using it, I found it very strong. The file and pockets were easy to clean and just wiped over. It is very well made, its sturdy and hard wearing and a clever design. I think it is a little on the expensive side although it is good quality it is expensive. The concept and the design of this item is superb. I would maybe buy a baby book designed file as I expect it would be the same quality and would be hard wearing for years toc ome. I would recommend it; I think it is creative and useful. I love the design of this file, it is useful, great quality and I will continue using it for everyday recipes and notes. Sarah Palfreeman


Product Tested By Sophie Gent

SophieAwarded The KTwo Union Jack Recipe File 4/5

Looks nice and seems as though it could be useful. Packaging was good. You do not really need instructions as this is a recipe file so self-explanatory. Good design and easy to use. Most of the recipes I had fitted into the pockets easily, apart from one which was a bit too large for these pockets. The recipe cuttings are very easy to insert into the pockets, you just slide them in. For my needs not enough pockets as I had too many recipe cuttings and could not fit them all in. Excellent hands free usage so the paper cuttings are protected and do not get covered in food. The pockets are really easy to wipe clean. This is well made and looks like it will last a long time. It is good value as great place to store my favourite recipes and keep them protected. It is one of those items you would purchase as a gift and not necessarily for yourself. I have recommended to a few people. A nice product and would make an ideal gift. Sophie Gent


 I loved this recipe file very handy to put all my cuttings in rather than everywhere in my house!!


 Sarah Awarded The KTwo Union Jack Recipe File 5/5

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