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REHAB London Argan Oil Shaving Gel

Shaving just crossed over the dark side. Say goodbye to those pesky ingrown hairs, sore red skin and that tight feeling you get when shaving.Step forward Cold Turkey, The Florence Nightingale of the shaving world. Packed with Hero ingredients like the rare and precious Argan oil, with Hazel, and Aloe Vera, your skin will be left so smooth, it should probably come with a warning. The Argan oil works to support regeneration of the skin, restart the vital functions of the cells and neutralise free radicals, all while providing a protective layer to lubricate the razor. Finally, the unique low foam clear formula lets you see exactly where to shave, perfect for sculpting those rock star side burnsFor the ultimate shave, team with rehab London scrub up daily detox to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs and blackheads. Dual Action: Shave + Calms and Heals

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£9.50 for 125ml available The Fragrance shop or click online to find local stockist

REHAB London Argan Oil Shaving Gel Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Stuart Young

Stuart Awarded The +Rehab London Shave 5/5

wife uses a lot of Argan Oil products on a daily basis and she loves them as
she has sensitive skin. So I was intrigue to see how different it would be from
the high street shaving creams on the market.
Liked the packaging could identify it was a product for a man.
Instructions clear and simple. At first
I found it strange that you got no lather when putting this on, but got use to
this over the period. It was nice
consistency and made my skin feel very soft.
Did not get any cuts whilst using either. It was a very reasonable price
it will last a lot longer than some of the high brands that are priced lower. Definitely would purchase as pleasantly
surprised. Already have recommended to
work colleagues, friends and family. Fantastic product liked the way it made my
skin feel after shaving. Stuart Young

Tested By
Ryan Thomas Morey

Ryan Awarded The +Rehab London Shave 4/5

and bottle shape is nice, opened cap to sniff and it smells very nice.
Packaging great colours and a really modern design I particularly liked the
‘destressed wording’. Instructions a little confusing if I’m honest, I assumed
that it was to be used as an after shave balm but at no point on the bottle
does it state when to use it. It could at some point be used by someone who
assumes it is a shaving gel substitute and end up using too much and before
they shave. It was as I expected good quality. It left my skin feeling
extremely clean and cool. It almost felt as if it was striping a layer of dead
skin from my face. The price seems very reasonable for the quality of the
product. I would purchase again and would recommend. I must say hesitated initially about testing
this product as generally I would not use an after shave balm for my skin, I’m
more of a shave and spray man, however I’m very glad that I did! The product
made my skin feel very nice indeed. The smell was pleasant and the bottle/
design looks great! Not a bottle I would find myself putting the bathroom
cabinet to hide. Overall
I enjoyed trying this product out and will be looking out for it on the shelves
in my supermarket. Ryan Thomas Morey

Product Tested ByLiam Petitt

Liam Awarded
The +Rehab
London Shave 4.3/5

The product
looks stylish, modern and professional – it doesn’t portray exactly who the
product is aimed at. The packaging is cool and modern. It may not be bright
enough to stand out on the shelf but there is good use of contrasting colours.
The theme does look manly. Instructions clear and precise. The quality was excellent; the gel is smooth
and leaves skin soft and protected. It has a refreshing minty smell. This is
one of the more expensive products I’ve come across. I could probably get a
similar result for half the price. Overall I really liked the product; it fully
met my expectations and exceeded many of them. It is a top quality product and
does its job perfectly. The added bonus of the refreshing smell is a good one
and it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and vibrant. The only drawback is that
it is on the expensive end of the scale. Liam Petitt

Definitely would purchase as pleasantly surprised. Already have recommended to work colleagues, friends and family. Fantastic product liked the way it made my skin feel after shaving. 


Stuart Awarded The +Rehab London Shave 5/5

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