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+Rehab London Back to Matte

Regardless of age, the male sebaceous glands produce oil throughout the day to cool the body temperature. This oil can make the face look very shiny. Back To Matte calms those sebacous glands but is sheer enough in its gel texture that it will not block the pores and still allow skin to breathe unlike other products that block the pores and cause acne or blackheads.Back To Matte is to be applied to the face as needed to ensure a shine free complexion. Best used after the face is blotted with a tissue or washed. The Science:
For use when needed throughout the day and nightIdeal for use on face and scalpAbsorbs and controls excess oil and perspiration on contact without stripping natural moistureEliminates unsightly breakthrough shine for hours

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+Rehab London Back to Matte Reviews

Product Tested by: Andrew Baldwin

Product Tested By Andrew Baldwin

Andrew Awarded The +Rehab
London Back to Matte 5/5

product looked good. I really liked the packaging. It was easy to use plus I
think it would stand out on the shop shelf. The instructions for use were very
easy to read and follow. The quality of the product is great. It left my skin
feeling cool. Definitely value for money.I would consider buying this product
again. Will be having a look at other products in their range. I would highly
recommend. This is a great
product. It worked wonders on my skin. Andrew

Product Tested By Michael Preston

Michael Awarded The +Rehab
London Back to Matte 5/5

well presented, easily opened and non-intrusive aroma. Packaging is
professional and easy to read. Instructions are clear. Colours are inviting and
the product feels nice (smooth) to touch. Very clear instructions, I was left
with no question as to how the product should be used. Very high quality.
Packaging is of a high standard and product itself is smooth, a nice colour and
is absorbed readily. Does not leave any residue on skin. While the sample size
is small, only a small amount as needed for desired effect. As such, a little
goes a long way. It has left my skin, oil free and free from shine. I would
definitely consider buying this product. I would recommend this to all the male
members of my family. My overall experience was pleasant. The product
worked very well and left me looking refreshed and shine free. Michael Preston

Product Tested By Alan Jaramillo

Alan Awarded The +Rehab
London Back to Matte 3/5

Like the packaging and the product was ok. Quite
masculine packaging but contents not immediately obvious. Instructions basic but clear and concise. This item did not work for me as
unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to this product and had to stop using
it. In a word disappointing. Although I wasn’t
familiar with the brand or the product, I had an open mind and was prepared to
test/use the product daily, as instructed, as part of my facial cleansing
routine. The morning after the first use, my skin had a slight reaction and a
number of small pimples appeared on my cheeks. This continued for three days of
use after which, I decided my face had had enough and so I stopped. Skin types are different for everyone and you
have to find product suited to your skin type.
For me this was not the right product but could be ideal for
others. Alan

I would highly recommend. This is a great product. It worked wonders on my skin.


Andrew Awarded The +Rehab London Back to Matte 5/5

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