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Remescar Spider Veins

Up to 51% decrease of spider veinsMedical device technologyInstant visual resultsSilicone film treatmentReinforces and visually improves the skin surface

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£29.95 Available Boots and Lloyds online or click onto to find local stockist

Remescar Spider Veins Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested
Lorraine Mulgrew

Awarded The Remescar Spider Veins 4.

looked pretty basic but is does have very informative information on packaging
which details product well. Instructions very clear and precise. The quality is good and the cream is a nice
consistency. Personally I thought this
was a little on the expensive side. While
using it Spider veins appeared reduced. This did work so I would recommend to
others with the same problem. Nice
texture and consistency. Spider veins appeared reduced so all round good
product. Lorraine Mulgrew

Tested By
Gilly Saunders

Awarded The Remescar Spider Veins 4.4/5

well presented. Was keen to give this a
go. The packaging is perfect for the
product and also very informative.
Instructions very easy to follow.
This went on well and I did actually see a difference. Good quality, easy to use and reduced my
spider veins and they are not so prominent.
It is expensive but has made a difference so I would purchase when I see
it on offer. As it worked for me I have
recommended to some friends. Easy to
use, makes a difference but little bit on the expensive side. Gilly Saunders 

Tested By
Claire Styles

Awarded The Remescar Spider Veins 3.4/5

Initial impression of product was good. Simple packaging with a good
explanation of what’s in the product and how it work and clear instructions on
how to use the product. The
instructions were well laid out & very simple to read. The quality of
product is hard to judge as unfortunately it did not work for me. I did like
the fact there wasn’t much of a scent as I am wary of products that smell too
strong. Unfortunately due to the product not really working on me I can’t give
it a good score. Perhaps a longer period of testing would have given different
results. I couldn’t recommend a product that didn’t work for me. That’s not to
say it wouldn’t work on somebody else but I wouldn’t like to give my personal
recommendation after my testing. The packaging & Instructions were good.
After reading the explanation into how it works I’ve been left surprised it did
not work in myself. Because of this I cannot rate this product highly but this
may also be due to the extent of my spider veins. Claire Styles

I would recommend to others with the same problem. Nice texture and consistency. Spider veins appeared reduced so all round good product. 


Lorraine Awarded The Remescar Spider Veins 4.5/5

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