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Respisense™ is simply the most versatile, portable and convenient way to monitor your baby’ s tummy movements.

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Respisense Reviews

Product Tested by: Sara Morgan – Baby Kaden 6 Months

Product Tested By Sara Morgan – Baby Kaden 6 Months

Sara Awarded the Respisense 5/5

When I was asked to review this product I instantly thought the product sounded like a fantastic idea. When my daughter was 5 months old she had a severe chest infection and stopped breathing so something like this would have really put my mind at ease and saved many sleepless nights where I sat up watching her. I expected the packaging to be bigger than it was and was quite surprised at how small it was! The instructions were clear and easy to understand. I think the only place that I didn’t use the monitor was in the bath! Aside from the bath she wore it 24 hours a day. The monitor didn’t bother my baby in the slightest. I used it along with my Tomy walkabout monitor for when I wasn’t in the same room as my baby. It looked a tad bulky underneath her baby grow but I don’t think it was too bad and I don’t think for what it is it could actually be made any smaller! I was surprised as to how light the product was in terms of its weight too. This is a high quality product that I honestly can’t rate high enough. This product offers peace of mind and I honestly don’t think you can ever put a price on that. Overall we had a few teething problems with it to start with where the alarm was going off for no reason, wasn’t best pleased at 3am! However as I got more used to it and changed around with positioning we managed to use this without any problems at all. Incredibly pleased with it and can’t rate or recommend it highly enough. Sara Morgan – Baby Kaden 6 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Browne – Mia 17 Months

Michelle Awarded the Respisense 4.5/5

This is a great idea, and is so small & compact would be great for Holidays as it is so easily portable. The instructions are simple and easy to understand and we used the monitor in the cot only at sleep times. We had no issues with this monitor disturbing his sleeping patterns and we used it with a standard baby monitor. The size and weight of Respisense is small and perfectly formed. The quality is good and robust but it is a little on the expensive side but you honestly can’t put a price on piece of mind. Would definitely recommend to any parent who constantly puts their hand in the cot to check baby is breathing. This is something that I may never have tried had I not been given the chance to test it.  Now that I have I would fully recommend it to others. Michelle Browne – Mia 17 Months

Product Tested By Ashley Goulay – Jaydin 15 Months

Ashley Awarded the Respisense 4/5

Great nice size that looked nice and easy to use. We used the monitor in the cot and only at sleep times. It was easy and comfortable for Jaydin to wear and we had no problems at all. I think it is a very nice suitable size and it didn’t weight a lot either. The quality is good; it is made out of hard plastic. I think it’s a little expensive as a single mother I wouldn’t have been able to buy one for my son due to the high cost. I would consider buying one if I had another child but not now due to my son’s age. I have recommended this to another mother whose child is extremely poorly as I feel this will be an ideal product to help her and her child and to put her mind at rest. I was really impressed it is great help for me as my son sometimes has trouble breathing during the night and this helps me to know he is safe and if anything happens I will be alerted. Ashley Goulay – Jaydin 15 Months

Incredibly pleased with it and can’t rate or recommend it highly enough.


Sara Awarded the Respisense 5/5 Top Marks!

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