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Retouch Kissable

KISSABLE is the world’s first lipstick that charges
your phone!With it’s compact, sleek and lightweight design,
it’s perfect to fit into any girls handbag!Product comes with fast charging cable included.

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£29.99 Available to purchase online

Retouch Kissable Reviews

Product Tested by: Sejal Shah

Product Tested By Sejal

Sejal Awarded The Retouch Kissable 4.5/5

This is visually clunky but practically amazing! I thought
the packaging worked for the product; it looked like a lipstick from the land
of the giants – very kitsch! The instructions were perfect, simple and to the
point! I thought the quality of the product was great and it is very robust
considering it gets shunted around in my handbag on a daily basis. I think
nearly £40 is a little much for something that offers quite a slow charge – I
have seen other products that are probably a little more value for money but don’t look as sexy! I would buy it again
as a retro but practical gift; I think the lipstick is great but I would not
buy it solely as a portable charger as I mentioned above think there are better
value products on the market. I would recommend it to others too. Though I
think this product is slightly overpriced I think it is great for fitting into
my handbag and for allowing me to be able to boost the charge on my phone when
out and about. I like the fact that I
have the colours that let me know when the charge has nearly finished on the
lipstick as well. The only thing I think
it needs is a charger wire. I think having a compact charger and then having to
add my iPhone socket to this makes it not as discreet! Overall it is a great
idea. I have enjoyed taking out the giant lipstick and it has been a talking
point with my friends when my battery has run out. Many of them are very
impressed and we have all had "selfies” with the lipstick from the land of the
giants. I think there needs to be a place to attach the little wire for
recharging the lipstick as I had to just leave it in my purse otherwise I would
have lost it. I also think that the lipstick lid should maybe have been a flip
lid as again my second biggest concern is losing the lipstick lid! Overall
though a great product that now lives in my purse! Fab! Sejal Shah 

Product Tested By Robyn
Jade Lily McCavery 

Robyn Awarded The Retouch Kissable 3.8/5

This is quite large and isn’t the blush as expected but the
lipstick version instead. The packaging looked good but very hard to get into.
This product feels very good quality, good weight to it, doesn’t feel fragile
at all. Although it is a good product, I personally feel this is a little bit expensive but a unique item. I would buy it if it were cheaper
thoug h. I would recommend this if someone I knew wanted something for this
purpose. It is well made, easy to use and does what it says! However, I found it
quite bulky, there was nowhere to store the little wire that you used to charge
it up/connect it to your device and I think it’s quite pricey. I was very
impressed with the charge; it charged my phone (Galaxy S3). It also charges
very quickly! It is simple to use and feels solid and durable, made from good
quality plastic. I did lose the wire in my bag for a while and later found it;
it had become mixed up with something else. Maybe making a way of storing it
inside the casing or something would make it better. Robyn Jade Lily McCavery 

Product Tested By Kathryn

Kathryn Awarded The Retouch Kissable 4.5/5

This product looks good; compact and stylish. The packaging
was ok, very informative but difficult to open. The instructions were detailed
and easy to follow. The quality of the product is excellent; looks well made,
and looks expensive. I do like it but feel it is expensive to buy. I would not
buy it personally as I think it is too expensive for how often I would use it.
I would recommend it to others though as would be practical for camping and
caravanning. It is a good looking product, however quite expensive. Kathryn Marston 

Overall though a great product that now lives in my purse! Fab! 


Sejal Awarded The Retouch Kissable 4.5/5

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