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Revell – Leonardo Da Vinci Aerial Screw

Though the first actual helicopter wasn’t built until the 1940s, it is believed that Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches from the late 15th century were the predecessor to the modern day machine. The device was designed to compress air to obtain flight, powered by four men standing on a central platform turning cranks to rotate the shaft.Producing model kits since 1945, Revell present their expertise in model building and authenticity with this intriguing model designed from the original drawing and by the historical model of the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo Da Vinci in Milano.
Features: 41 parts – Materials include plywood/yarn/cloth/wood glue

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Revell – Leonardo Da Vinci Aerial Screw Reviews

Product Tested by: Michelle Williams – James & Samuel – 15 & 11 years

Product Tested By Michelle Williams – James & Samuel – 15 & 11years

Michelle Awarded The Revell Leonardo da Vinci Aerial Screw Model Kit 4/5

The product arrived nicely packaged on opening the outer box the product was in a nice glossy box with a picture on, would look nice as a gift, item looked quality. Nice colour photos in a strong well-made box. The parts looked well-made the only problem was with the glue as it wouldn’t come out of the tube and we had to cut the top off not ideal for younger children in the house. I think it was advertised as 8+ but my 8 year old showed no interest.  My 11 year old and 15 year old were going to build it together but my 11 year old found it too hard so I think it’s more of a 13+ age range. Most of the instructions were clear and easy to follow with picture diagrams although my son found steps 7, 8 &9 quite difficult. He put it all together apart from attaching the string. There’s not really any use for it once built but it looks nice and makes a nice ornament. It was challenging enough for my 15yr old to make it but he enjoyed the challenge. My11yr old lost interest after the first few steps. This does offer value for money as there are extra things in the box which explains the concept behind the model. Design improvement, the platform which pieces 18 & 19 rest on are a bit small and maybe a different glue? My eldest son quite enjoyed putting this together. I would recommend this. It was mostly good but was let down by some of the instructions and the glue being not brilliant. My eldest son seemed to enjoy building this model although he found it frustrating at times my younger one lost interest, it’s probably best for older children who are interested in this kind of product, It’s a good concept but the end product isn’t anything my kids are interested in maybe if it was a car or plane they would have shown more interest, it’s defiantly not suitable for younger children I would say that 13+ is a good age range for it. MichelleWilliams – James & Samuel – 15 & 11 Years


Product Tested By Jonathan Sutton – Giles 12 Years

Jonathan Awarded The Revell Leonardo da Vinci Aerial Screw Model Kit 4.5/5

The product is well presented in good quality packaging. I am an engineer by trade and Giles is always helping me with design projects. We are both interested in the workings and designs of Leonardo. The contents were good quality and the glue supplied was not sufficient for the job intended so used our own glue. This is aimed at 8+ which I feel is a bit too young, more suited for an older child and a child interested in design and concept of engineering and inventions and how they work.  The instructions were clear for me but my son had to read a few times to fully understand how to complete this model. Giles is very interested in this sort of model making and he did put everything together and was very proud of his achievement. Once the model was completed it was proudly placed in his room as he was intrigued by the design. It did make him look more into the drawings and history of Leonardo and he was fascinated by his ability and the design of this model. Although I feel you have to be a very specific minded person to be interested in this sort of model. This is good quality and challenging model set. Good value for money and suited to children who are interested in this sort of thing or who have an engineering mind. I would recommend as helps with model making, understanding the way things work and also helps with patience. A good quality model which my son enjoyed making. Jonathan Sutton – Giles 12 Years


Product Tested By Juliet Sampson – Harrison 9 Years

Ann Awarded The RevellLeonardo da Vinci Aerial Screw Model Kit 4/5

Looked good quality and packaging very informative. Harrison likes to make models, but was not sure he would be captivated by this one. The quality of the contents are very good. The wooden parts are wellmade, durable and they all fitted together well. The instructions were sufficient but did take us a little while to fully understand how to put this all together. The age suitability stated 8+ but I feel thisis too young for this complex model. Harrison would not have been able to make this on his own and myself and my husband worked with him to help him complete this model. It is different to other models he enjoys making (cars, planes and boats). However, it was a good challenge helped him to concentrate more and have the patience to complete. He was very proud once he completed this model and now sits on his desk in his room. I think this is a good quality and well-designed model but a bit too challenging for Harrison. I would recommend to friends and family with children who are really into design and engineering concept models as definitely a challenging one to make. We did enjoy making this model with Harrison and he was very pleased with the end result. Not sure we would purchase another one like this but was an interesting challenge to complete this one. Juliet Sampson – Harrison 9 years


My eldest son seemed to enjoy building this model although he found it frustrating at times. It’s a good concept.                  


Michelle Awarded The Revell Leonardo da Vinci Aerial Screw Model Kit 4/5     

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