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Risotto Finger

Risotto fingers are the perfect portable meal in one, tasty nutritious and easy to eat. Keep as a freezer standby.

Ingredients: Rice, chicken, onion, stock, mushroom, cheese, herbs, egg, breadcrumbs, vegetable oil.
Suitable for  6 Months +,  3 years + 

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£3.00 for pack 6 available online

Risotto Finger Reviews

Product Tested by: Gill Cross – Jacob 2 Years

Tested By
Gill Cross – Jacob 2 Years

Awarded The Fab Finger Foods Risotto Fingers 4/5

appetising, filling, and flavoursome. Plain, simple packaging, although enabled
to see the product straightaway. Went down a treat with my youngest boy, he
enjoyed them very much and wanted more. Very easy for him to manage by
himself, I initially thought that it could get messy easily and fall apart
after one bite, but he ate them pretty quick, pretty easily! Happy with the ingredients listed, and was
excited for Jacob to try them. He likes
simple menus, so was hoping this would satisfy him and also get plenty of
goodness in. Jacob didn’t take long to eat them all, he sometimes can be
‘fussy’ with texture and taste, but these seem to fit the bill very well for
him. I tasted a small amount, and would have like to taste more, but Jacob
loved them too much to let me! From what
I tried I wasn’t disappointed with the taste. Perhaps improve the packaging, however
if this is a cost implication then it isn’t a vital criticism. On the plus side, the packaging allows you to
view the product straightaway, and is easy to open etc. Some reservations in terms of buying food
online, however, I appreciate the convenience of buying online. Delivery service needs to be reliable and
consistent, if delivery times where available to choose then I would be fairly
happy with online purchasing. If these
were in local supermarkets I would not hesitate to purchase them. Occasionally, my husband and I work shifts so
it can be useful to have something in ready prepared for dinnertimes. Good value for money and Jacob really liked
these. Easy, convenient, but extremely
tasty and fulfilling food totally satisfied my little boy’s appetite! Gill Cross – Jacob 2 Years

Tested By
Kimberley Ryder – Oscar 22 Months

Awarded The Fab Finger Foods Risotto Fingers 4.6/5

simple packaging and short list of healthy ingredients. Packaging Very basic but more than sufficient.
I am a vegetarian so couldn’t test myself. My son did find these quite easy to eat,
although they were quite mushy so he had to use a fork. All good quality ingredients used so no
concerns. He liked the taste but I’m not
sure was so keen on the texture-they were quite mushy and this made them
slightly difficult finger foods. I think
this product would be great for early weaning as they are soft and would enable
a baby to get used to flavour and texture. I’m not sure I would order food
online as I am concerned-especially with meat-about getting warm in transit.
Although really well packaged (amazing ice bags) the fingers had defrosted by
the time they reached me so we had to use on the day. I think this product would work well in any
supermarket as there is very little variety for baby food-everything seems very
over processed and full of preservatives.
I prepare all my baby food. It is time consuming and so disheartening
when my son doesn’t want it! But I want to ensure that he is getting the best
fresh ingredients for as long as possible.
I do think these are good value.
I think since little tummies do not need much food these packets would
last for several mealtimes. I find it
hard to get red meat into my son’s diet and finger food containing red meat
would be good so I can ensure he has a varied diet. I would but these but would not order online
as I have concerns about food containing meat getting warm in transit. I would
recommend. A great idea for getting meat
into kids but perhaps the texture could be improved for older children. Kimberley Ryder – Oscar 22 Months

Tested By
Sharon Lyndhurst – Beverley 3 Years

Awarded The Fab Finger Foods Risotto Fingers 4.5/5

looked appealing and was keen to taste.
Packaging was ideal for the item and arrived safely. My daughter tried these and really liked
them. Such a good size for my daughter
to handle and eat, as you are not putting too much on her plate. She would demolish these when served up as
liked the taste. The ingredients are
natural and healthy so never had any concerns about my daughter eating
these. I did try these and they were
tasty. A really nice recipe and enjoyed
by all of us as we all tried them. I am
not so keen on purchasing this type of food online just in case you are not
about when food is delivered, but would probably buy these occasionally as they
were liked by all of us. If they were
available in local supermarkets then I would purchase them on a more regular
basis. I do prepare all my daughter’s
meals from scratch and always have, but good to have a backup when you need
something healthy & tasty quickly.
They are good value for money as only the best ingredients used. I would definitely recommend these. These are
tasty, easy to eat, filling and a very nice healthy food option for my
daughter. Sharon Lyndhurst – Beverley 3 Years

Good value for money and Jacob really liked these. Easy, convenient, but extremely tasty and fulfilling food totally satisfied my little boy’s appetite! 


Gill Awarded The Fab Finger Foods Risotto Fingers 4/5

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