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Ritmo Baby Music Belt

The Ritmo™ Advanced Sound System by Nuvo is the most advanced and complete prenatal music player, delivering quality and safe sound to the tiniest listeners.

Ritmo allows you and your baby to share the sensory and emotional experience of bonding through sound and music, while being supportive, safe, and stylish at the same time.

Extensive scientific research shows numerous positive contributions of music to human fetal development.

Reactive listening begins at 17 weeks, so choose classical music for the calming Mozart Effect, the classic rock of The Beatles, or the upbeat show tunes of Broadway. Any type of audio you can listen to on your iPod/MP3’s earphones can be enjoyed by your baby at the same time.

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£129.00 Available online www.nuvo-group.co.uk or click online to Amazon

Ritmo Baby Music Belt Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Mandy Holden  

Mandy Awarded the Ritmo Baby Music Belt 5/5

I was impressed with the classy packaging, it’s a really nice modern looking product that I was really looking forward to trying. The clear instructions are a bonus for someone who struggles with them; I found them really easy to follow. It was also simple to put the Ritmo belt on, it’s comfortable to wear but it does not give added support, though this is not what the product is for. I played all different kinds of music to my baby through the Ritmo belt and I was amazed at how differently baby reacted. I think she prefers classical music, as this was when she was the most relaxed. I am impressed with the quality of the Ritmo belt, it’s definitely something that I would like to be seen wearing out. It is expensive, but for such a unique and wonderful product I think it’s worth it and it would make a superb gift! Mandy Holden  

Product Tested By Diane Somers – 34 Weeks Pregnant

Diane Awarded the Ritmo Baby Music Belt 4/5

The packaging looking really expensive and professional and I would have loved to receive something so well packaged as a gift. I liked the idea of being able to transmit music directly to my baby which I felt would enhance the bonding experience before baby was born. I was also intrigued as to how my baby would respond to different types of music. The product arrived in a very sturdy square box and the inside was neatly arranged so it was simple to easily return the product into the box. A storage bag was also included as well as straps to increase the size of the product for a growing bump. The top section housed the instruction booklet and quick set up guide then once removed revealed the product in neat compartments. Everything fitted well and was so easy to put back together. I was a little confused as the quick set up guide did not explain how to connect the cables therefore I had to use the full booklet instead. The complete instruction booklet was easy to follow. I simply followed the quick guide instructions and fitted the belt over my bump ensuring that the belt was tight enough that the speakers were flush so baby could hear through the speakers. The Velcro straps allowed plenty of adjustment and there were extenders included in case my bump was a little too large but I didn’t need these. It took a little bit of adjustment to ensure that the sound didn’t leak out when fitted as there was an option to attach headphones so I could share the experience. Although I didn’t feel that the belt provided any support, it was very comfortable and easy to adjust so that the speakers were flush to my belly. I played a mixture of music from Mumford and Sons through to Linkin Park to see what reaction I got from my baby. The bass through the speakers must have transmitted well to my baby as he was more active with the dance tracks and very chilled with the softer music. I hope that my baby will recognise and respond to some of the tracks played on a regular basis as I know that research shows that babies who have heard music before they are born do tend to recognise it so time will tell. The product is very well made and by looking at it you can see the time taken to design something that not only looks pleasing to the eye but is also practical, comfortable and something you would wear over your clothes as it looks designer. I personally would not spend this amount of money on this product as I feel that, although the music may be of a lower quality, music played in the normal manner would be heard by my baby. However, as a gift I would be delighted to receive this product. I noted that the leaflet inside and the website made reference to other items that were to be made available so that the speakers could be adapted for use in the pushchair therefore there may be greater value for money if the product can be adapted in the future. Unique, practical and comfortable but not a must have item when it comes to maternity. It’s a luxury product if you can afford it and may help towards a calmer and brighter child – time will tell! Diane Somers – 34 Weeks Pregnant

Product Tested By Natalie Judd

Natalie Awarded the Ritmo Baby Music Belt 4/5

Fantastic packaging, this is a modern looking product and I thought it looked expensive. The product has, clear instructions even for somebody not technically minded. I found it easy to but the Ritmo belt on, it’s comfortable to wear but I didn’t feel it gave added support. I played pop music on it that were already loaded onto my IPod. I used the product in last trimester of pregnancy and now have a healthy baby boy who is very chilled and laid back but not sure if it has anything to do with the Ritmo. The Ritmo is great quality, it’s an attractive product however feel it is a little expensive for my budget. Overall I liked the product and my baby reacted at times when I had the Ritmo on. It’s also very comfortable to wear while relaxing yourself i.e. on the sofa in the evening, would be a great gift to receive for both mummy and baby. Natalie Judd


I played all different kinds of music to my baby through the Ritmo belt and I was amazed at how differently baby reacted


Mandy Awarded the Ritmo Baby Music Belt 5/5

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