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Road Angel Halo Pro Dashcam

With a new standard of quality, reliability and personalisation options, the Road Angel HALO PRO packs a mighty punch with its front and rear camera package. Dash Cameras have never looked so good or been so easy to operate. Inobtrusive while driving, its adjustable lens, and discrete wiring means you can capture remarkable Full HD footage. Connect to your mobile phone through built-in Wi-Fi, watch a real-time video preview on your Smartphone and download it if an accident happens.

Price; £199.99 Available Halfords & Road Angel Website

Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Dash cam Category 

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Road Angel Halo Pro Dashcam Reviews

Product Tested By Nathan Gregory

Nathan Awarded The Road Angel Pro Dashcam 4.3/5

Box had a good design, sleek and looked professional. Smaller than I was expecting. Needed for insurance issues in this day and age. Good idea, particularly liked the real time footage that could be viewed on a mobile. Looks elegant, small and unobtrusive however once stuck to windscreen you can’t remove the sticker (although the camera itself easily comes off). Clear instructions which are easy to follow.  Simple set up, the app gives easy to follow instructions when connecting the device. Simple to stick to windscreen, plug in and go. Yes easy to operate, needed to go back and check app instructions for WIFI passwords.  The device is unobtrusive however we found it difficult to attach the wiring to the car so gave up and left the wire dropping from the ceiling initially. But the wiring was plenty long enough. The app feature and real time video works well, fortunately not had an accident whilst using the product so can’t say for certain how easy it is to capture footage to use. I like the dual camera facility as it gives extra protection and coverage. Would have been nice to have option to attach further side cameras in future. Dual storage is good as provides further back up, useful in case something happens to phone or the dashcam itself. Reassures you that footage is safe. Good quality footage, no issues with video quality. Width of video no problem. Processing speeds worked well. The G Sensor is a good idea, may often forget to record footage when shaken up following accident, and adds more information to help a claim. The connectivity – iOS & Android companion app is a good feature. The informatics around the screen also was useful and unobtrusive for the viewing experience. Again good to have GPS to track journey and the extra info to help process an insurance claim. I liked the connectivity and the ability to view and record on the go via the app. The app was easy to use and connect to the road angel. We used this for long journeys as we went on holiday soon after receiving the product for testing. Found it comforting to have available on the long drives. Didn’t feel safer on the road but more confident and would have been less worried in the case of an accident. Using this device certainly would make me feel much less stressed in the case of an accident. The quality is good.  Many other dashcams available are cheaper, not sure I would pay extra for the connectivity and other features personally but a good gadget to have and on reflection it may be worth the GPS and speed tracking information. Now that I have tested this I would purchase this product. I would also recommend.  Good quality, easy set up, App easy to use on iOS. Useful and did lead to less stress on the roads. Enjoyed testing the product and will continue to use it mainly for longer journeys and commuting. Useful gadget to have, reducing anxiety about insurance claims. Not sure that the app needs real time video but a nice feature for the passenger to check out and as using app as well as the SD card can quickly check footage and download without the fuss of loading up the SD card on a computer. Nathan Gregory

Product Tested By Graham Pearson

Graham Awarded The Road Angel Halo Pro Dashcam 4.8/5

I was impressed with the style of the packaging and when opening the box the product looked very professional, high quality and well made.  In this day and age and with so many insurance scams going on this is a product you definitely need to ensure you have everything you need filmed and ready to send to insurance company in the event of an accident.  Very professionally designed and small enough to be easily fitted into the car without being obtrusive.  Instructions are fairly easy to follow, had to read a few times but got the jist of it in the end. I found setting this up a bit fiddly with all the wires needed to set up in car, when you can easily set up on blue tooth.  However, once all set up it was overall easy enough and the app is really helpful. Then just stick to the windscreen and you are ready to put this to good use.  Once all set up with app and the passwords required this was easy enough to use.  The app feature is excellent and the video works extremely well via my phone.  I have been using this for a while now and had a few close calls, but to-date no accidents thank goodness.  However, I am confident this would give me all the vital information I need to send to insurance company in the event of an accident, which for me saves a lot of time as they can see it all happening in real time.  Having the dual camera facility front and rear is a great benefit.  I had a very old dashcam previously and only front viewing and had an accident from the rear a few years ago, so for me this facility is a superb addition.  The dual storage is a safety net for sure as gives you the confidence if anything happens to the phone or dashcam you have back up and that is a great added feature.  The viewing angle is certainly effective no issues at all.  The image sensor is effective and the G sensor is a very good addition. I cannot fault the connectivity – iOS & Android companion app as this captures live footage and is invaluable.  This product has it all when you add the GPS to track journey and speed.  So you are alerted of new speed restrictions and can track your journey with ease. The GPS was ideal as we had a few long weekends away in the UK and this worked well.  For me the live coverage footage, GPS and speed information were the major selling points for this product.  We used this for a few long weekends away and this is now a permanent fixture in my car. I would not say I felt safer, but I felt confident if I was to encounter an accident on the road I would have vital real time footage to send direct to my insurance company and this definitely takes the strain out of making a claim for the future.  The design and quality is excellent. Initially I thought this was very expensive but after using this for many weeks I do believe it is worth the investment.  For me the knowledge that is I was to be in an accident the information I would have to send to the insurance company would definitely take the stress out of making a claim.  Also the GPS and speed tracker are brilliant.  If I had not received one to review I would certainly buy on now after using for over a month.  I would recommend and have already recommended to my eldest son and mentioned to a few colleagues.  This is very useful to have in any car.  I have this set up when commuting to work and a permanent fixture in my car now for longer journeys and holidays.  Everything you need to keep safe on the road, and also takes the stress out of having to report accident to insurance company.  So much on offer in this very sleek well-designed Dashcam.  Graham Pearson

Product Tested By Yudi Irvine

Yudi Awarded The Road Angel Halo Pro Dashcam 4.6/5

When I opened the parcel, I was impressed with the look of the product.  I thought the design of the packaging, choice of font and colouring of the box showed class and represented a high quality product – attractively boxed.  I felt the shape of the packaging was ‘different’ and would stand out on a shelf.  I liked the fact that the outside packaging of the product didn’t actually tell you much other that promoting the name of the product and a single image of the actual product.  When it came to opening the packaging, the ‘unwrapping’ of the layers of the boxes made it that bit more ‘exciting’ as I wasn’t sure what was going to be in the box.  The internal packaging also gave a sense of quality. I have seen a few dash cams that friends have so I was a little wary as I have always thought they looked a bit clunky and I didn’t think the picture quality was always that great.  On these other models, the video was shown on the camera.  What I liked about the Road Angel Halo Pro Dashcam which differed from the other cameras was it was done through an app on my phone.  I have an android and found it very easy to download the app and link the camera to the app. Both cameras look of a high quality.  They are sturdy and slim line.  The colour and design of the cameras aren’t intrusive when in place.  The support booklet/instructions come in a wallet again giving it a feeling of quality.  The images were clearly detailed covering what was included in the box.  The diagrams showing what each part did and were clearly labelled, easy to read font and good choice of font colour.  The instructions how to fit in your car where very concise and comprehensive.  The warnings at the bottom are distinctive on the page but not overriding on the pages.  Using an image of a phone to explain how to work the app made it appealing to read and easier to understand. The instructions were clear however I did find it a little tricky to thread the wires around my car. But that could be just my car (VW Beetle) – the wires seemed quite thick.  Linking it to the app itself was certainly the easy part.  It was explained in very easy steps in the user guide. I loved how easy it was to operate.  I loved the fact it was all on my phone.  I have a phone holder on the dashboard in my car so the cameras were set up and easily viewed by all in the car. The app was very easy and fairly basic to navigate. To be honest I was very impressed with exactly how much this dash cam and its supporting app offered.  The fact that you can preview it on your phone as well as having the double storage and facility to download it surprised me from the moment I linked it to my phone.  I didn’t find either camera obtrusive in any way when in place.  The added extras of GPS, speed control I saw as added bonuses. It was great to have both views and have the flexibility to be able to change the primary view (either front or back) at a touch of a button.  Looking at both cameras, they were designed so it was easy to angle the cameras as required.  With my VW beetle car, there are large rear and front windows which slope down.  It was easy to adjust the cameras to give the best views when they were in place. The dual storage gave a sense of reassurance that the footage was being recorded on two forms of storage, should it need to be recalled.  The SD card is easy to install (and clear instructions shown in the user guide) – would be nice if the memory card was included in the package.The quality of the images through both cameras is fantastic – they are of a good resolution.  They give a wide viewing angle to cover the whole of the view out of both windows giving that sense of assurance to the user. I was impressed with the quality of the images from this dash cam.  They were easy to capture using the app and allowed me to edit the footage and store images on journey albums.  The images were all crisp – allowing you to see every detail and it reads number plates clearly. Both cameras look of a high quality.  They are sturdy and slim line.  The colour and design of the cameras aren’t intrusive when in place.  I didn’t have any experience of the G sensor (which I take as a good thing as I obviously didn’t make any sudden movements or acceleration). The app was great. Loved that it was free to download as well as it being very easy to navigate round.  Having the GPS facility all in the app was really helpful as I normally run the sat nav through my phone when on long journeys.  Having it all on one screen at one time made the journey less ‘stressful’ and my 7-year-old in the back would remind me if I was going too fast as the speed was easily displayed on the screen of my phone!  Nice touch!  The app stores journeys and you have the option to save images into albums from journeys, as needed. I liked the ease of running the camera through my mobile phone and the quality of the images given.  The app was very easy to download and use. I used every day for 2 weeks whilst I was testing it on a variety of different journeys – either on the school run, commuting or motorway journeys. I tested the product on both town runs and whilst on the motorway.  It certainly made me feel safer on the road.  I did feel confident if an incident did occur.  The fact that there are 2 ways to store the imagery was reassuring and I would feel confident being able to download the necessary footage should I need to make a claim.  Having this footage would make what would be a stressful situation that bit easier allowing me to provide this evidence for my claim. This is most definitely not a cheap quality product.  The cameras feel like they are made of good, sturdy, quality materials. I felt it was a good, neat and compact design with that quality feel. Because of the quality of the products, ease of downloading the free app and the images shown on the app, it is a high end product and appropriately priced. I really liked the looked of both cameras and how they didn’t ‘stick out like a sore thumb’ when in place in my car. They had a real feel of quality to them. Whilst it is a high value product, it would certainly be an investment.  I would consider buying it. I would recommend because of the ease of setting this dashcam up and linking to my phone, I would definitely recommend this to others.  My 78-year-old father was very impressed when I showed him (he has been a victim of road rage himself) and said “he needed something like this when he got attacked.”  I really liked this product from the moment of opening the packaging to pressing play on the app.  It gave me the reassurance when driving, especially on the motorway.  I felt supported that full images/views were being recorded by the cameras as well as having the facility to take still images if needed and easily store these in journey albums. My only criticism of this product is the adhesive pads that are included in the box.  I tested this product when it was very hot and the adhesive pads kept coming away from the front camera resulting in it falling off the windscreen – once when driving.  Maybe a mount would be more suitable as I did feel nervous leaving the cameras in my car overnight (which I leave on the road) as it could then be seen as an easy target. Yudi Irvine

Now that I have tested this I would purchase this product. I would also recommend.  Good quality, easy set up, App easy to use on iOS. Useful and did lead to less stress on the roads. Enjoyed testing the product and will continue to use it mainly for longer journeys and commuting. Useful gadget to have, reducing anxiety about insurance claims.


Nathan Awarded The Road Angel Pro Dashcam 4.3/5

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