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Road Hero Kit

What is the Road Hero Space Saver Spare Wheel?

Road Hero is a space saver wheel kit, designed to eliminate the danger of being stranded and to get you home safely! Vehicles manufactured after 2012 are no longer required to provide a spare wheel, due to regulation changes.

Do you have breakdown cover?

In 2016, the AA & RAC attended almost 180,000 breakdowns, due to a flat tyre and a lack of spare wheel.  The Road Hero Space Saver Kit stops the everyday motorist from getting stranded and to ensure they get home safely.

Price £200.00 Find your Local Road Hero Retailer Here


Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2020 Car Tech Category 

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Road Hero Kit Reviews

Product Tested By Nicola Bradbury-Hulls – Jake, Joshua, Travis 14, 12 & 9 Years

Nicola Awarded The Road Hero Kit 5/5

I was impressed with how much you got for your money. It seems like a very comprehensive set up that would help us no matter what happened on a journey.I think its a great idea to have one product that serves multiple purposes. I particularly like how robust the spare tyre is, even if it is too big to go in our spare arch in the boot. Instructions very easy to follow, even if you have never had to deal with safety equipment. Everything is set out in a straightforward way. I think it could have gone in depth a little in parts. Everything was well made. Nothing felt cheap or made as a throw in item to bulk everything up. The high Vis jacket was very well put together and again the wheel, compared to others on the market was really impressive. It fit in the boot, but the tyre we got does not fit the rear tyre well for the Vauxhall Mokka X which was disapointing because it just made it slightly less functional than I would have hoped without purchasing additional equipment. I would say to double check if this was the right one sent to us?.  I agree the Road Hero gives you peace of mind to change a wheel quickly, safely and enables you to get home. It is a problem not having a spare wheel but now this can easily be solved at the roadside by the driver (barring age and ability) and this is about as fast as it could be done because of the quality of the equipment and knowing because of this I don’t have to worry about anything breaking. Having the Road Hero Kit I feel that if anything should happen failing a mechanical failure we could deal with the situation easily and more importantly safely. Having this in the boot definitely made me feel confident and safer. our car is fitted with a run flat inflation system but its a total nightmare using it in the middle of a flat incident. This may involve a bit more physicality, however i felt more confident being able to deal and deploy elements of this to help. Everything except the spare fitted very easily. It was kept tidy in the bag and everything  was a doddle to get to.  Quality was way above expectations, even considering the £200 price tag. Absolutely very good value as you get safety equipment, tools and peace of mind, bearing in mind the level of quality i think its worth every penny. I loved how compact it is and how straight forward the lay out of it. Quality breeds confidence so having this with us made us feel better prepared and safer. We would buy this.  we make a lot of road trips with our family and would find this not only something to help make us feel prepared but a product that would pay for itself in one or two applications, whether in the UK or even on mainland Europe. I would recommend this to anyone with kids who make  regular car journeys. I would give it a 5 for practicality, quality and feature set. It has slotted into our lives making trips without even noticing it being there (apart from the tyre not fitting) It has become something that we check alongside the normal checks you make before setting off as we know if anything happens we can rely on the Road Hero to save the day! Nicola Bradbury-Hulls – Jake, Joshua, Travis 14, 12 & 9 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Cummins – Bethannie, Emillie, Annabelle & Samuel – 12, 10, 5 and 2 years

Sarah Awarded The Road Hero Kit 4.4/5

The road hero kit arrived in two parts. The wheel in a bag and a bog with all the extra bits in. The bag that the kit comes in is nice and I liked that everything you need was fits the bag. All the extras have their own bag too so you can keep this in the wheel bag or just keep that bag in your car for emergencies. The wheel was bigger than I expected and quite heavy, but it is a spare wheel so I am not sure what I was expecting! The kit looks like it has everything you would need to change a tire. I was impressed that it even included batteries for the head torch and a poncho for when it’s raining! Overall I felt pleased with the item and after watching the road hero video before it arrived it had everything I had expected. If I had purchased it I would feel it met my expectations. The idea of the road hero kit is great. Lots of cars no longer have a spare wheel and if you do get a puncture you often have to wait hours for a repair vehicle to come to the rescue. If you don’t have break down cover than it can be expensive. I like that the kit comes with everything you need to change a tire safely such as a road triangle and high Vis. Even batteries and a poncho were in the kit so all areas have been thought about.  It even comes with a jack, although it does recommend you use your own if you have one. The road hero kit was actually compatible with both cars in our household too which is great for us. The cost of the road hero kit is also less than buying a spare wheel and all the bits you need to attach it to your car. I love that the road hero kit will get me home or to a garage where a new tire can be fitted. I like that it comes as a complete set and you don’t need to worry about buying everything separately. For example it includes a head torch. I might not have considered having one of these in my car but it is ideal for changing a tire in the dark. The instructions are simple enough. If you are able to change a tire you can use the kit. Even if you have never tried before the instructions help. I like the design of the kit. The accessories bag fits in with the wheel but I like that you can also keep the accessories bag separate too. The bags look nice and reasonable quality. The wheel is cleverly designed to take up a minimal amount of space and also semi universal in the way it fits. All the accessories are carefully thought through so it is a complete kit and it includes items that would be useful in all emergencies such as a head torch, poncho and warning triangle. It does fit in the boot of my car however as I have small children and also need to fit a pushchair in the boot I only put it in the boot for long journeys. However even having it at home means if I was to break down locally I would be able to get my partner to pop home for it. We do make lots of long journeys also so I would always have it in the car for these journeys. There is enough room to fit it in with other items. I totally agree the Road Hero gives you peace of mind to change a wheel quickly and easily to get home safely. Without a spare tire I would have to wait for a recovery service which can take hours. I would be able to change the tire myself safely and get to a garage or home without worry. I did feel safer on the road. We travel quite a lot as we have family 180 miles away and we also have Merlin annual passes. It adds a lot of peace of mind that we can stop and change a tyre if we need too. The road hero kit made me feel safer. I often travel with the children on my own and I do worry about getting a flat tire. I have broken down before and had to wait 3 hours for recovery. So I definitely feel better having this in my car on long journeys. I did not have a flat tire during the test period however I did have a go at fitting the road hero wheel using the kit. I always think it’s best to be prepared so wanted to see if I was able to change the wheel. I managed to use the kit and get the wheel on my car fairly easily with a little help from my partner so I feel satisfied in an emergency this would do the job and I would be able to do it alone. The overall quality of the product is good. The emergency kit items such as the head torch are not the highest of quality but they would do what is needed in an emergency. The kit bags seem durable and the wheel seemed to be good quality and these are the most important parts of the kit. Overall the road hero kit is much cheaper than buying a spare wheel, a cage to store it on your car and a breakdown kit. All these individual items would cost a lot more than the kit. The kit will also fit on both the cars in our household so this makes it really good value that we can use it for either car.  I like that this is much easier to store than a full size wheel. Not only it will fit in the boot but it’s in a nice bag so if you do want to store it in the house it is easy to do so. I really like that the accessories come in their own bag so I can leave that in the car at all times. I was impressed that they had thought of everything right down to batteries and a poncho for when it’s raining. I would buy this. I would consider buying this as it’s a great item to have and a cost effective way of having a spare wheel in your car. I have not given this full marks as some of the accessories were not as high quality as I would have liked. Although the tyre and bags seem to be good quality which is important. I like that it includes everything that you need. The spare wheel is also lighter than a standard wheel. Which makes it easier particularly for a women to change the wheel. The price is reasonable on this too. So overall I think it’s a great product but there is a little room for improvement. Overall I am very happy with this product. It does what you would expect it to do and is well presented. I liked that it came with bags making it easy to store and carry. The accessories were well thought through. Batteries are hardly ever included and this is something that makes a big difference in emergencies. Even the poncho is a great idea. The instructions were easy to follow and the kit met my expectations. I would recommend it to friends and families. I knew that space saver wheels existed but I was not aware that you could buy a full kit like this.  Sarah Cummins – Bethannie, Emillie, Annabelle & Samuel – 12, 10, 5 and 2 years

Product Tested By Wayne Clarke – Sydney 4 Years

Wayne Awarded The Road Hero Kit 4/5

Initially I thought wow that’s a lot of money for a spare tyre but once the kit arrived I was surprised by the setup I received. It wasn’t just a tyre, the tyre was in its own zipped bag along with another bag containing all the essentials for changing a tyre, and you receive everything needed. I do like the concept as a lot of newer cars do not come with a spare wheel, so if you are going on a long journey this kit will give you piece of mind knowing that’s it’s there in your boot. Instructions were easy to understand with pictures and text. The design is great, I personally like how everything in neatly packaged in its own carry bag. When putting in the boot I had to take the tyre out of its bag as it kept catching but the tyre fitted easily. I do agree with the statement Road Hero gives you the peace of mind to change wheel quickly and easily to get home safely. When you buy a car you automatically presume that you have a spare tyre so being able to purchase everything you need in one go is a good option. I have 2 children below 5 so knowing that if I had a puncture I could get back on the road much quicker with the Road Hero in my boot was good to know. I have not had to use the road hero kit at present but if that time should arise I know that I have it stored in my boot. The quality was excellent; it felt that every component was of good quality. At £200 it is a pretty expensive product and I’m sure that it could be put together for a lot less. I like the fact that it all came neatly in 2 carry cases and they fit easily in your boot, well the tyre bag didn’t but that’s ok as it’s a tyre. I personally believe I could put together my own kit for a lot less. I would recommend this kit as I know not everyone would know what to include in a kit of this type so being able to purchase it altogether will give peace of mind to some. I have given 4/5 just because I think it is pretty expensive and could be put together cheaper. This product is a good product that includes all the necessary items needed for changing a tyre, one thing that could be added to the tyre bag is how much it actually weighs as the tyre is heavy and nothing was stated on the bag. Wayne Clarke – Sydney 4 Years













I would give it a 5 for practicality, quality and feature set. It has slotted into our lives making trips without even noticing it being there. It has become something that we check alongside the normal checks you make before setting off as we know if anything happens we can rely on the Road Hero to save the day!


Nicola Awarded The Road Hero Kit 5/5

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