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Robin’s Medical Rescue

Your trusty WOW ambulance is here! Along with my top paramedic, Nina, I help save lives around WOW Town! My speedy motor means I can get to the scene quickly and save as many lives as possible and you can even open my clicking side door to remove a comfy stretcher for patients.Nina cleverly opens my back ramp and when she pushes my button the wheelchair is automatically released! She can even press down on my x-ray machine to see and amazing x-ray of our latest patient, Sandy. He has a broken leg and is here with his caring mother whilst Nina and I help mend him in no time.
1x Motorised ambulance called Robin and Nina the paramedic
1x Mother figure called Pearl & 1x Boy figure called Sandy
1x Removable stretcher &1x Removable wheelchair
Suitable 18 Months – 5 Years

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Robin’s Medical Rescue Reviews

Product Tested by: Elizabeth Page – Kayleigh 20 Months


Product Tested By Elizabeth Page – Kayleigh 20 Months

Elizabeth Awarded The WOW Toys Robin’s Medical Rescue 4.5/5

Bright bold and robust. Packaging was very bright and had a lovely background to play with. The toy was just secured to the box too well! The size of the toy is just great for the little ones not to small not to big. It is very good for the development of their imagination. We thought the product was great but two things that we thought I could have done but didn’t was 1. Make a noise of an ambulance as it goes along and as does make engine sound but ambulance sound would have been tops. 2. The lights on top could have flashed as it went along. The age range for this toy was spot on. Although even my 8 year old enjoyed playing with it. My child was able to play with this for a considerable amount of time before she needed to find another toy! I feel this toy enabled my child to use hand eye co-ordination and role play. She is very happy to play on her own with this toy but also with a friend. She was able to use it on her own for quite some time. She has used the toy alongside other toys. She also wanted to sit on the toy; it did hold her which was very surprising! This toy is of lovely robust quality. My daughter plus her 3 year old twin boy cousins have definitely put this to the test and it still remains in 1 piece and looks as good as new! Personally I feel that it is a little over priced. My daughter has had great fun playing with this and will continue to do so for many years I’m sure.I was just disappointed that it didn’t have ambulance sound and flashing lights. That would have made the experience for her more realistic. and just quite expensive. Elizabeth Page – Kayleigh 20 Months

Product Tested By Rachael Colt – Anthony 2 Years

Rachael Awarded The WOW Toys Robin’s Medical Rescue 4.8/5

Looked fantastic and Anthony eager to play with his new toy. Packaging is bright, colourful and extremely good as took us a while to get the toy out for Anthony to play with. The size of the toy is just perfect for Anthony. All parts are nice size for Anthony to be able to hold onto and pick up. He loved the way the door would open and he could rush the little toys to the A & E. Really sparked his imagination and captured his attention. He spent many afternoons in his own little A&E world making sure everyone got to the hospital safely and cared for. He adored the little wheelchair and loved the way the items and people could be fitted into the ambulance to be whisked off to hospital. I thought this was a lovely toy but would have been 5/5 if it has some working lights at the top and maybe an ambulance sound. This is a really good toy for role play, helped him be creative and certainly helped with hand eye co-ordination. This toy is extremely well made, will stand the test of time and Anthony enjoyed playing with this with his friends and his cousins. A good quality toy that will last so in my view yes value for money. I would purchase more from the WOW toy range and have already recommended. A great toy, delivered hours of fun for Anthony. If it has lights and noise would have been top marks. Rachael Colt – Anthony 2 years

Product Tested By Zara Clark – Hannah 18 Months

Zara Awarded The WOW Toys Robin’s Medical Rescue 3/5

First impression very basic toy. The packaging colourful but too many ties which made it difficult to get out of the box. The size of this toy is very good. Entertainment value could be improved by adding realistic noises and also did not move very well. Age suitability was fine and had not concerns about Hannah playing with this toy. Unfortunately this toy did not hold my daughters attention for very long. Just on a personal not I feel there are other toys out there that are less expensive, more colourful and more appealing to children. This is a simple well-made toy but just did not capture my daughter’s attention for long. Every child is different. This is a very well made and high quality toy. Just feel for the price it should have done more. First impressions suggested this would be a fun toy she would enjoy however it frustrated her and she did not play with it for very long (and didn’t play with the trailer at all as it was unstable and unhitched from the car). Zara Clark – Hannah 18 Months

My daughter has had great fun playing with this and will continue to do so for many years I’m sure.


Elizabeth Awarded The WOW Toys Robin’s Medical Rescue 4.5/5

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