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Rock A Thigh Baby Socks

Cuffs are comfortable and designed not to roll down or twist so the socks stay up and stay on. Ribbed panels at the ankle and arch help keep socks in place. Keeps entire leg warm in strollers and carriers. Fashionable alternative to tights. No-skid grips on soles give traction as well as identify the sock’s size. An environmentally friendly, sustainable cotton-blend textile product made from soft top-quality, 100% "Pre-Consumer" yarn (recycled yarn that is spun from regenerated material recovered from newly made fabrics)

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Rock A Thigh Baby Socks Reviews

Product Tested by: Samantha Dunn – Sophia 2 Years & 3 Months

Product Tested By Samantha Dunn – Sophia 2 Years & 3 Months

Samantha Awarded the Rock A Thigh Baby 4.1/5

Nice material, funky pattern and well made. A Fab bright and informative website, plenty of pictures of products. Good pictures showing actual children wearing them, they look fab on! Great design, perfect with the rubbery sole grips, stay in place when my child wore them – she actually wouldn’t take them off for bed! I think the design is spot on, it is very hard to find sock that will be functional, stay on and look great – these have! Fabric has a nice feel to it and washed well. My daughter did not want to take them off, so that says a yes to me for comfort. I was actually looking for just this item as my daughters knee’s bruised all the time when crawling and climbing, may seem a little pricey for one pair, however they look great and work well. Great little product, would recommend and buy again! Samantha Dunn – Sophia 2 Years & 3 Months

Product Tested By Deborah Murray – Ellis 2 Years

Deborah Awarded the Rock A Thigh Baby 4.1/5

A great idea looks appealing and substantially made. The design is brilliant, long overdue. The middle ground between tights and socks, allows for a nappy change without exposing baby’s legs to the chill. I do think it is practical as the material is robust and the socks well-made, however they are not as easy to get on as, say, tights.(well, not on my toddler anyway!) The fabric has stood up to washing and is obviously good quality.  Sadly these were not comfortable for my toddler. Although not very chubby at all the socks really dug in to her legs and she kept tugging at them. They also caused quite a bit of chafing as she walked around. Subsequent times wearing them under trousers not pulled all the way up was more successful for my babies comfort. Although on the pricey side, I would expect to get a lot of use out of these so would definitely buy them. I think many people would find the socks useful, attractive and would be a great suggestion for a present! Love the design, the robustness of the fabric and the quality. Would like to see improvements in the elastic and softness of the fabric. Definitely a positive addition to my life – quirky, fun and ingenious! Deborah Murray – Ellis 2 Years

Product Tested By Adele Thomas – Bethan 4 Years

Adele Awarded the Rock A Thigh Baby 3.6/5

Attractive, useful socks. Some concerns that they may impede circulation, but they were fine. Bethan loved the look of them too. Although they look great with a skirt, they don’t stay up if the child does more than walk or run around whilst playing. Only practical in circumstances where child is not very active, i.e. for dressing up. Handy when toilet training I should think as it’s 1 less layer to remove! Hold up socks will always have the problem of staying up without restricting circulation. Lovely feel and good thickness to the fabric. Packaging fine, nothing special but good to see minimal card/plastic used!  Bethan likes to wear them and they don’t leave marks around her leg which had been my main concern. They did get frustrating at the play park as they couldn’t stay up at all during very active play. Went into a cool wash, came out like new. Great. If they stayed up then I would have been delighted to spend £7 however I am unlikely to buy more because they do slip. The socks Proved to be useful under a skirt if going out for a meal, but I would not recommend them for playing/activities. Adele Thomas – Bethan 4 Years

Great little product, would recommend and buy again!


Samantha Awarded the Rock A Thigh Baby 4.1/5

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