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Royce Lingerie Blossom Maternity and nursing bra

The beautiful, wirefree nursing bra that Blossoms with you…
Our brand new Blossom Nursing bra is flexible, stylish and oh-so-comfortable. Cleverly designed with unique features to fit and support mums all the way through pregnancy and breastfeeding.The only nursing bra that offers both support and flexibility. An innovative inner foam sling provides support for the bustSuper-soft, stretchy fabric allows for the cup to expand and contract to accommodate 3 cup fittingsSoft, hidden cord allows centre front to be tightened for more of a plunge look or loosened for a more relaxed, crop-top style. Blossom 1018 Nursing Bra

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2012/13 and Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2013/14






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Royce Lingerie Blossom Maternity and nursing bra Reviews

Product Tested by: Caroline Banbury

Product Tested By Caroline Banbury

Caroline Awarded The Spring Blossom Bra 5/5

I liked the look of the bra upon opening it, the fabric feels nice too. It looks like it will be comfortable. I like the style; it’s fashionable yet comfortable and practical. The bra is easily adjusted it’s a great idea as my breasts have changed so much already. The bra is simple to open with just one hand so its perfect, the clasp seems to be quite sturdy too, so not worried about it snapping. I find it really comfortable; it feels supportive without any wires. It’s as fashionable as it can be for the purpose it’s meant for. It doesn’t really look like a nursing bra; it’s more of a comfy t-shirt bra. I find this extremely comfortable to wear so will continue to use. I would definitely recommend this bra. I like the bra, it’s comfortable and practical. Caroline Banbury

Product Tested By Fiona Rogerson

Fiona Awarded The Spring Blossom Bra 4.7/5

Liked the feel of the bra and it was very easy to use. Loved the style, and the animal print patter made it feel glam like any other bra. Very easy to use, the cup size function was great when I felt fuller. The adjusting sizes made the bra so comfortable to wear. I found the lace ties to resize it would come undone easily I had to double knot it which made it harder to undo when needed. I found the opening of the bra a little stiff at times to open, and I found it caught my clothing if I didn’t make sure the latches were covered. I found the bra extremely comfortable to wear, even though there was no underwired I felt support very well by this bra. This bra is so amazing when breastfeeding as the easy clips make it quick and easy to access your breasts. Also can change the cup depending on how full your breasts. I don’t feel this bra looks like a nursing bra because of the print it looks like a normal bra, and the shape of the cup bits. I will continue to use this and would certainly recommend. Great product, great patternsdespite the lace coming undone easy in the cup resize and the latch catching on the clothing sometimes I will continue to use this product as a breastfeeding mum. Fiona Rogerson

Product Testd By Jude Stone

Jude warded The Spring Blossom Bra 3.5/5

Looked quite old fashioned but sturdy. Liked the idea of the lace allowing different plunge lengths. Quite old fashioned in terms of pattern and design. Way too high for a lot of my clothes and they’re not the most revealing by a long shot. I liked the edging. I liked the lace allowing different plunge levels but in the event I found the bra was so high, however tight you had it, it would appear even in quite modest necklines. I like the idea of the adjustable function. Personally the Emma Jane bras that do the same are much comfier and do this a lot better for me (c cup). Opening easy and standard. Nothing digging in and very secure. Clips didn’t bend after washing etc. Seemed tighter and more fixed than my other nursing bras. Probably my least comfortable even against much cheaper bras. It does make breast feeding easier but no more so than other changing bras. I personally do think this looks like a nursing bra. The least comfortable of all of my nursing bras means I’ll only use this again in washing emergencies. Really wanted to like the bra but it didn’t cut it for me in terms style or comfort although I did think it was quite innovative with the plunge customisation. Jude Stone


 I would definitely recommend this bra. I like the bra, it’s comfortable and practical. 


Caroline Awarded The Spring Blossom Bra 5/5

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