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Sacla’ Pesto Range

We think the best pesto should coat every piece of pasta, making it drip with colour and flavour. It’s also fantastic with meat, fish and vegetables. We should know, we’ve been the country’s numero uno pesto for the past twenty years. Now we’ve made our own Pesto nine times better; with nine new flavours. A combination of freshly picked basil and Grana Padano cheese is the secret behind every recipe. And just in case you were wondering, yes, they’re all made in Italy. Any one of our 190g jars will serve four of your favourite people.

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£1.99 190g Jar - Available at Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Waitrose or click online for local stocksts

Sacla’ Pesto Range Reviews

Product Tested by: Penny McPherson – Mum-To-Be

Product Tested By Penny McPherson – Mum-To-Be

Penny Awarded The Sacla Sauces Classic Pesto & Sun Dried Tomato Pesto 5/5

Well packaged, looked tasty and healthy.  The website had a really nice feel to it.  It contained all of the information you require if you want to know more about the product and in particular the ingredients.  I also liked the recipes that it provided which were easy to follow and very descriptive.  The jars were packaged similar to other pasta sauces.  I must admit I was not aware of this brand until I was sent some product to try.   This was very easy to use when preparing meals.  The ingredients were labeled clearly on the jar and website which is good practice.   The sauces were both very tasty.  I enjoyed the sun dried flavour in particular.   I made a very simple dish of pasta mixed with the sauce.  The texture was fine.  My husband enjoyed the dish even though he is not a fan of Italian food.  These sauces are great and a very convenient way to prepare food.  Reasonable value for money.  If you compare to other similar products on the market it is a bit more expensive but the taste is well worth the extra investment.  Suits my needs i.e. high quality food that can be prepared in a short timescale that is not convenience food.  Very convenient, good quality tasty meal that can be prepared in less than 20 mins or can be used to prepare a large delicious meal to entertain and impress family and friends.  Penny McPherson – Mum-To-Be

Product Tested By Emma Witham

Emma Awarded The Sacla Sauces Classic Pesto & Sun Dried Tomato Pesto 4.2/5

The product was well packaged, ingredients easily displayed and a couple of recipe suggestions are also included on the jar for those who do not have access to the Sacla website on the internet.  The website is excellent, and really easy to navigate. It includes some details about the company and a comprehensive list of all their products with pictures. Including pictures of the products makes the range a lot easier to locate once in the supermarket. The website includes a number of recipes which are split into categories, such as ideas for children’s food/entertaining/quick ideas.   The packaging was good.  The sauces come in jars you can use the required amount, replace the lid and store the remainder in the fridge for a couple of weeks after opening. I am aware of the Sacla brand from their television advertisement, but Sacla is not a brand I have used previous to this trial.  The product was very easy to prepare. I used the sauces in some of my original recipes to enhance them, and used some of the suggested recipes from the website.  None of the ingredients were an issue for me as I do not have any allergies although they do include nuts, milk and egg derivatives.  The sauces were a lot stronger than initially anticipated; a little goes a long way. When using with pasta it’s a good idea to mix in a little at a time add extra to taste. The texture was good, and taste was strong.   My husband preferred the tomato sauce, although I did make dishes with this one that he would generally enjoy. My friend enjoyed the classic basil pesto on a large salad, made a difference from the usual dressing.   I actually became more experimental with the sauces, and tried some dishes I wouldn’t usually prepare thanks to recipes included on the Sacla website. The dishes are convenient to make and as you can make a lot of the recipes using pasta, it’s an inexpensive alternative to pre-packaged foods.  I found the amount required to add flavour was small, therefore 1 jar lasted for a number of recipes.  One jar once opened lasts for 2 weeks.  This then enables you to plan your meal preparation to ensure it’s not wasted.   I am a big fan of black and green olives; a sauce involving those ingredients would be great.  I have continued to purchase the sun dried tomato pesto, and will consider some of the other items in the Sacla range.  I have already recommended the product to family and friends and shared information about the recipes on the website.  Easily adds flavour to everyday dishes, with minimum of effort.  Emma Witham

Product Tested By Iona Goodbrand – Mum-To-Be

Iona Awarded The Sacla Sauces Classic Pesto & Sun Dried Tomato Pesto 5/5

Very good. Product looked very appetizing, in a stylish jar – stands out from the rest.  Bright and stylish website and easy to use, very good how it has recipes for their products. Packaging looks traditional but still stylish, find it’s easy to spot in a supermarket.  I must admit I was not really aware of Sacla before I had some sent to test.  Was very quick to make a delicious meal, and lasts a good while meaning you get several meals out of the one jar (depending how strong you make the dish).  Is a great product for parents, can do many things with the sauces.  I do like the sauces and they do not taste too strong – like many other pesto sauces do. Was easy to work it through spaghetti.  I found a lot of pesto sauces used in the past were too thick which makes its difficult to mix evenly with spaghetti.  Everyone in my family thoroughly enjoyed the range of meals I cooked from both sauces.  Very easy to prepare a good meal, without needing to be super confident in the kitchen. Simple and very easy to use.  I believe these are good value for money, depending on how strong you have the dish; you can get many meals from the one jar, as once opened just pop it in the fridge!!  As it is so easy to use, definitely will add it to my shopping list.  You can create delicious meals even when time is short. Have already recommended to family.  Really loved this product, will most definitely be buying it again.  Great product, a must have item on every families shopping list – tasty, quick and easy to create delicious dishes.   Iona Goodbrand – Mum-To-Be

Very convenient, good quality tasty meal that can be prepared in less than 20 mins or can be used to prepare a large delicious meal to entertain and impress family and friends. 


Penny Awarded The Sacla Sauces Classic Pesto & Sun Dried Tomato Pesto 5/5

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