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Safe Dreams 4-sided Cot Wrap®

Tired of finding your baby’s arms and legs trapped between the cot bars or having lost dummies through the gaps?
The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap® bumper is the perfect solution. Easy to breathe through and maximises airflowNo dangerous ties or stringsKeeps all four sides of the cot covered Padded to protect against knocks and bumpsFits standard cots, Stokke Sleepi cots, cot beds and cribsComplies with British Standard 1877:10 and all applicable European standards.  Made from beautiful Softbreathe™ fabric with an inner surface of 100% cotton, the Cot Wrap® bumper will ensure a better nights sleep for everyone!
4-sided Cot Wrap®: for cots/cotbeds/cribs with rails on all four sides
The revolutionary new Cot Wrap® is made with specially designed beautiful cotton-rich Softbreathe™ fabric.
The 4-sided bumper is suitable for cots/cot beds and cribs with rails on all four sides. It can also be used on round cots.
– Available in Ivory, Pink and Blue
– Suitable from birth
– Easy to fit and adjusts to fit all standard UK cots/cot beds
– Machine washable and quick drying

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£29.99 Available to purchase online

Safe Dreams 4-sided Cot Wrap® Reviews

Product Tested by: Jen Gilroy – Grace 7 Months

Product Tested By Jen Gilroy – Grace 7 Months

Jen Awarded The Safe  Dreams Cot Wrap 5/5

Looked a little plain in the packet. Packaging enabled the buyer to clearly see what they were buying. Instructions were very easy to follow. Product was fairly easy to fit into the cot, however there was quite a bit of excess material, however the length of the bumper is what enables it to fit in any cot. This product was excellent as it enabled a smooth transition from mosses basket to cot. This is because the bumper makes Grace feel cosy as it surrounds the whole of the cot, not just the top/bottom like standard bumpers do. Unfortunately the old bumper never got used as this was far better, although not as colourful. Quality is excellent. A little pricey when you compare other products, however this wrap surrounds the whole of the cot. I would buy and have even recommended it to friends. I have also advised friends this is a great product as it keeps any pacifiers/dummies from falling out of the cot! This is Excellent. Overall the wrap was simple to put into the cot and gave grace the feeling of being secure. Its’ good for babies who like to throw their toys/dummies, as it prevents them from falling out of the cot! It would be nice if the wrap came in a variety of designs, but the cream colour suited our nursery. Jen Gilroy – Grace 7 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Rippon – Jenna 5 Months

Michelle Awarded The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap 4.7/5

Arrived well packaged and looked good quality material. You could clearly see the product in the packaging. Instructions clear and precise. Found this was easy to fit into our cot, but we did have a bit of excess material but did not cause us any problems. I have been using cot bumpers and Jenna is a wriggly baby so always tangling them up somehow and things falling out of the cot. With this cot wrap all 4 sides were protected, so kept her comfortable, safe and no chance of her getting hands or feet caught. Also helped with keeping soother in the cot and not on the floor. We have thrown away our cot bumpers and use this all the time. The price is a bit steep, but when you consider the price of other bumpers and the issues you have is worth the investment. Only comes in plain colours which can get stained easily. Would like to see more vibrant colours and styles on offer and darker colours so as not to show accidents that can happen! It is a good fit, gives full protection all-round the cot and we swear by it now. Have recommended and would purchase if price was a bit lower. Worth a try as you will notice the difference. Michelle Rippon – Jenna 5 Months.

Product Tested By Rashmi Patel – Sienna 9 Months

Rashmi Awarded The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap 4.6/5

Looked good product and well-made when arrived. Packaging very good. Instructions very easy to follow. Was easy to fit onto our cot and fitted perfectly. Liked the idea of no strings (unlike our present bumpers). Also padded to protect baby while sleeping like other bumpers, but no gaps so safer. Good quality material used which is easy to launder. The Velcro fastenings ensure it is secure and Sienna seemed calmer. No gaps no light getting through and she seemed to sleep better. We did have a few accidents but found this was easy to wash and came up just like new each time. Price is high, but quality is very good and if I took into account the amount of money I have spent on cot bumpers this is worth the investment. I love the subtle colours as suits our colour scheme, but would be nice to have in darker blue or something. Just a bit more choice on colours. This gives full protection and also noticed we did not find her toys or dummy on the floor kept them in the cot with Sienna which was a help. A great idea and thank you for giving us the chance to review. Rashmi Patel – Sienna 9 Months


This is Excellent. Overall the wrap was simple to put into the cot and gave grace the feeling of being secure.


Jen Awarded The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap 5/5

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