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SafeheadBABY gives your little one the confidence they need and the freedom they deserve to explore their newly discovered surroundings without the fear of them injuring their head. This well planned design ensures increased ventilation to keep your infant’s head well protected yet cool and comfortable thereby reducing the chances of your baby wanting to remove it. The ideal solution for active babies in and around the home.

KEY FEATURES – WEIGHT: Less than 100g
SIZE: Best fit for babies 7 months to 2 years (40 – 52cm head circ.)
MATERIALS: Inner- Cotton lined, Outer- Nylon, Spandex and High density closed cell foam

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SafeheadBABY Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Nicola Skeels –
Ella 1 Year

Nicola Awarded The SafeheadBABY 4.7/5

Cute design, very well made. Packaging
is very good, details all of the features and benefits of the product. Instructions
are very straight forward, tells you exactly how to adjust the straps and the
helmet to fit the Childs head. I think this product is very easy to transport
around, and would be brilliant to use in every place listed. I have ideally
used it around the home, and at family’s houses, and it has been brilliant. The
main feature was the fact that the helmet has soft padding, my daughter has a habit
of head-butting everything in sight, so was ideal for her having padding, also
with her starting to walk, it was brilliant for when she walked into things or
fell over. The product is very good quality, however my daughter managed to undo the strap within
30 seconds of wearing the helmet, so think the strap should be looked at and
altered. This product is rather pricey, however is well worth the money, so
would thoroughly recommend. If anything would purchase this product just
for the peace of mind of my baby girl not hurting herself anymore. I already have
recommended and they are considering purchasing one for their little ones. Would
only alter the strap to stop the child taking it off so easily. I would
thoroughly recommend this product, not only is the helmet amazing quality, but
it looks cute too. I believe every baby learning to walk should have a Safehead
Baby helmet. Nicola Skeels – Ella 1 Year

Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh –
Shanzay 17 Months

Farwah Awarded The SafeheadBABY 4.5/5

looked too good to be true. Attractive colours made my little one dying to open
it up ASAP. The packaging was very attractive and it was eye catching. My
little one was very restless in opening and trying it. The instructions were appropriate
for this item. I think it would be best
in play areas, car seats when the baby is too busy exploring and trips/falls.
At home, they are more careful and hence, less injuries. The main pull of this
product is the safety of the baby. Especially the head which is the most
important part. It is of high quality and the material shows it all. This does
offer value for money but it should be a little less pricey. It definitely is a
must have. We have already given it to our cousin friends to test. Very pleased
and happy with the product. The concept behind this product is amazing. Highly
recommended. It provides safety to the baby’s head. It should come in more
characters and should be kept somewhat affordable. However its usage should be
more focused to be outside rather than at home.
Farwah Farrukh – Shanzay 17 Months

Product Tested By Ginette Massey –
Imogen 19 Months

Ginette Awarded The SafeheadBABY

Bright colourful design and looked
like it would be very useful. Packaging
good and can clearly see item and what it is for. Instructions clear and
precise. This product was ideal for us as I have a daughter who is into
everything. She chases our dogs all over
the house, runs out into the garden and is always active and walking or running
too fast to stop herself falling over.
This has been great and she loved the colour so enjoyed wearing it. Now when she runs off at 100 miles an hour I
am confident she is safer than ever and will not get any more bumps. Ideal for
at home, parks, activity parks as just general safety for your child. The most appealing aspect of this product is
it is comfortable to wear and protects active tot’s heads. Very well made, good fit and effective. I would purchase this as it really is a great
safety helmet for active tots. I have
been asked about this when we have been out on our walks and already
recommended. This is a well-made safety
helmet and fits well and although expensive worth the investment. Ginette
Massey – Imogen 19 Months

I would thoroughly recommend this product, not only is the helmet amazing quality, but it looks cute too. I believe every baby learning to walk should have a Safehead Baby helmet. 


Nicola Awarded The SafeheadBABY 4.7/5

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