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The Hidee handbag from London is a concept bag to covet.  She has a lower compartment hidden under the red leather, perfect for hiding high-heels. Lucy Reber, Stylist Magazine (formerly Shopping Editor, Red Magazine) "Was beyond impressed with your fab bags. Such a clever idea" Hidee is the handbag for trend-setters. Shipping in the UK and ROI is FREEHidee is the newest trend setting handbag with an upper and lower compartment, it is innovative and unique.  The combination of unique cantilever design with exclusive luxury leathers and exquisite craftsmanship set this handbag apart. Hidee leathers are tanned in Tuscany in the ancient organic tanning tradition.  Each leather is hand-worked, some are carved, some incised, some hand coloured, all have individual refined features.  Unique bags result.  Hidee handbags are exquisitely crafted  in London.Hidee is the very first luxury handbag to have an upper and lower compartment. The upper compartment is to the depth of the secret splash of red, the lower compartment is beneath, accessed by a zip and large enough to hide heels. With Hidee you can use the lower compartment to:hide a few evening essentials and transform from day elegance to evening allure in minutes carry overnight necessities organise items into the secure compartments and easy to access compartments. The range also includes black with a private pop of orange, tan, incised tan and lined hobos.  

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£550.00 Available to purchase online


Product Tested by: Deborah Booth

Tested By
Deborah Booth

Awarded The Hidee Handbags SalinaBag 5/

excited when this arrived and thought how lovely it was packaged. The packaging
was so luxurious and lovely. The bag
came in a black box with a back ribbon round it with Hidee written on it. I couldn’t wait to open it and I wasn’t
disappointed when I did there was a lovely material bag inside the box which
you would use to keep the bag in great condition and protect from being
damaged. Loved the design of the bag, got a lot of things in the bag as it was
quite big and loved the extra compartment at the bottom. When I was out I did get friends asked me Oh
I love your bag where did you get it from. Excellent quality you could smell
the leather when you opened the box which shows the quality of the leather that
had been used to make the bag. This bag will last forever as it is made so well
with quality leather and the style is one that won’t date with time. I have had a look at the Hidee Website to see the other bags
on offer as would purchase as a special birthday gift. I have recommended to everyone who has asked
me about it, which has been quite a few. I really love this bag it will
never date due to the versatile design and it holds a lot of items which is great.Deborah Booth

Tested By
Kerry Baldwin

Awarded The Hidee Handbags Salina Bag 4.9/

couldn’t wait to take a look at my new bag. I love handbags. The packaging was
lovely. The bag arrived in a large black gift box tied with ribbon. The handbag
was protected well. Also inside the box is a material bag to keep your handbag
safe if packed away. The design of the bag is lovely. The 2 separate
compartments come in so handy when out and about. I have had a lot of comments
about it and all are positive. The only downside to the design is the red
insert in the top compartment. As I opened my bag straight from the box I noticed
that the sticky tacky stuff that is used to seal the red insert is coming away.
Over a long period of use I am not sure how this will hold up. Other than the
comment above, the quality is amazing. You can tell a lot of work has gone into
the making of this handbag. I can see that this bag will last ages because of
the quality. I just hope the red insert doesn’t cause a problem. I would
consider buying this. I have already looked at other styles online. I have
recommended this bag to family and friends and have also recommended it to
people who have asked about it. I really love this bag. It is stylish and
looks great. It’s spacious too. Kerry Baldwin

Tested By
Ava Dean

Awarded The Hidee Handbags Salina Bag 5/5

impression WOW. A lot of thought has
gone into the design and presentation of this bag. Arrived in high quality presentation box,
well protected and comes with cloth bag to protect bag when not using. Very well presented and exactly what you
would expect from a high quality bag.
The concept of the design is brilliant for women. This is not just a bag as it has a secret
compartment for you to put your shoes and all your accessories. I have been to
ceremonies, balls so many times and been in a situation where my feet have been
killing me in heels. This bag is a
godsend, as you can bring along some flats and hide away your high heels when
at all those wonderful events. Why did
someone not think of this before? The
design, look and quality of this bag are outstanding. It is large enough to carry all those items
you cannot live without, is the perfect travel bag and the smell of the leather
is amazing. Quality cannot be topped and
I must admit this is one of the best bags I have ever owned. The leather is of the highest quality and you
know it will last for years and years. I
purchased a top quality leather bag over 15 years ago and still use it today.
Although this one is now my favourite.
The style will never date and it is so versatile. I would not be without it. The price is high but when you look at style,
versatility, unique compartment to store shoes and other items and just how
long you will be using this then Yes good investment. I have been looking online as my sister has a
special birthday coming up soon and the selection on offer is wonderful so will
be purchasing another Hidee bag soon. I
have received so many compliments when out with this bag and recommended to
everyone. I have used this bag for events, balls, travelling and just general
nights out with the girls and on every occasion I have been asked where they
can get this bag. Luxury at its best and
I know I will still be using this in 10 years’ time. This bag is stylish, amazing quality and
makes you feel like a million dollars, I just cannot praise it enough. Ava Dean




I have recommended to everyone who has asked me about it, which has been quite a few. I really love this bag it will never date due to the versatile design and it holds a lot of items which is great. 


Deborah Awarded The Hidee Handbags SalinaBag 5/5

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