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Salmon Luke Feeding Bowl & Cutlery Set

Salmon Luke’s me-feed-me dinnerware, is designed for families wanting to help their children develop self-feeding skills and independence and make mealtimes rewarding for children & fuss-free for parents. Me-feed-me is the ultimate in feeding utensils and combines a unique patented design with 21st century material technology.  3 easy-scoop corners guide food onto cutlery for a mouth-sized helping – Wave-shaped rim flips food onto the cutlery and not over the bowl sides.

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Salmon Luke Feeding Bowl & Cutlery Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Charlotte Gwilt – Baby Heidi 11 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Gwilt – Baby Heidi 11 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Salmon Luke Feeding Bowl With Fork & Spoon  5/5

A Trendy shaped bowl, sturdy and strong materials used for both bowl and feeding utensils.   Products are well presented, use of video in describing each featured product extremely useful and re-assuring for parents before use.  Feed Me, this title of product helps me to decide its purpose and objective. This being my child being able to feed herself. This simple statement is most effective in describing its usage and objective.  Quality superb well made, strong materials, sturdy.  Bowl is good size for most foods, cereals, pasta, mash etc.  A trendy triangle design, different to other products and a colour to suit both sexes.  The plate is easy to store, compact and flat to store away easily.  Plate comes clean easily, with use of little detergent, even with stronger food types such as tomato sauce.  Sturdy base ensures that there are no spillages, my child has not once accidentally knocked bowl to floor. Therefore sturdiness ensuring cleanliness also.  I particularly liked the shaped corners, whereby my child was able to easily scoop up food into the corners and then successfully into her mouth.  Yes, I shall continue to use this bowl and cutlery.  I shall recommend to others, and have done already. This is a well designed product, which encourages and supports the independent feeding of a child from the age of 12 months.  This product was a success with my child and I would give it top marks. A great all round product.  A delightful aid to self feeding for my child, Fantastic!  Charlotte Gwilt – Baby Heidi 11 Months


Product Tested By Helen Howarth – Esther Aged 1 Year

Helen Awarded The Salmon Luke Feeding Bowl With Fork & Spoon 4.5/5

Looks good and solid.  Nice website with lots of info, but limited products with only bowls and spoons.  Packaging excellent told me everything I needed to know.  Quality very good, solid and well made. Bowl Maybe slightly too big for a 1 year old, but good for when they get older.  Maybe could do in different widths and heights? It’s an attractive colour for kids and design makes it less messy, so everyone’s happy! The bowl is not stackable so have to find space for it in your cupboards, would be much better if you could stack easily. Very easy to clean and love the fact you can pop this into the dishwasher.  The non slip really works and the easy-scoop edges are great.  Not fully utilized by my 1 year old but helped me when feeding her 1 handed! Quite pricey for a bowl and spoon set, but the quality shows.  Will certainly continue to use this bowl and cutlery set, and recommend to others as such high quality.  It feels like a sturdy bowl that’s good for letting kids get on with feeding themselves and gives me peace of mind that it won’t all end up on the floor.  Helen Howarth – Esther Aged 1 Year


Product Tested By Sarah Dickens – Harry Aged 2 Years 5 Months

Sarah Awarded The Salmon Luke Feeding Bowl with fork and spoon 4.3/5

A quirky and fun looking feeding tool.  The website seemed really easy to navigate around and also very quick to go from one page to another.  I should imagine if you were looking to find a particular product then it would be easy to find. The only thing I was unsure about was the tab entitled ‘Traceability’ I had to click on it just to find out what it was all about as it wasn’t instantly obvious.  The only complaint I have about the packaging is how hard it was to get into it! However that shouldn’t put you off the product as at least it was packaged well.  I couldn’t fault the quality.  It seemed very well made and the fact that it is made from Hygienik™, a material which has self-steralising properties, made it more endearing.   I found the size just right for lunches and dinners although if they made a smaller one for snacks then I would consider purchasing this also!  I had the blue one and can see from the website that it is also available in other colours. The shades of the colours are vibrant and attractive to young children so it makes them want to use them. The design of the bowl and fork and spoon is extremely clever.    It isn’t easy to store/ or stack as it is a completely different shape from anything else in your cupboard, however I can’t see how this could be improved as if it was the design and aim of the product would be compromised.  Very easy to clean. I mainly put it in the dishwasher and it came out clean every time. On the odd occasion I hand washed it I found it extremely easy as there are no awkward places to get into.  The bowl was non slip which really did work. The number of times my son has knocked something off his table – but couldn’t with this! I have to mention the unique shape of the fork and spoon too – it made it very easy for my son to hold.  Yes it does offer value for money and in my opinion it would make a nice present for someone. I wouldn’t necessarily have thought about purchasing something like this myself but after using it I would defiantly recommend it to other mums.   The only negative thing I can say about it is that my friend commented on it looking like a dog bowl!   I will definitely continue to use this product.   I have a few friends with babies coming up to the age where they will be trying to feed themselves and will recommend that they buy one of these.   A fun and very clever way of helping your child to help feed themselves.  Sarah Dickens – Harry Aged 2 Years 5 Months


Product Tested By Susan Barker – Aili Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Susan Awarded The Salmon Luke Feeding Bowl With Fork & Spoon  5/5

I had looked at similar products but felt they were too expensive and I didn’t really believe that they would encourage self feeding.  Good website, easy to navigate and would be interested in buying another fork and spoon separately for eating out.  Packaging good very informative.  Quality Excellent very sturdy and it hasn’t stained with use.  Size very good for current portion size.  Design excellent and it does work – Aili is using the fork as she should now.  Would like to see this available in Pink as would be nice for girls.    Shape makes it not so easy to stack with other "standard" plates.  Very easy to clean – no stains from baby food!   Lip on bowl is very effective at helping Aili get the food on her fork.  Still feel these bowls are a little pricey but would buy one now given effectiveness.  No dearer than other similar bowls.  We love this set and of course we will continue to use.  Aili is getting much better at using the fork and spoon successfully.  Very good tool at making self feeding a step nearer.   Susan Barker – Aili Aged 1 Year 2 Months

A delightful aid to self feeding for my child, Fantastic! 


Charlotte Awarded The Salmon Luke Bowl and Cutlery Set  5/5

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