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– Suitable for 1-12 years
– Antivirin® action
– High antioxidant Levels
– Great tasting berry flavoured syrup
– No artificial colours or flavours
– Non drowsy
– Scientifically tested
– Alcohol free
– Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
– Gluten free

1 – 6 years: 5 ml (1 teaspoon)
7 – 12 years: 10 ml (2 teaspoons)

1 – 6 years: 5ml-10ml (1-2 teaspoons) twice daily
7 – 12 years: 10ml-15ml (2-3 teaspoons daily) twice daily

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2018 Child Health Category

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£8.99 Available Boots, Tesco, Amazon, Holland & Barrett, Independent Health Food Stores and Pharmacies

SAMBUCOL FOR KIDS + Vitamin C Reviews

Product Tested by: Clare Kerslake – James, Will, Tom & Aimee – 10, 8, 7 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Clare Kerslake –James, Will, Tom & Aimee – 10, 8, 7 & 5 Years

Clare Awarded The Sambucol Kids Liquid 4.7/5

I received two bottles, one specifically for children, and the other for both adult or child. The packaging depicts pictures of the black elderberry but overall is quite dark and not hugely attractive to the eye. Instructions are printed on both the box and bottle and are clear and precise. All my children currently take a multi vitamin through the winter months. I simply swapped to this product. It was interesting to read that the dose should be increased during the winter months, a time when the immune system often requires a boost.
All the children were happy to take the correct dose via a spoon. I usually use a soft chew tablet, which in honesty is easier to administer and I don’t have to worry about a spoon, especially if away from home. All the children liked the taste of the product. Initially they noted its colour (it is quite dark!) and were a little unsure but reassured by its pleasant, slightly sweet, taste. The children are all use to taking a multi vitamin to support their immune system and this product was just a continuation. I don’t think it was given for a long enough
period to be able to determine if it was successful in preventing colds / flu symptoms. However, the period they were taking Sambucol for, none of the children were ill. The quality of the product is reassuring. It’s scientifically tested and aims to provide immune support. I love the idea that this product is using naturally occurring flavonoids to protect our children without artificial ingredients being added. I don’t worry about the children getting colds. They are exposed to many germs / virus at school and inevitably will pick up some minor illnesses. However, this is why it’s key to ensure their immune systems can deal with these ailments and the importance of boosting it
with a product such as Sambucol. I would consider giving children this all year round. I like the fact the summer / winter dose is
recommended on the bottle. I often stop the multi vitamin in the warmer months. I would like to see this available as a chewy tablet. This would be so much easier to administer to the children, especially when travelling. They would prefer a tablet to a liquid; however, they were happy to take Sambucol in the liquid form. I liked the idea the product uses natural ingredients to help boost the immune system. I would purchase more so in the winter months when the children can feel particularly ‘low’ and are more likely to be exposed to colds/ flu. I would recommend as I feel that there is definite health benefits to using this product. This is a great product, however, the liquid form is where for us, as a family it is not ideal. Also, the packaging is not the most eye catching on the initial first impression. Great product, using a natural ingredient to help support the immune system. Easy to use with clear instructions and the benefits of using the product are easily identified on the packaging. Clare Kerslake – James, Will, Tom & Aimee – 10, 8, 7 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Emma Hutchins-Warren – Matilda 16 Months

Emma Awarded The Sambucol Kids Liquid 4.6/5

Bright packaging, Good information about benefits. Instructions very clear on dosage and frequency. It is something I would regularly give to my daughter. Since starting nursery in January, Matilda has had one cold/illness after another. I am definitely interested in something that could support her immune system. Using the cup supplied might be easier with an older child. For Matilda, I used a syringe that came with her paracetamol. Happily drink it down each day. If she didn’t like the flavour she would have spit it out! She took it alongside her multivitamin and it soon because part of her daily routine. She started to show symptoms of a cold a few days after starting to take it (runny nose and eyes). Luckily that was as bad as it got whereas normally her runny noses lead to coughs that last
well over a week and stop her sleeping well. It seems to do its job well. The only thing that would improve it would be to change the way it is administered. We actively try to feed Matilda a natural diet with as few processed foods as possible. She only drinks milk or water. I was pleased that this supplement comes from natural ingredients which support our choices. I worry about it quite a lot, both from a discomfort point of view but also, as working parents, it is difficult to keep taking time off work when she is ill. I hope the main cold and flu season is over now but will worry again in the autumn and winter. I would consider giving her this all year round while she is still small and still building her immune system. Our nursery share which illnesses are currently active in the nursery and while there are still v&d, scarlet fever etc., I will keep giving this supplement. I would just like to see this available with a syringe for easier administration. I loved that my daughter took it without fuss. She refuses to take medicines such as Calpol because she doesn’t like the flavour. She happily took this each day. Yes I would buy this because she has been so poorly recently and this genuinely seems to have helped to
strengthen her immune system. Yes I would recommend to other parents who want to avoid the winter cold season. Good flavour for children, natural ingredients and seems to make a difference, especially when there are still lots of coughsand colds around. The only downside was the cap to give the medicine from. For us, even a spoon would have been easier but a syringe ideal. My experience was very positive when using Sambucol from the ease of reading and understanding the instructions to the taste which my daughter liked. The only difficulty I faced was when I tried to use the cap to give the first dose to my daughter. Unfortunately she managed to knock it out of my hand which caused a bit of a mess. She is at an age where she likes to feed herself. The exception being her multivitamin which she takes via a syringe so we adopted the same routine with this, using a spare paracetamolsyringe. Since starting nursery, poor Matilda has come down with almost every cough and cold that has been going including Hand Foot and Mouth which really knocked her for six. It took her a long time to recover and has been even more susceptible to picking up viruses ever since. This seems to have genuinely made a difference in helping to rebuild and supporting her immune system. This is a relief as it is never nice to see your child I’ll but also as parents who can ill afford to take more time off work with their poorly child. Emma Hutchins-Warren – Matilda 16 Months

Product Tested By Naomi Farrar – Lucas and Oliver 7 & 4 Years

Naomi Awarded The Sambucol Kids Liquid 3.7/5

Similar looking to other products on the market, giving details on the packaging of the benefits. Instructions very easy to understand and follow. On box and on leaflet enclosed. I don’t tend to give my children supplements, have never felt they needed them both have good immune systems and rarely get ill. Came with a little measuring cup that children could drink from. Unfortunately neither of my children liked the taste. Eldest (7) drank half and refused anymore and youngest (4) spat it out. Personally I quite liked the taste! No they did not enjoy taste. I could not persuade with one of them to try it again after the first day. I’m afraid I cannot answer. Neither of my children have had a cold/flu in the last 6/12 months but they didn’t actually take the product. Well packaged, nice detailed design and easy to measure and administer. It’s important to try and eat/drink as natural as possible and this is something we do as a family. To be honest I don’t worry about them getting colds. I would say we are a fairly healthy family with good immune systems and very rarely catch bugs. I would have no worries giving this sort of product to my children to support immune system. If in a chewable tablet form I may have been able to persuade them more than the liquid. For me best quality of this product is all natural which is a big winner. No I would not as my children disliked the taste. I think if I did buy supplements I would go for more of a chewable one. I would have no worries in recommending this product to others. Nothing wrong with the product and think would maybe suit a younger child. Personally it’s not for me, felt a little bit too much like medicine and my children very reluctant. Naomi Farrar – Lucas and Oliver 7 & 4 Years

Great product, using a natural ingredient to help support the immune system. Easy to use with clear instructions and the benefits of using the product are easily identified on the packaging.


Clare Awarded The Sambucol Kids Liquid 4.7/5

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