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Immuno Forte:
great tasting unique Black Elderberry liquid with Vitamin C and Zinc for
all-year-round immune support for the whole family.  ·
from 3 years+· AntiVirin®
action· High
antioxidant levels· Great
tasting liquid· Contains
no artificial colours or sweeteners ·  Non-drowsy· Alcohol
free· Gluten
free· Suitable
for vegetarians & vegans
Suitable for Adults
and children 3-12 yearsAdults: 10
ml (2 teaspoons)Children
3-12 years: 5 ml (1 teaspoon)


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£9.99 Available Boots, Tesco, Amazon, Holland & Barrett, Independent Health Food Stores and Pharmacies


Product Tested by: Katie Lonegran – Jack 6 Years

Product Tested By Katie Lonegran – Jack 6 Years

Katie Awarded The Sambucol Immuno Forte 5/5

When the product arrived I was impressed with the packaging. It clearly stated what it was for and would be recognisable from the shelf. The instructions are clear and easy to follow giving necessary amounts based on age. Due to my job as a childminder I would be interested in products which strengthen and protect the immune system for myself and my children. Finding a regular supplement such as this product is very helpful. It is easy to give to children as it just pours into the measuring cup/spoon. Jack was a little hesitant with the taste to begin with; however, I think he is just not use to such rich tastes! After a couple of days he said he liked it and was happy to continue with a daily dose! I was happy to take the supplement myself. It tasted nice and took very little effort on my part. I have no way of knowing whether this product boosted our immune systems, however, I can confirm that we did not get ill whilst we were taking it. We did not suffer from any cold and flu symptoms while we were taking it. I am happy that this product comes from natural sources particularly because it is taken on a daily basis. It also meant I was happy for my child to have it. Cold and flu are a constant worry
due to my job. There are lots of germs easily passed around and if myself or my children get ill I have to close my setting and I am unable to work. This is a particular problem in September when the children go back to school and then again over the winter months. I would consider using this product for the whole family all year round to support our immune systems. I like the fact that this one bottle can be used for all the family-I just hope there’s bigger bottles available! I think the quality of this product is very good. It’s difficult to put a price on health and the health of my family! I think considering the amount we spend on products to relieve our symptoms once we have become ill, it would be worthwhile to purchase this in the hope we wouldn’t become ill in the first place! I like the fact that this is one product is suitable for everyone in the family and can benefit all. We have very busy lives so getting everyone sorted in one go is very useful! I would consider buying this product going forward to help boost our immune systems. It was liked by all of us and easy to use. I would be happy to recommend this product to friends and family as I think it’s a worthwhile product that would benefit everyone. Overall I would give this product 5/5. It tastes nice, is easy to use and benefits our immune systems. Katie Lonegran – Jack 6 Years

Product Tested By Katie Danielle Morgan – Thomas & Charlotte – 4 & 1 Year

Katie Awarded The Sambucol Immuno Forte 3.8/5

I thought the product looked and sounded good and was eager to try it as we are constantly going down with colds! The instructions were very clear on the side of the box and were easy to follow. You also had more detailed instructions within the box. It clearly detailed what dosage to use and how many times a day and it also said you could take more during the winter months. I have tried different vitamins and such so yes I would regularly give to my whole family. It is easy to administer. In the box is a measuring spoon and was easy to give to my child. I do find it easier to use the syringes with liquids but that is a personal preference and my kids are happy to take stuff from a spoon. Unfortunately my 4 year old does not like any vitamins, even calpol is a battle so although he did try this he refused after one sip and said he didn’t like it. I don’t think this is a reflection of the product taste I just think it is my child. I was sent the same product which was suitable for a child of 1 and over and my 1 yr. old was happy taking this with no issues. As stated above my 4 year old definitely wasn’t having any of it, but my one year old was happy to have it. I can’t really say if she was happy taking it or not but she didn’t refuse it. I thought the product had a very pleasant taste and was happy to take it but I wouldn’t necessarily say I enjoyed it. I personally felt it had no overall effect on any of my family as after a week of using it we still came down with the usual colds and it still took just as long to get over it. I don’t really believeit helped us in any way maybe we needed to have used it for a longer period for it to take effect I don’t know. As I said above we still all got colds and it was just as bad as normal and to be honest we have been constantly hit with colds for several weeks. I like natural products and would always try and buy them over others. I think it’s a great idea and love the fact it’s made with natural ingredients. I always worry about the kids most and mainly in winter as the colds are most frequent. I would consider using for all the family if I thought it had an effect but I just don’t feel this product lived up to my expectations. I think having this available in liquid format is fine. I think it looked and tasted like a good quality product, it was just unfortunate it did not work for me and my family. I think it is actually quite expensive and if you were giving it to your whole family it just wouldn’t last very long. I really liked the look and design of the box made it look good and I actually really liked the taste. I would not buy this product, firstly I find it too expensive and secondly I found it didn’t really do what it said it would. As it did not work for our family I
would not recommend. For us this product just didn’t have any effect on my family and I just found it wasn’t worth the money. I wouldn’t give my family something unless I believed it to actually help them against colds and flu. The plus points are its natural and tastes nice. The packaging is good and it’s easy to use and administer to all members of the family. Katie Danielle Morgan – Thomas & Charlotte – 4 & 1 Year

Product Tested By Katie Roberts – Logan & Aria – & and 1 Year

Katie Awarded The Sambucol Immuno Forte 3.3/5

Well-presented and instructions informative. I would give this product to my children to help support their immune system, especially during the winter months when more bugs are found. However I feel my children also need a wider range of vitamins and it would be more useful if this Sambucol had a wider variety. Both of my children prefer the medicine to be administered by syringe. My 1 year old enjoyed the taste of her medicine but it was harder to give to my 7 year old as he did not like the taste. It may be a bit better if the sharpness was taken away. My 1 year old daughter would happily take this product every day and it will be great for her immune system.
My 7 year old son would not be happy to continue taking the product due to the taste and will look for alternatives. I thought the Sambucol tasted ok and I felt better knowing it would be protecting me from viruses. The Sambucol is good for protecting the immune system but I feel we need a wider variety of vitamins. Neither of my children have caught a cold since taking the product. I like that the product is natural as it is mainly for my children and it’s good to know what ingredients are included for health. I do worry about my children catching colds and flu, this year especially as there have been a lot of colds and viruses going around. I would consider giving it all year around but also think my children need a multi vitamin. I know multi vitamins already contain zinc and I do not want to give too much of this so it will be vitamins or sambucocl. I would like to see Sambucol available with multivitamins or as a chewable tablet. This is a good quality product. Price is a bit high and I am not sure I would like to spend almost £10 on a bottle. I really liked that this product helps support your immune system. I would consider purchasing this again but I still feel it is expensive. I would recommend if they are looking for a certain product to boost their immunity. The Sambucol looks professional and is easy to see it helps your immune system which is good. However I do think the product is slightly overpriced but I would still consider buying it. Katie Roberts – Logan & Aria – & and 1 Year




It was liked by all of us and easy to use. I would be happy to recommend this product to friends and family as I think it’s a worthwhile product that would benefit everyone. Overall I would give this product 5/5. It tastes nice, is easy to use and benefits our immune systems.


Katie Awarded The Sambucol Immuno Forte 5/5

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