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Sambucol Immuno Forte Gummies

– Suitable for vegetarians & vegans – Suitable from 12 years+ – High antioxidant levels – Great tasting berry flavoured gummies – No artificial colours – Non drowsy – Alcohol free – Gluten free

Adults chew 2 gummies daily – Children 12+ chew 1 gummy daily

WINTER DOSE: Adults chew 2 gummies twice daily – Children 12+ chew 1 gummy twice daily

Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2019 Family Health Category

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Sambucol Immuno Forte Gummies Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Rigby – Imogen 12 years

Laura Awarded The Sambucol Immuno Forte Gummies 5/5

The package and presentation was beautiful, Imogen was very excited to open. The idea is great. Instructions very clear and easy to use. Very straight forward to administer the daily dose. My daughter loved the taste of them so much that she wanted more than her daily allowance. This is not something me or my family normally take.It is important these are non-drowsy and gluten free. I would feel guilty giving my daughter something that could potentially affect her daily routine. I gave these to my daughter every day. Only my daughter tried these.These are very easy to take each day. My daughter said they just tasted like gummy sweets. She loved the idea of a little something to give her a good boost. It is definitely something that we will continue using as my daughter believes it’s had a positive effect on her.Very good quality product.She liked that they tasted lovely and helped her body. I would buy these. I would recommend as nice to give your body a kick start in the morning. Good appealing packaging and flavoured product. This product is definitely going to continue to be part of all of my family’s morning routine, it is easy to take, tastes nice and helps boost our immune systems. Laura Rigby – Imogen 12 years

Product Tested By Lisa Duffill

Lisa Awarded The Sambucol Immuno Forte Gummies 5/5

It looked quite boring. The packaging it came in was just a white box with Sambucol written on it. I think the concept is excellent, who doesn’t want to take something to give your immune system a bit of a boost.I wasn’t too sure on whether I should be having 1 a day or 2 a day and whether I could take 2 at the same time. I loved the taste of them, they tasted like I was having a sweet not a healthy vitamin. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy any type of vitamin to support my immune system but since using Sambucol I would buy these and take regularly. Non drowsy is important to me; being a full time mum I could not take any thing that could cause me to feel drowsy. I took 2 a day 1 in the morning and 1 at bed time. I was the only one that tried these. You can either chew them or suck them. I liked to suck them as they tasted nice. I enjoyed the taste of them, they taste sweet. I enjoyed taking these and I think they have helped to keep me healthier. I would purchase these all year round. I will use them myself and encourage my children to use them. They taste nice are easy to take and help to support the immune system so they are a full round winner. At first I was disappointed at how plain and boring the packaging was but after a while I realised that the plain packaging didn’t attract my Childrens attention. The lid on the bottle was a security lid so if the children got hold of them they wouldn’t be able to open them. I really liked the taste. I thought they would taste horrible. Good things never taste nice right? But these were very yummy. I will be purchasing more. They taste nice, are easy to take and help to keep you healthy. I would recommend because they are a great way to help boost your immune system. I’ve been taking these for about a month now, all of my friends have had colds or other illnesses and I normally catch all the bugs going but since taking these I have been the healthiest out of my friends. They taste nice; they are more like sweets than anything healthy. I liked how the packaging was quite plain so my children weren’t asking for them and I liked how they had security lids so my children wouldn’t be able to open them if they managed to get hold of them.  Lisa Duffill

Product Tested By Charlotte Goodfellow – Teenage Daughter

Charlotte Awarded The Sambucol Immuno Forte Gummies 5/5

Arrived well package and loved the advanced labelling. Good concept but I feel like really they are just a general vitamin. Instructions clear and concise. Very easy to administer the daily dose. We all loved the taste of these. This is something we would regularly take as a family. It is good to know they are non-drowsy but being gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans is not really important to us. We would take these once a day. Two of us tried these. They are also very easy to take. We did enjoy these and my daughter loved them. I would purchase this as a supplement for throughout the year. Quality is excellent. I loved the smell and taste was good. Also packaging looked professional and high end and liked the idea of it supporting your immune system. I would purchase these. I would also recommend. I feel like this item is a great vitamin for adults and teens. It was good knowing that you were getting that little bit of goodness. I would definitely buy these as our source of vitamin tablet. Charlotte Goodfellow – Teenage Daughter


Laura Awarded The Sambucol Immuno Forte Gummies 5/5

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