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Sambucol Kids Gummies

– Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
– Suitable for 4–12 years
– High antioxidant levels
– Great tasting berry flavoured gummies
– No artificial colours
– Non drowsy
– Alcohol free
– Gluten free
Children 4-12 years: chew 2 gummies daily
Children 4-12 years: chew 2 gummies twice daily

£9.99 Available Boots and

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Sambucol Kids Gummies Reviews

Product Tested By Lucy Little – Heidi 5 Years

Lucy Awarded The Sambucol Kids Gummies 4.5/5

The item arrived well packaged, clearly labelled and the graphics used made the product looked appealing. Great concept to support with children’s well-being, definitely a product that would appeal to a child. Instructions very clear and easy to follow, no queries whatsoever. It was very easy to understand the daily dose.My daughter was really excited to try these and immediately commented on the lovely taste. Every morning it has been one of the first things she has asked for and she has really looked forward to them. we have ever since she was a baby used a range of vitamins to support with her well-being and the gummies have proven to be a great way to get her to take them. I certainly wouldn’t want to be using a product that could have an effect on my child such as drowsiness so it’s important to me that what I’m giving her only has positive effects such as not containing any traces of animal products, being non-drowsy. I think making it clear that they have such huge benefits makes it very appealing. I would administer these once or twice a day. I tried one to see what the taste was like but my other daughter was too young to try it. She found these really easy to take and she loved the taste and texture. My daughter enjoyed taking these as they had a sweet (but not too sickly) taste to them which I can see would definitely be a benefit to a child. I don’t think she fully understands why she is taking them but really enjoyed them. Personally I don’t think I would continue to use the Sambucol just purely because of the cost. We tend to buy supplements which range from £3-5 and provide her with everything she needs. I feel that £9.99 is far too expensive and not very competitive with other products on the market. The tub itself was good quality however on both packages the seal to prevent a child opening it did not work and I tested it by giving it to my child and she was able to open it repeatedly. I would definitely expect a product in this price range to have a better lock system. Great taste which my daughter was keen to try again and again. I personally would not purchase because of the price of the product as discussed earlier and also the safety of it (where the lock did not work correctly on both samples). I would recommend if the price was reduced and I could be certain that the child lock worked. Great taste, nicely packaged with clear information on the labelling however marked down due to the cost of the product and the issues with the lid. My daughter really enjoyed sampling this product and she commented on how appealing the taste was, however in order to purchase more of these, I would like to see a more competitive price and assurance that the safety lock will work. Lucy Little – Heidi 5 Years

Product Tested By Laura Corrigan – Tiana 7 Years

Laura Awarded the Sambucol Kids Gummies 4/5

Loved the packaging. The gummies looked like black berries.Great way to entice kids to be healthy.Instructions simple and easy to follow. Super easy to give her daily dose as she always has gummy vitamins. Unfortunately my daughter did not like the taste of these. She said they had a weird after taste. So only took them for a week. I have always given my daughter multi vitamins. It’s great these suit all diets. But we are just plain meat eaters. I would give these to my daughter once a day. I also tried these bit I did not like the taste. These are easy to take, but problem was she did not like the taste. Not a problem administering these and good for her health, but the taste was not to her liking. We have gone back to her original supplements as she doesn’t like the flavour. These are good quality. I liked the fact they looked like little brains to the kids. I would try if came in different flavour, but would not purchase this one. I would recommend as it is a great product and others may enjoy the flavour. Loved everything these had to offer but taste not to our liking. Amazing design and packaging. Cute gummies. Need a variety of flavours. Laura Corrigan – Tiana 7 Years

Product Tested By Kayleigh Featherstone – Talullah & Tayden – 5 & 6 Years

Kayleigh Awarded the Sambucol Kids Gummies 4.2/5

My children were excited to try them. I think the concept of these is great and my children thought they were sweets and were very happy to take them. The instructions were very straight forward and easy to understand. I found the dose was ok but they wouldn’t last long, and with two children they would only last two weeks if we did the lower dose. They said they loved them. I would definitely give to my children all the time if they were cheaper. Being suitable for vegetarians etc., is not important to us as we are big meat eaters and don’t have any food intolerances. They only took them once a day else they would be used up even quicker. I did try these and they tasted lovely. Both my children found these very easy to take as they tasted so nice. They said they did enjoy taking these although the taste was a bit strong. I would give them throughout the year but for the price we just wouldn’t be able to afford it. The quality was really good and came in an easy to open tub. I loved the fact they were gummies and the children found them east to take. I would definitely buy these if the price was a lot cheaper as with two children they would only last two weeks. I would recommend as it gives the children extra vitamins they may need. These are good for Childrens health, easy to take and my children liked taking these.Great product but just the price is too high for us as a family. Kayleigh Featherstone – Talullah & Tayden – 5 & 6 Years


Lucy Awarded The Sambucol Kids Gummies 4.5/5

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