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Samsung microSDHCTM Card 32GB

Samsung MicroSD Card: Greatly enhance your Smartphone and tablet experience with super fast speeds and more capacity.Choose a genuine Samsung memory card and make sure you experience incredible performance, great capacity and reliability you can trust. Samsung’s range has all you need for your digital camera, camcorder, Smartphone, tablet and more. Capture all the photographs and video you want and store all the media files and apps you need. Superfast performance means you aren’t kept waiting when you need to save or access data. Thanks to 4-proof technology, it’s all protected from water, magnets, extreme temperatures, shock and x-rays, so your memory will survive – even if your camera does not. Enhance your Smartphone and tablet experience with super fast speeds and more capacity
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Complete line-up – Standard, Plus and Pro for all your memory needs
Samsung’s new memory card line-up features Standard, Plus and Pro versions of all of its SD cards and microSD cards, covering a diverse set of needs for both general and professional users. High capacities for bigger memory needs. With Samsungs full line-up of memory cards, you can capture more photos and videos and download more media files and apps to your mobile device without worrying about speed or capacity. Samsung offers the fastest large-capacity (64GB) microSD cards for those who seek both high capacity and speed.

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£35.00 Available to purchase all leading electrical stores, Maplins, Amazon or click online to find local stockist

Samsung microSDHCTM Card 32GB Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Mclean-Reid

Product Tested By Claire Mclean-Reid

Claire Awarded The Samsung microSDHCTM Card 32GB 5/5

Looked great and not much packaging so better for the environment. Packaging perfect for the product. Instructions easy to follow, but we didn’t really need any; we knew how to use it. The quality of this card is really good, fast transfer and good quality images. It does represent good value for money, and I think you expect to pay more for a brand name.Due to the high quality I would purchase and would certainly recommend. Lots of memory to save music and images, really good but a little bit more expensive than other brands although the quality is great. Claire Mclean-Reid


Product Tested By Mr G Town

Gail Awarded The Samsung microSDHCTM Card 32GB 4.5/5

Excellent. Played video files that wouldn’t play on other memory cards. Packaging good, but could have done with a better storage case. Due to the size of the cards they are easily lost. Instructions straight forward and easy to understand. Quality is excellent. This is a Highspeed card. Well-made and reliable. Wouldn’t pay this much for a memory card. There are cheaper cards of a similar quality. Kingston etc. I would recommend this card to others as quality is excellent. This is an excellent card, very good quality. Works as expected without issue. Mr. G Town

Product Tested By Amy Francis

Amy AwardedThe Samsung microSDHCTM Card 32GB 4.5/5

I have had noproblems with this product. It works in my phone. It was safely packed a tiny card on a nicely sized card. Instructions very easy to follow and straight forward. Look and feels well made, although it does look like any other memory card. It’s a good price from what I have seen. I would purchase this product and highly recommend. A good product, although I’m not sure how it could be any better than any other card. It does what it says it will, has caused no problems in my phone, in fact since moving things onto the card my phone works quicker. Amy Francis

Lots of memory to save music and images, really good.


Claire Awarded The Samsung microSDHCTM Card 32GB 5/5

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