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Samsung SDHCTM Card 16GB

Samsung SDHCTM Card – Suitable for Cameras, HD Video & Laptops – 16GB
Store all your photos, videos and music • Shoot more, film more and store more media • Enjoy high-speed read and write performance • Protect your data with 4-Proof technology • Trust in high-quality Samsung engineering.
Samsung microSD Card: Standard
Capture life’s precious moments and store more music & video
3 more reasons to prefer Samsung memory cards
Performance Up to 24MB/s transfer speed * Actual speed may vary depending on use host device conditions and environment. * Write speed is slower than transfer speed Class 6 (SD 2.0)

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£19.00 Available to purchase all leading electrical stores, Maplins, Amazon or click online to find local stockist

Samsung SDHCTM Card 16GB Reviews

Product Tested by: Shirley Kay – Jessica 13 Years

Product Tested By Shirley Kay – Jessica 13 Years

Shirley Awarded The Samsung SDHCTM Card – Suitable for Cameras, HD Video& Laptops 5/5

Looked good quality. Packaging was a great size not a lot of waste. Instructions easy to follow for both child and adult. Good quality not flimsy like some I have had in the past. This represents very good value for money. I would definitely purchase more of these and have already recommended. A great product, easy to use and offers great storage for all those films, pics and items you need to save. Shirley Kay –Jessica 13 years

Product Tested By Hayley Wills

HayleyAwarded The Samsung SDHCTM Card – Suitable for Cameras, HD Video& Laptops 4.5/5

Nice looking memory card with simple packaging. Packaging plain and clear giving all the information on the front of the packet that I would expect e.g. Transfer Speed, Size and type of memory card. There wasn’t really much in terms of instructions, it just mentions on the back that it’s ideal for cameras and camcorders. Due to the nature of the item and also having used many memory cards in the past, instructions weren’t really necessary. Seems to be a pretty solid memory card that looks good, I don’t think this would snap easily if it was stored loose in a pocket or bag. Also the packaging indicates that its water/shock/magnet/temperature/x-ray proof. Compared to cheaper versions of this type of memory cards that are available on the market, the product looks and feels higher quality. However the actual operation of the memory card doesn’t seem much different from lower end cards that you can pick up online. From my past experiences some cheaper memory cards can corrupt after heavy use over a long period of time (i.e. ayear or so) a key benefit of this card is that it comes with a 5 year warranty. I personally would probably go for one of the cheaper alternatives that are out there, as one of my primary requirements of a memory card is for use on my digital camera (probably only a couple of times a month). I only really store the images on the memory card for a few weeks and then transfer them onto my local network drive for backup purposes. If I was the kind of person that uses their digital camera on a daily basis then I think this memory card would be for them. If I was a heavy user of a device that would make use of this memory card, then I would probably give it 5/5 however as my mobile device doesn’t support this memory card, I only really got to test it on my digital camera which I do not use on a daily basis. Overall a fairly good memory card with a generous amount of space for storing my images, Data transfer speeds seemed relatively fast, however not as fast as my class 10 Micro SD card in my mobile device. Seemed a lot less fiddly to insert the card into the slot of my digital camera compared to smaller cards that I have used in the past on other devices. Hayley Wills

Product Tested By Kerry Urquhart

KerryAwarded The Samsung SDHCTM Card – Suitable for Cameras, HD Video& Laptops 5/5

A very fast card and very good value for money. Packaging nice and small and effective. The instructions were very easy to follow. Very high quality as I would expect from Samsung.This is definitely good value for money, as I paid this much for a 1GB card a couple of years ago. I would purchase this product again and highly recommend. This is the fastest memory card I have ever used and is excellent value for money, a high quality product from a very reputable company not like some of the cheaper eBay imports. Kerry Urquhart







A great product, easy to use and offers great storage. 


Shirley Awarded The Samsung SDHCTM Card – Suitable for Cameras, HD Video& Laptops 5/5   

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