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Saponaqua Mineral Therapy Balm

A traditionally healing combination of fairly traded, unrefined, Ghanian shea butter, & detoxifying Kalahari melon oil, with the added benefits of mineral rich Zander and antiseptic tea tree essential oil. Designed to enrich and nourish dry skin and particularly helpful and soothing for cracked, chapped or damaged surface areas.

Apply liberally to your hands and feet before bedtime, massage gently into the skin and leave it on overnight. In cold weather use on the face and hands for natural protection against chapped skin.

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£9.99 for 50ml Available to purchase online

Saponaqua Mineral Therapy Balm Reviews

Product Tested by: Claire Parrett – Jack 2 Years

Product Tested By Claire Parrett – Jack 2 Years

Claire Awarded The Saponaqua Mineral Therapy Balm 5/5

I thought it looked like a great product, couldn’t wait to use it. I loved the website, really easy to read, colourful. Products well presented, described really well, reasonable prices too. After using the product a few times it became softer to get out of the pot. As to begin with it was quite hard. I thought the consistency was ok, once I had been using it.   It did eventually absorb into my skin after about a few seconds. It did have an aroma, it was the nicest of aromas, but it was ok.  This balm never caused any irritation and I would use it everyday.  I always suffer with dry hands & now since using this my hands feel a lot softer.  My hands are a lot softer now.  I think it is good value for money.  Would consider buying the product.  Yes I would recommend to friends & family, it’s a great product!  Great product got rid of my dry skin on my hands which no other product could do.  Claire Parrett – Jack 2 Years

Product Tested By Sharon Carley-Macaulay – Benjamin & Grace 6 Years and 3 Weeks

Sharon Awarded The Saponaqua Mineral Therapy Balm 4/5

Wasn’t sure it would alleviate the soreness and dry skin I have on my hands, but it did as you will see below.  I love the simplicity of the website.  Easy to read and move around in, and the testimonials are from a whole range of people of differing ages –  so Saponaqua are trying, and seems succeeding, to appeal to a wide audience.  Not particularly greasy and the skin seems to absorb the balm and the pain from the dry sore skin eases.  Doesn’t come out of the pot in lumps, but in small amounts on your  finger each time   – I would say several applications are needed each time to ensure enough balm is being absorbed by the skin to alleviate soreness and moisture it. Absorbs into the skin leaving the skin softer, less sore and not greasy.  A smell rather than aroma.  Not a bad smell, more of medication smell to it.  This balm did not cause any irritation and I would use most days at night as I was going to bed, so the balm could really be absorbed into my skin as I slept.  I would describe the Balm as leaving my hands more ‘soothed’ and less painful rather than soft.  As you use so little of it each time it will last for ages so good value for money.  Will definitely recommend for cracked, sore hands.  It does what it is sold to do – alleviating sore, dry, cracked skin by soothing and moisturising the skin.  Sharon Carley-Macaulay – Benjamin & Grace 6 Years and 3 Weeks

Product Tested By Tracy Olives

Tracy Awarded The Saponaqua Mineral Therapy Balm 5/5

Looked good quality product and keen to try as suffer a lot with dry skin.  I really liked the website as had not heard of this company before and they have a wide range of lovely products on offer.  Loved the size of the pot as ideal for home and to put in bag when travelling.  This absorbs into the skin easily and does not leave a greasy residue.  The balm is a bit firm to start with but with more use becomes softer and easier to use.  I would use this every day and it certainly has improved the dry skin problem on my hands and my elbows.  It does have a smell, not particularly lovely but then again it does a good job so this does not bother me. Never caused any irritation and worked. A little goes a long way so in my opinion good value for money.  I have tried so many creams to help my dry skin and this worked.  Left my skin feeling soft and reduced redness and irritation from dry skin problem.  I will certainly purchase more of this product and already recommended.  This helped improve cracked and dry skin and a good moisturizer.  Tracy Olives

Great product got rid of my dry skin on my hands which no other product could do.


Claire Awarded The Saponaqua Mineral Therapy Balm 5/5

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