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Saponaqua Natural Therapy Bar

Containing pure Zander to gently cleanse and moisturise without over drying, Saponaqua’s therapy bar leaves your skin feeling soft and healthy. Zander is an organic nutrient-rich substance, formed in the pristine lakes of North Eastern Europe, where it has been immersed for more than 12,000 years. A sustainable and renewable resource in plentiful supply, it contains amino acids to help with tissue repair and restoration and hemicellulose which is good for skin conditioning.

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£9.99 for 90g Bar Available to purchase online

Saponaqua Natural Therapy Bar Reviews

Product Tested by: Paula Williams

Product Tested By Paula Williams

Paula Awarded the Saponaqua Natural Therapy Bar 4.5/5

My initial impression was that it smelt lovely but it looked a little strange to me because it was a brown colour. Seemed to have a woody smell really nice and fresh. Very easy with either hands or a body scrubber.  I used it every time I had a shower; I was a little unsure at first as I’d had a problem with itchy skin at the start of my pregnancy but this soap was really gentle and had no problems with it. It really helped to relive my itchy skin with regular use. Very good quality lathers well so you don’t need to use loads so bar lasts longer then regular soap. If I continued to have any skin irritation I would consider buying this soap on a regular basis. Nice to use and smells great! Paula Williams

Product Tested By Clare Lambert – Baby due May 3rd

Clare Awarded the Saponaqua Natural Therapy Bar 3/5

My first impressions were that it was interesting as I have very sensitive skin and I was intrigued to see how it would work. I didn’t think it looked very appealing and I was definitely not that keen on the scent. The website is good but with these sorts of products I would not look online as you cannot smell/touch them, I much prefer to purchase therapy and cosmetic products in store. The therapy bar was used by me, my partner and his children. I did not think it was a very good product to lather, I only used the product once due to the smell and it lingered on my skin. I could even smell it in the bathroom when someone else had used it. Although in fairness it could be because my sense of smell is heightened as I am pregnant. I found that the product left my skin quite dry and tight, but this may be due to me having sensitive skin. The quality of the product was satisfactory but due to my personal smell preference I would not purchase it. Clare Lambert – Baby due May 3rd

Product Tested By Lorna Young – Scarlet, Marley & India Aged 3, 23 Months & 10 Months

Lorna Awarded the Saponaqua Natural Therapy Bar 4.1/5

I don’t usually like a ‘bar’ of soap as I don’t like the messes they make so tend to buy soaps in dispensers but this product looked nice & natural & smelt good, so I was willing to try it. The company has a nice easy to use website with client testimonials & product information. The aroma of the therapy bar was pleasant. It had a nice fresh clean smell without being over fragrant. I decide to use this bar on myself & my 23 months old son. I chose to use it on him as his skin was starting to feel very ‘gritty’ & dry so before I go to the doctors & try a more chemical based skin lotion I was happy to give this a good go on him. This bar lathered very well & I was happy to find that it didn’t turn into a sloppy mess in the soap bowl either. It held its shape & density very well. I used this daily on my son & daily in different ways on myself. There wasn’t any allergic reaction from the bar & it left the skin feeling fresh & clean without that ‘tight’ feeling that a regular soap bar can. I loved using it as a shaving balm even my hubby tried this & enjoyed how smooth a finish it gave. Sadly this hasn’t made any difference to my son’s skin condition so it’s off to the doctors to check it out. However his skin is not red or angry & caused him no discomfort so it certainly didn’t make it any worse. It doesn’t leave skin feeling moisturized but it does leave it clean and soft, it’s great for shaving with. I thought it was a nice quality item as it holds its shape, can be used for cleaning & as a shaving balm & is natural. I like it but if it had of cured my son’s skin or even improved it I would be raving about it so as it stands it’s a nice natural soap bar at an above average price. It might help some skin conditions I would certainly say try it! Nice product that lasts well and doesn’t make a mess! Great as a summer shaving balm and face & body cleanser so a great holiday all rounder for all skin types.  Lorna Young – Scarlet, Marley & India Aged 3, 23 Months & 10 Months

It really helped to relive my itchy skin with regular use


Paula Awarded the Saponaqua Natural Therapy Bar 4.5/5

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