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Saronti Personalised Photobook

Put your faces in a personalised children’s photo book!

Personalised children’s books with faces and names of all your family members, pre-school class or football players. A unique personalised gift in which your children and family are the main characters of captivating photo book stories.

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Saronti Personalised Photobook Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanne Leece -Tyler 5 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Leece -Tyler 5 Years

Joanne Awarded the Saronti Book 5/5

First impressions were very good, I opened the packaging and saw pictures of the family on the front of the book which was lovely. Very clear pictures too that were very impressive. The ordering was very easy to follow, simple instructions and uploading of pictures is easy and very quick. Website is great, lots of different options you can choose from, once I had finished the order I continued looking on the website to see what else was on offer. Uploading the images I wanted to use was very simple and fast. Quality of the images is very good, was very impressed with how clear they came out. The pictures I uploaded were probably not the best to use as they were a full body shot but they managed to get a very good clear picture out of them! I think the idea of the product is brilliant, would make a very fun present for any age range. Having the choice of adding personal pictures and messages makes it more special. I would definatley buy this as a gift for a child, its very fun, the children loved seeing their pictures and names throughout the book. Also having the option of a personal message at the front of the book makes it more special. Very good value for money, good quality product and a definate keepsake. Have already reccommended this item to family and work colleagues, I work in a nursery so I took it in to show some of the parents who were very fond of the idea. Excellent product, fun, brilliant quality. When I first received it I was very excited about showing the children and seeing their reactions, all the familly loved it! Big thumbs up from us and will definatley use the website for more orders in the near future! Joanne Leece -Tyler 5 Years

Product Tested By Julie Slater – Freddie 3 Years

Julie Awarded the Saronti Book 4.7/5

A lovely colourful, bright and enticing cover, with fantastic pictures and story. I found the order process to be very straightforward and any problems with the pictures I supplied were easily and quickly addressed. I was very pleased with the quality of the product and the images were very clear too. The concept of the product is great, young children love the idea of having a story including their family. Super idea. It is quite expensive, but I think the product is a quality one so it is really worth it. I am very pleased with the product, but more importantly my three year old loves it, definitely recommended! Julie Slater – Freddie 3 Years

Product Tested By Donna Ross – Dylan 18 Months 

Donna Awarded the Saronti Book 3.5/5

The book looks brilliant and has as many family members as you want included into it.  It took 2 weeks to get my order through as the pictures I sent were sent back to me after a week asking for different ones because of the resolution. The website itself is very good and easy enough to navagate, however uploading the pictures and filling in the forms to go with them was very time consuming. The quality of the book was very good, however it was smaller than I was expecting and also did not have Dylan portrayed as a baby but as a young child. The images were very good, the pictures sent were high quality and I was very surprised that they looked almost as good once put in the book. I think the concept of the book is excellent, and if the site was easier to use and upload to then it would be a perfect present. I personally would not pay this amount of money for what is a rather short book.  It is good quality and an unusual gift, but overpriced for my budget. Dylan loved the book and smiled everytime he saw himself in the book and was able to point everyone he knew in it, however even with specifying Dylan was a baby in the order, he was portrayed as a child in the book with his own baby face, which to me let the whole book down, but besides that the stories are good and the quality of the images are very good, so I would recommend as a gift.  Donna Ross – Dylan 18 Months

I was very excited about showing the children and seeing their reactions, all the familly loved it!


Joanne Awarded the Saronti Book 5/5

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