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Satin Raggy-Tag

The most lustrous baby comfort blanket. A combination of silky, shiny, smooth satin and soft, sumptuous velour with the most touchable tags. **FREE GIFT WITH EVERY ORDER** FREE UK P&P & GIFT WRAPPING SERVICE AVAILABLE


Mixed Fibres. Machine washable at 40 degrees, no tumble-drying, no ironing.
(Approx. L: 40cm W: 31cm)

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Satin Raggy-Tag Reviews

Product Tested By Martin Crane – Oliver 9 Months

Martin Awarded the Raggy-Tag 5/5

This is beautifully packaged, it looks great, an eye catching design, several different types of tags on it, soft to touch. Will look great in the buggy! It is really well made, feels and looks great quality. I have no concerns at all with this toy. And he gives it a good pull and tug while dragging it about and playing peek-a-boo. A great toy, easy to take around with us, keeps his attention in a lot of ways and a lovely comforter. Oliver drags it around and so it’s good to be able to wash it. In all honesty if things aren’t washable they don’t last long in our house. It’s tactile and the colours are great. It looks like a blanket but works well as a toy and covers lots of different bases. I think babies will like this product. Oliver loved all of the tags. He looped his fingers through them, stroked them, sucked them, pulled them and scrunched them. Loads of entertainment! Fantastic quality, well made and interesting. Makes an ideal gift for new babies, it’s not a budget buy but it is well worth the money. Makes a thoughtful gift, fantastic entertainment for small babies and it is also alovely source of comfort. Martin Crane – Oliver 9 Months

Product Tested By Mary Stanhope – Baby Amelia 9 Months

Mary Awarded the Raggy-Tag 5/5

This arrived in lovely packaging and I was really impressedwith it. The quality of the Raggy-Tag is fantastic, it’s very soft to touch too. Amelia likes touching and pulling at the tags so I think it is good. It is stimulating for baby but in a different way, it doesn’t make noise or have different textures. But I think this is good as it’s something a little different and Amelia seems rather drawn to it. It washes up very nicely and still looks like new. Amelia likes sleeping with the Raggy Tag and I have no concerns with her doing this. She enjoys pulling and sucking at the tags. It keeps her thoroughly entertained and quiet most of the time; I think it’s very good value! This would make a wonderful gift for a growing baby. It’s fun, soft, lovely quality and very entertaining, brilliant. Mary Stanhope – Baby Amelia 9Months 

Product Tested By Katarina Struharnanska – Baby Max 8 Months

Katarina Awarded the Raggy-Tag 3/5

This looked ok on first impressions, it had nice fabric and was soft, does not attract with noises though which would have been great. I did not have any concerns about my baby playing with the Raggy-Tag at anytime; he has the blanket in his cot and can play when he wakes up. My baby likes different textures and toys which have some rattles/music included in them. I only saw him playing with the blanket a few times. I washed the raggy-tag before we used it and it stayed nice. It is different to my other baby’s blankets/toys but I am not sure if in a good way. My baby did not find it very interesting. My baby would only play with Raggy-Tag if there was no other toy around to play with. I don’t think the Tags satisfied him. Quality of the product is very good but I don’t think the product is worth the money in all honesty. My baby just did not find the Raggy-Tag amusing entertaining. Katarina Struharnanska– Baby Max 8 Months

Makes a thoughtful gift, fantastic entertainment for small babies and it is also a lovely source of comfort.


Martin Awarded the Raggy-Tag 5/5

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