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SAVE Nourishing Body Milk

Enriched by plant extract ingredients, this ecological and organic body lotion provides the skin a moisturusing blanket that envelops the skin all day long. It’s extremely smooth and melting texture leaves your skin supple and moisturized* permane
Size: 200ml  

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SAVE Nourishing Body Milk Reviews

Product Tested by: Roxanne Mercer

Product Tested By Roxanne Mercer 

Roxanne Awarded the Moisturizing Lotion 4/5

I found this really nice to use, it has a lovely fragrance and from using it has left my skin feeling very soft. It’s simple to apply and I am very pleased with the results! It did take a while to soak in but when it did it was worth it. The design of the bottle was perfect for easy use but I personally wouldn’t pay this much for it, it’s just too expensive. I really love this product and it left my skin in brilliant condition but I think it is just too expensive. Roxanne Mercer 

Product Tested By Deborah Cracknell

Deborah Awarded the Moisturizing Lotion 4/5

The body lotion looked nice and I found it easy to use and apply. It was very effective and gave my skin a lovely feel! It soaks in great but is a bit expensive for a lotion. If my skin was really dry or in bad condition then I would consider buying it, but as I don’t then I couldn’t justify spending this much money. I also have my usual moisturizer which I use and it’s a lot cheaper and I don’t feel this one is any better. But it’s a great product and works well! Deborah Cracknell

Product Tested By Ciara Holmes – Ryan & Aoibhe Ages 7 & 4 Years

Ciara Awarded the Moisturizing Lotion 5/5

I loved the colourful packaging and it appeals to me that it is organic.  When i first put it on I loved the feeling of it melting into my skin, very hydrating.  It is very moisturising, hydrates skin for at least 8 hours. I found it to be very effective, it’s a bit thick but it dries incredibly fast!  I like that the bottle stands on the lid so it is always ready to pour, the best way to bottle moisturiser.  I think it is good value for money, after 1 month I still have enough left for few more weeks which definitely shows value for money. I would recommend this to others because it is a great moisturiser for dry skin and it has quite a pleasant smell. I really liked this product, when I first put it on it felt so refreshing on my skin, like giving my thirsty skin a drink of water.  The softness in my skin lasts most of the day and I will definitely buy it again! Ciara Holmes – Ryan & Aoibhe Ages 7 & 4 Years

It’s simple to apply and I am very pleased with the results! It did take a while to soak in but when it did it was worth it.


Roxanne Awarded the Save Lotion 4/5

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