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Schleich Animals

Schleich have a huge range of finely detailed and educational animal and various other figures online and in store! From pre-historic animals to farm animals! Great for creative play and a fantastic educational learning tool!

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£2.50/3.50 each. Available to purchase at selected retailers or click online at for more information or to buy online

Schleich Animals Reviews

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Product Tested By Jo Owen – Jessica, Rebecca, Daniel & Frankie Ages 8, 2, 3 & 1 Years

Jo Awarded the Schleich Animals 4.5/5

A good quality product with excellent detailing. Great for children of all ages – I did remove a couple of small pieces due to the age of the children. The toys were played with immediately, farm mat and buildings were brought out along with other animals that we already had. The children have played with them almost on a daily basis. Age representation of 3 years plus is understandable due to small parts on a couple of the figures, with these removed however, happy for younger children to play with them. Being a registered child minder, it is important that the children play with toys that ignite their imagination. There should be a good number of different animals to offer the best opportunity for play. Small world figures such as these are a great resource. They have a huge play value, meeting many of the key areas of children’s development. They are valuable in numeracy and understanding of the world as young children often sort into family groups. They are able to choose their favorite animals and use both fine and gross motor skills in play. Without question – this kind of toy is very portable and is often taken out by the children on trips such as school runs. They often have an animal in each hand. These are played with in many ways, this summer they have been in the sandpit, the water table and with the farm/castle buildings. These toys are of excellent quality. There are cheaper alternatives that would offer the same play opportunities, however the choice and detail of these particular figures make them an attractive purchase.
Jo Owen – Jessica, Rebecca, Daniel & Frankie Ages 8, 2, 3 & 1 Years

Product Tested By Kasia Cook – Alexander & William Ages 5 & 20 Months

Kasia Awarded the Schleich Animals 4/5

My initial impression was that the toys looked very sturdy and had good details, I was quite impressed. The toys were of a good size and they were easy to hold and make pretend games with. My 5 year old LOVES the knights and at the moment plays with them every day. He makes up stories/games for them and they do a lot of fighting battles in his bedroom! The 20 month old shows some interest in the animals and will try to say some of the more obvious names (cow etc), but I think he will enjoy them more when slightly older. The animals are definitely now a great toy for my 5 year old as he wants figures he can make up stories/battles with and they are a bit too old for my 20month old, but in about 6 months or so will prove to be popular I think. I had no concerns about letting my children play with the toys; they seem very sturdy and safe. The knights help with role play, very much so. The animals help with hand to eye coordination which is great. I think the toys do offer good value for money because there are some bigger ones but I feel the price is a bit high for the smaller toys but I would buy more of the knights to add to my 5 year olds collection. Will definitely be looking for more of these! Kasia Cook – Alexander & William Ages 5 & 20 Months


Product Tested By Tammy Scale – Laylah-Mai Aged 4 Years

Tammy Awarded the Schleich Animals 4/5

My first impressions were good because the toys did not seem too small and fiddly. The size and style of the toy was satisfactory and they are very good for imaginative play. Some of the characters in the pack (knights) had small removable parts which is good for cautious parents. My children enjoyed the animals but not the knight figures. My younger daughter enjoyed learning animal sounds and names and the quality overall is quite good. I wouldn’t have paid £2.50 each item a lower price for the combined pack would have been better. Overall, my children enjoyed the product a lot but quickly lost interest. Tammy Scale – Laylah-Mai Aged 4 Years

A good quality product with excellent detailing


Jo Awarded the Schleich Animals 4.5/5

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