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Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle

Get the perfect finishing touch to your look and add a long lasting healthy shine and an exotic, fresh smell to your locks with this BC Bonacure Oil Miracle. All you need is a small amount of this oil to leave hair feeling softer and sleeker in no time.This BC Bonacure Oil Miracle has been formulated using precious argan oil that boasts high anti-oxidant levels that help to fortify hair to leave it with a brilliant suppleness, softness and a gorgeous shine.Directions for Use:Wet hair: Apply a drop or two before blow drying.Dry hair: Smooth one or two drops on hair for extra shine.

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£14.99 for 100ml - Purchase online or click onto to find local salon and local stockist

Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Stewart-Smith

Product Tested By Laura Stewart-Smith
Laura Awarded The Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle 4.2/5
My initial impression of this product was that it looked quite fancy. The packaging looked expensive and the instructions were nice and simple too. The product is very easy to apply and it doesn’t leave sticky hands which is a bonus. It was very effective and I was pleasantly surprised at the difference it did to my hair. I used it every time I washed my hair and that’s every 2 days. I have quite long hair so the product only lasted a month or so. The quality is fantastic but I did get through the product quite quickly, so I would struggle to justify the cost of the product for me. If I saw it on offer, would definitely buy. I would recommend it to others if I thought it would help them. It is a lovely product, just a bit costly for me. Laura Stewart-Smith
Product Tested By Jane Roberts

Jane Awarded The Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle 4.9/5

This looked excellent and nice quality. It was nicely packaged and instructions were simple and easy to read/follow. This is so smooth to apply, very easy. I found it very effective, seems to do the job, my hair has felt very soft. I’ve used it most days on damp hair before styling, and occasionally after styling on dry hair. Made my hair easy to comb through and styled very nicely. I have nearly finished it now, but it has lasted far longer than I thought it would, as you only need to use a small amount. This product seems very high quality. It seems a little bit expensive, but it lasts a long time and works, therefore it is quite economical. I would consider buying this now and I would tell others about it too. This is an excellent product, easy to use, and does the job. It makes your hair feel lovely and easy to manage and style. It can be used wet or dry so it saves having to use different products. I really liked this product. Jane Roberts

Product Tested By Joanna Yettle
Joanna Awarded The Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle 4.6/5

This looked like a lovely product and couldn’t wait to try it out. The packaging was lovely and the instructions were great. They were simple and easy to follow. This applied really well to my hair and left it feeling lovely. My hair tends to go a little frizzy but this really helped me and seemed to tame it. I used it every other day. I just towel-dried my hair, applied a little then styled using my diffuser. I have nearly finished mine now but will definitely be buying this again. The quality is amazing. The price may put some people off but I do think it is worth it for me as it really did work. I have recommended this to friends and family as I think it is a lovely product. It has worked for me and I am very happy with the final result. Joanna Yettle

 I would recommend it to others if I thought it would help them. It is a lovely product.


Laura Awarded The Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle 4.2/5
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