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Schwarzkopf Osis Shine Duster

Osis Shine Duster is the first velvet-soft texturising powder for hairstyling which gives instant shimmer-shine and soft movement to the hair. Shine Duster has an innovative powder consistency that transforms into a creamy fluid when rubbed into the hair with the hands.

  • Lightweight powder-to-cream consistency.
  • Lightweight movable texture.
  • Velvet / iridescent effect.
  • Light, natural style control.

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£9.25 15g - Purchase online or click onto to find local salon and local stockist

Schwarzkopf Osis Shine Duster Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucy Thomson

Product Tested By Lucy Thomson

Lucy Awarded the Schwarzkopf Osis Shine Duster 4/5

The product looks very professional and the packaging is appealing and eyecatching. But I found it difficult to read the instructions on the see through box. The consistency of the shine product is nice, it feels nice and silky when applied to the hand. Its easy to put onto your hair but I didn’t find that it made that much difference to my hairs appearance. I do have quite dry hair so this could have an effect on noticing a texture change though. The product seemed to stay in my hair for quite some time and it didnt fall off into my clothes easily. A little does go a long way, the 15g pot would last someone a long time, so I would say it is worth paying a bit extra for if it works for you. Overall, its easy to use and looks/feels good on your hair. Lucy Thomson

Product Tested By Rebecca Younan

Rebecca Awarded the Schwarzkopf Osis Shine Duster 3.5/5

I thought this looked quite good as a party product for your hair. It also looks expensive and of good quality due to the packaging. The consistency is powdery and when rubbed in it is a light cream. It’s very easy to apply but it didnt seem to benefit my hair at all. I thought it was going to give my hair more shine and hold but I can’t say I noticed anything much different. I think there are more suitable products for me on the market so I would not consider purchasing this one. It was easy to apply and I think the idea is good but unfortunately, it just didn’t work for my hair. Rebecca Younan 

Product Tested By Juliet Harper

Juliet Awarded the Schwarzkopf Osis Shine Duster 4.5/5

Know the brand well and was pleased to have opportunity to test this item.  Very professional, packaging stylish and looked good quality. Just one slight problem instructions were not easy to read.  When using I would put on my hand and then through my hair. The consistency is nice and found it easy to put onto my hair. The difference was not dramatic but did help to put a better shine on my hair so did what it said on the tin. You do not need to use much so this will last a long while.  Price is high, but a well known quality branded product for hair care and this will last for ages.  Take all this into account then reasonable value for money.  It is easy to use, did help improve the look of my hair and I liked this product.  Will purchase more when this one runs out as liked the results. Juliet Harper

Lucy Awarded The Schwqarzkopf Osis Shine Duster 4/5 


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