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Science Mad SM65 Early Skills Science Lab

An Ideal Introduction to Early Science With 10 Simple Fun Experiments for Young Children – Includes Apparatus & Materials, 4+ Years
SCIENCE MAD EARLY SCIENCE KIT – Building on our range of Science Mad Science Kits aimed at older children, this newly developed Early Skills Science Lab is aimed at much younger children. This kit is a fantastic introduction to simple but real scientific experiments, with lots of fun in mind. It comes with a detailed instruction manual for the supervising adult and child showing step-by-step guidance and inspiration.
ENJOYMENT THROUGH EXPERIMENTATION – Develop an interest in scientific study with this fun Early Skills Science Kit which is perfect for boys and girls ages 4+. Discover the wonders of science with this educational Science Lab which is specifically designed for younger children (under close adult supervision). Have fun whilst learning with this educational science kit.
LABORATORY STYLE APPARATUS INCLUDED – It comes with blue and yellow food colourings, chamomile seeds and ten useful pieces of lab apparatus, e.g. test tubes, flask, pipette etc. The detailed 28-page manual is fully illustrated and brimming with information, explanation & inspiration about the world of science and the experiments described. Adult supervision is always required, and additional common household materials are required for some experiments.
10 SAFE SIMPLE EXPERIMENTS – Perform 10 safety-tested, themed experiments for younger children, all clearly planned and set out within the detailed instructions manual. Awaken an early interest in science, and gain laboratory skills whilst learning about the colours, plants, crystals and more by creating soap bubbles, coloured icebergs and much more.
STEM LEARNING FOR KIDS – All Science Mad products are designed specifically for children. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths! Science Mad! products are all built with learning and fun at their heart. The aim is to encourage children at a very early age to develop their knowledge of and interest in science, making it great as a birthday gift.

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Science Mad SM65 Early Skills Science Lab Reviews

Product Tested By Amy Gregory – Finley 5 Years

Amy Awarded The Science Mad SM65 Early Skills Science Lab 5/5

Packaging looks very exciting and colourful. Very clear and easy to follow instructions. My son found this very easy to use. The instructions were very simple to follow and Finley could do the majority without much help. Finley loved filling the test tubes with water and pouring it back out again. We did not manage to do all the experiments as we didn’t have all the extra equipment needed but managed to do 9 of the 10. At 5yrs old this was his first attempt at science experiments but he has asked to do one everyday so far. I think it definitely has sparked an interest in science which I hope continues. This certainly kept my son entertained. We did one experiment every day and now are going to back over them again. I think he liked the colour changing experiment best. I liked the variety of experiments available to do in the kit. The contents of the kit was excellent. This toy was just right for my son. I think this would be good to have in schools but not sure how long it will last. Very good quality. Certainly good value. We would 100% buy this kit again as a party gift or even for ourselves again. I would recommend for all the reasons above. We loved this kit it gave our 5yr old a chance to do simple experiments independently and he has loved every minute of it. Amy Gregory – Finley 5 Years

Product Tested By Mariola Muzyka – Rueben 5 Years

Mariola Awarded The Science Mad SM65 Early Skills Science Lab 5/5

Well laid out with clear instructions. Really good at sparking imagination while playing and learning. Instructions very clear and easy to follow. My son needed adult help to read and then carry out the experiments and explain it all. The instruction manual was very helpful, my son was really excited to start the experiments. The contents all helped with the included activities. We did not complete all the experiments as my son has autism so the waiting was a bit of an issue. This really did spark interest in science and how experiments work. He still asks for science activities so it definitely worked an interest with him. This really did help with STEM learning. So far has proven its longevity and kept him interested and entertained. He asked to play this most days. He really liked everything. From the well laid out box to the activities he enjoyed it all. I liked how easy it was to use and follow. Well-made and everything was thought through. Age suitability 4 years plus yes and no. Children with neurodiversity may struggle a little. This would be good to have in schools as it will help improve understanding science and how to complete experiments. This is really well made. Very good value for money. I would buy this as very well made and value for money. I have already recommended as I really like the activities myself as well as being educational for the kids. Really positive, a very well made, designed and executed Education based activity. Mariola Muzyka – Rueben 5 Years

Product Tested By Katy Symon – Georgie 5 Years

Katy Awarded The Science Mad SM65 Early Skills Science Lab 3.8/5

Exciting pictures on the box however for price I did think it would be bigger? I find the concept to be excellent as science is a great subject for children to learn but have always found kits of a similar nature to be for older children so aimed at younger ones definitely attracted me to use. Instructions had clear pictures and easy to understand with assistance. Having the pictures did help my child to try and work out what she needed to do however she still needed my assistance at age 5 with not being a fluent reader yet. Instructions were helpful and clear but at 5 she did need assistance with not reading fully yet and this is stated on the box that assistance would be required. She did enjoy most of the experiments once shown how. She found all the contents useful. However, I did think that all three food colourings would be included as only 2 but needed three? And also some supplies I needed to provide as extra such as wheat flour which again for the price thought would be included. She did enjoy the experiments though. She wasn’t able to complete all at first as needed to buy flour etc as we don’t have that in the house but she did eventually. She loves learning about the world and new things so she did find it exciting and once it arrived in post she couldn’t wait to get started. This is good to help with STEM learning to some degree. Its perfectly acceptable for a five year old but may be basic if slightly older. She couldn’t complete all the tests at once so dipped into it every so often but once started it did keep her entertained. This was played 2-3 times a week when it first arrived. She tells me that she found using the test tubes the best as she liked mixing the colours. I liked that it was something that we could learn together. Acceptable quality as needed to be plastic so safe for children however for the retail price all key ingredients should be provided so not to cause disappointment when a child wants to complete them but had to wait until everything bought. I feel the experiments included were age appropriate for a five year old due to their simplicity which would aid learning as if too in depth may mean she wasn’t able to feel like she knew what to do. But would say bit basic for older children. This would be ideal to have in schools as the experiments are ideal for reception years however due to costs schools could provide the equipment needed much cheaper. Quality of included equipment is acceptable however basic for retail cost. I feel RRP too high which may put parents off buying on low income and all ingredients should be provided. I would not buy this as too expensive for what is included and as a single income household wouldn’t be able to justify cost. Would not recommend due to cost. The overall idea and concept of early years science learning is great and very important and feel the experiments are ideal for reception years at school and a good way to introduce children to learning the subject however I feel more needed to be included for price and especially provide all ingredients required. I found the packaging to be inviting and the instructions clear and concise with pictures that helped my child in understanding and the experiments. Did keep my child entertained but feel with a few tweaks this product could be better but thank you to the supplier in sending to us to review. Katy Symon – Georgie 5 Years

We would 100% buy this kit again as a party gift or even for ourselves again. I would recommend for all the reasons above. We loved this kit it gave our 5yr old a chance to do simple experiments independently and he has loved every minute of it.


Amy Awarded The Science Mad SM65 Early Skills Science Lab 5/5

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