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Scoot Beamz are fun, bright lights, which will keep your little scooter visible when you are heading home. They are easy to attach, you just need to wrap the strap around the pole of your scooter and fasten tight. Press the button on the front of your Scoot Beamz to activate, and press again for different settings and to turn off. The light has three settings – fast flash, slow flash and constant. The batteries last 50 hours and can be replaced but it is quite fiddly. The material is very reflective even when the light isn’t on which helps keep your little one seen. Scoot Beamz work with all brands of scooter, and they are available in four bright colours – yellow, green, blue and pink.

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Product Tested by: Kendel Gilbert – Devon 3 Years

Product Tested By Kendel Gilbert – Devon 3 Years

Kendel Awarded The Scoot Beamz 4.9/5

We thought this product was bright and not so small it would be missed. The Scoot Beamz was ideally packaged which seemed child friendly. The instructions were nice and simple to follow. It did fit easily onto the front of Devon’s scooter; we got it fitted straight away and stayed in place. It was easy enough for Devon to use and switch the lights on and off. The lights were definitely bright enough and were really good on dark nights. Devon loves this product; we have to buy one for his big sister. The quality is excellent, despite been involved in scraps and falls and bashed about on the scooter it looks good as new. Its excellent value for the money definitely;  we would be happy to buy another as and helps make the micro scooter stand out.  As mentioned above we will be buying another one for big sister. I would highly recommend this. It’s an excellent idea, works really well on the school runs when it’s dark. It stays in place and lets us know which one is our scooter in the park! Kendel Gilbert – Devon 3 Years


Product Tested By Lara Craven – Eden 3 Years

Lara Awarded The Scoot Beamz 4.8/5

My initial impression of the product was brilliant, it looked easy enough to put on Eden’s micro scooter, and looked fun. Eden was very excited when she saw what it was for. The packaging of the Scoot Beamz was good, very self-explanatory; the picture on the front of the Scoot Beamz on a scooter enabled me to pop it on the scooter without having to read any further. The product didn’t need any instructions as it was very easy to see what you had to do with it, but the instructions were straight to the point and easily put. The Scoot Beamz had to be done up extremely tight on Eden’s mini micro scooter as the pole to attach it to is very slim, so sometime slipped if it wasn’t done up tight enough. The light itself was very easy to turn on and off and change the flashing settings, the black spot on top of the Scoot Beamz showed you exactly where to push to make the lights change. Because the light is a fluorescent pink it was easy to see where Eden was so I personally believe that other pedestrians and also traffic could see her coming. Eden loved the light on her scooter; she thought it was fabulous, especially in the dark when it was really bright. The quality of the Scoot Beamz was good, it is well made and very hardy, the only downside being that sometimes it slipped down the scooter pole.  Scoot beamz does offer good value for money, knowing that other pedestrians and traffic could see Eden on her scooter when out in the evening or in the dark gave me a lot of reassurance. The only design improvement I can suggest is that the straps could be made a little smaller to fit round a mini micro scooter pole. Now I have tested the Scoot Beamz I would consider buying it, especially for others that I know have children that go out at dusk/night on their scooters. I would recommend this to friends and family, they are great and my daughter loved it. We had a brilliant time testing the Scoot Beamz, my daughter thought it was fabulous and enjoyed having that bit more independence in the dark. Lara Craven – Eden 3 Years


Product Tested By Jade Watson – Dylan 2 Years

Jade Awarded The Scoot Beamz 4.2/5

I thought this product looked good. The packaging is ok, think it’s a little on the big side for what it is as the product is just attached to the packaging but the info on how to use the product are on it so maybe this is why. The instructions are easy to understand tells you how it works and what to do with it. The product easily fits on the scooter but keeps on sliding down, when we put it at the top of the scooter when we are moving it slides to the bottom of the scooter handle. It is very easy to turn on and off and to change light settings, just click till you get the one you want. The light is bright in the dark; I would say the flashing settings are more visible to traffic or pedestrians as you notice the flashing more than the one that’s just a constant light. Dylan liked having a light on his scooter; he thought it was good how he could put it on himself.  I think the quality is overall good but would say the battery for the light is easy for the child to get out if they had a fiddle with it long enough. I think at £6.99 this product is a bit pricey. I would definitely buy this if it was cheaper though. I did like the product but think it’s rather pricey for what it is.  Jade Watson – Dylan 2 Years




 It’s an excellent idea, works really well on the school runs when it’s dark. It stays in place and lets us know which one is our scooter in the park!                  


Kendel Awarded The Scoot Beamz 4.9/5 

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