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Scoot Starz are bright little lights to make your scooter sparkle! Available in multi-coloured packs of five, these lights have been designed to fit Mini and Maxi Micro scooters. Scoot Starz are motion sensitive, so no need to switch them on or off. They are easy to install, all you need to do is press them into the larger holes of the wheels of your scooter. Once pushed into position, you will find that they are secure, yet easy to remove when you have finished with them. We think that they look great with just two lights in each wheel, but if you want more of a light show you may need to buy two packets. To use your lights, remove the isolation tape and insert them into your wheels. If your lights do not work at first, they will need to be tapped a few times on a surface to activate. Some Maxi Micro scooters have larger holes, so you will need to turn the lights around for them to fit tightly, and keep the logo facing inwards. Scoot Starz are great fun, but they also increase visibility when you are heading home. Watch our video to see them in action!

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Product Tested by: Lucy Tyler – James 2 ½ Years

Product Tested By Lucy Tyler – James 2 ½ Years

Lucy Awarded The Scoot Starz 4.5/5

My initial impression of this product was, looks good and was looking forward to testing it out. The product was well packaged without too much waste to throw away. The instructions were ok; although a diagram about how to turn the product around to fit into larger wheel gaps woulhave been useful. The product was loose when I put it in the scooter wheels at first as the holes in the wheels were slightly too big, but there was a sticker on the packaging saying to turn the product around the wrong way, which I did and then it fitted securely. The lights generally turned on and off well, although sometimes failed to turn on when the wheels were moving. They were bright enough when lit up in the dark and made my son more visible to others. He really liked the Scoot Starz on his scooter. I thought the product was wellmade and of good quality. They do offer good value for money. I would consider buying them and recommending them to others. This is a good little scooter safety product, that is attractive to kids and not too expensive. A "cool” way to make a scooter safer! LucyTyler – James 2 ½ Years


Product Tested By Wendy Johnston – Zak 4 Years

Wendy Awarded The Scoot Starz 4.6/5

I thought this was a great idea and fun accessory for my little boy’s scooter. The product was packaged well, no excess cardboard to fill my bin which is great! It clearly explains the product too. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. They did fit his scooter ok; I had to put some of the lights in upside down to get a secure fit.I was worried they may fall out during use but they have actually stayed in place. The lights come on as soon as the wheels move and go off again when the scooter is stationary. Lovely bright lights which are very visible in the dark but in all honesty a 4 yearold with a micro scooter doesn’t tend to scoot near traffic in the dark. They can still be seen in the day time though which is when my son tends to play on his scooter the most. My little boy absolutely loves the Scoot Starz.  He also loves that his scooter now has an extra "feature” which his friends microscooters do not have…. he knows which one is his straight away when they are all together! They seem good quality but didn’t seem a "perfect fit” for the wheels. Despite this, they have remained secure in the wheels. I think these would easily sell for more than the RRP. They are an ideal gift for birthday parties etc. as most of my little boys friends have micro scooters. I would definitely buy these again. I’ve already recommended them as I have had parents asking where I got the lights as their child really wants some too. It’s a genius idea; simple but extremely effective. Children love things that "light up”……especially when the lights are on the wheels of their preferred mode of transport! Wendy Johnston – Zak 4 Years


Product Tested By Louise Baker – Callum 5 Years

Louise Awarded The Scoot Starz 4.9/5

Straight away I thought what a great idea. They arrived safe and well packaged. As soon as my son saw the box he wanted them on straight on his scooter. The instructions were simple and easy enough to follow. There were other ways to put them on if they didn’t quite fit your child’s scooter but the main way worked for us. They felt safe and secure once fitted. The lights came on as soon as he started to ride his scooter and stopped when he stopped.  We have not really tested these in the dark as the nights are still quite light when we are out but you can clearly see them in the day so at night, shouldn’t be a problem. He loved having these on his scooter and can’t wait to take it camping. I thought the quality was excellent, such a great idea. I really expected them to cost more than they do; they are excellent for the money. I would definitely consider buying this product. I have already recommended them and will continueto do so. We loved them;  a great little invention.  Louise Baker – Callum 5 Years


This is a good little scooter safety product, that is attractive to kids and not too expensive. A "cool” way to make a scooter safer!                 


Lucy Awarded The Scoot Starz 4.5/5 

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