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Scooterearz For Girls

Scooterearz Micro Scooter Accessories – children’s scooter mitts / scooter gloves for Mini / Maxi Micro Scooters and all makes of push scooters.

Recommended for age 4+Not to be used on scooters with handlebar mounted brakes.Remove Scooterearz from scooter when not in use.Do not leave Scooterearz on scooter during heavy rain.We remind all customers that scooting carries certain risks and we would encourage everyone to stay as safe as possible, we recommend wearing a helmet whilst scooting.

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£12.99 Available to purchase online

Scooterearz For Girls Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Kerrie-Louise Goodman – Ellie 5 years

Kerrie-Louise Awarded The Girls Scooterearz 5/5

idea, bright funky colours. Simple to open with no excess packaging.
Instructions Clear and easy to follow. Excellent hard wearing and washed well
after an accident with a puddle. Great value for money. I have already purchased some as gift for my
niece. Would certainly recommend. Absolutely
fantastic idea. Saves on lost gloves on trips out with the scooter and when
combined with the bag makes a lovely present. Kerrie-Louise
Goodman – Ellie 5 years

Product Tested By Suzann Mason – Elizabeth 2 Years 10 Months

Suzann Awarded The Girls Scooterearz 4.4/5

design looks easy to put on and the inside looks warm and cosy. Packaging very
easy to open. Allows you to see the product clearly before buying. Straight
forward to use as you just slide over the handle bars of the scooter. It seems well made. The material on the
outside is waterproof and the inside lining is really soft and warm. My
daughter thought they were ‘cosy’. Given the price of the scooter, I am not
sure I would spend quite this much on gloves that can only be used on the
scooter. They are not suitable for bike handles as they have cannot go over the
brake. The price would probably put me off
and my daughter does already have gloves that she keeps in her pocket. If friends and family were willing to pay the
price then I would recommend them as it is useful to have the gloves on the
scooter, rather than having to keep taking them on and off, which for a toddler
can be a bit awkward and time consuming. For example, when we were at the park
Elizabeth could just run off and play then come back and play on her scooter
whenever she wanted. I think she really liked that level of independence. I
think they are a great idea and have certainly proved useful on cold, wintry
days. I think they would last and they’re easily transferrable to another
scooter as the child grows. The design
is quite pretty and went well with my daughter’s pink scooter. I just think they need to be a little bit
cheaper. Cosy, convenient and cute gloves which, unlike most of my daughter’s
gloves couldn’t get lost! Suzann Mason – Elizabeth 2 years 10 Months 

Product Tested By Elaine Kalo – Annie 3 Years

Elaine Awarded The Girls Scooterearz 3.9/5

wasn’t sure what the product was when I read the name; this only became clear
when the product arrived. I felt very unsure if this would be something my
daughter would use. The packaging was a clear plastic "handbag" type
bag so although not minimal packaging which I prefer, it doubled up as a
pretend handbag for my daughter which she enjoyed putting things in and playing
with. I installed the scooterearz without referring to the instructions but if
required they were easy to understand. The product is made of good quality,
durable fabric. Nice bold colours and a nice design. Lovely soft fabric on the
interior and would be fine in the rain. I think this product could be hit or
miss depending on the child. My daughter age 3 kept removing the scooterearz
which defeated the object! As it was a bit of a faff to keep putting them back
on they tended to stay off. An older child wouldn’t do this so the product
would be more beneficial. I would be disappointed to pay £12.99 for something
that would not be used. Obviously most gloves and mittens cost a lot less than
£12.99 so it would be disappointing to buy these and your children not use
them. I would consider buying these for an older child. I would be
hesitant though as you would still need to take gloves out. But for kids who
won’t wear gloves or lose them a lot then this might be a good compromise. I
would recommend this product to parents whose children use scooters frequently.
They might work well on the school run when parents are short of time and
gloves can be very fiddly to get on little hands! I think this product could be
designed so they are a little easier to put on. I don’t think it will appeal to
all parents as there are some impracticalities which I have described. A novel
idea which will be loved by some and loathed by others!
Elaine Kalo – Annie 3 Years




Would certainly recommend. Absolutely fantastic idea. Saves on lost gloves on trips out with the scooter and when combined with the bag makes a lovely present. 


Kerrie-Louise Awarded The Girls Scooterearz 5/5

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