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Scrabble Trickster Game

Whether you’re a scrabble newcomer or an expert, use trick cards to level the playing field by breaking the rules of Scrabble. Steal your opponent’s high score, make them lose their turn, even take advantage of a triple word score by playing a word anywhere on the board.

In this twist on the classic word game, Scrabble, players use their seven drawn letter-tiles to form words on the gameboard. The twist is that now, proper names such as cities or celebrity names will now be allowed. Other twists include playing words backwards or playing words unconnected to others on the board. So go ahead and break the rules. You know you want to.


Box Contains

  • 4 Racks
  • 100 Letter Tiles
  • 22 Trick Cards
  • 1 2-Letter Words Card
  • Cotton Tile Bag
  • Rules Sheet
  • Playing Board
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    £20.00 - Available in Argos, WHSmith, selected Tesco stores and online at Amazon.

    Scrabble Trickster Game Reviews

    Product Tested by:

    Product Tested By Stephanie Smith – Jake 10 Years

    Stephanie Awarded the Scrabble Trickster 5/5

    Scrabble Trickster is an interesting twist on an old game which is a favourite in our family. The packaging was interesting; the game came in a sturdy, good quality box. The design of the box links into the normal scrabble/children’s scrabble games but with a twist – exactly the same as the game! After a few reads of the rules we were ready to play – although we play scrabble a lot so I couldn’t speak for someone who didn’t already understand scrabble. Some things were not immediately clear to either of us (for example whether we were allowed to use more than 1 trickster card in a single turn) but we soon got the hang of it. My 10 year old had no problems understanding the concept; again he is a scrabble player normally so I think that this helped. I had no concerns about my 10 year old being able to understand this game. However, having taught 2 of my nephews to play normal scrabble recently I think that it would take a non-scrabble player longer to understand all the rules. I think that this development of scrabble is perfect for a family like ours who are keen scrabble players because it gives a child a chance to ‘trick’ the adult opponents so they have just as much chance of winning as the adults do! For example, one of the trick cards is ‘steal another opponents score’ or something similar, which enables a child to even up the scores a little when an adult scores a particularly high word. The additional element of ‘tricking’ delighted our 10 year old and it held his attention on the whole game rather than just when he was playing his word (there can be a fair bit of waiting around in normal scrabble) – plotting how to use his trickster cards to his best advantage ! This game definitely promotes my child’s development in terms of vocabulary, spelling and strategic thinking / planning. The quality of the game is excellent – although perhaps a little holder to hold the trickster cards would be a nice touch. I think the price is there or thereabouts. I would pay £20 for it – although I think some people may be put off. I would definitely buy this product; I will probably be doing as in the near future as gifts for other scrabble playing friends. This game has provided my family with hours of fun. The additional twist on traditional scrabble allows kids (and adults!) the opportunity to even up the odds against players of differing levels of skill. A fun way of making sure that Mum doesn’t always win! We will certainly be playing this for years to come and would recommend that any scrabble enthusiast who wishes to inspire their kids buys a copy as soon as possible. Stephanie Smith – Jake 10 Years


    Product Tested By Shellie Morrison – Rhiannon 11 Years

    Shelley Awarded the Scrabble Trickster 5/5

    This is nicely packaged and looks appealing. Easy to understand instructions, but the game is confusing to begin with as I am used to normal scrabble. My daughter found the concept easier to understand than me but I think the age range is appropriate. She really enjoyed playing it and finding out new words and it really seems to help with spelling and word association. Once she understood the rules she played with the game for long periods of time. The quality is good because the board is sturdy and all the pieces are well made. My daughter and her friends thoroughly enjoyed playing the game, a great game for the cold winter nights to play as a family. Made family games night fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Shellie Morrison – Rhiannon 11 Years


    Product Tested By Sienna Mandurn – Mallory 10 Years

    Sienna Awarded the Scrabble Trickster 5/5

    The whole family was excited to receive this product; we are all firm Scrabble lovers and were interested to see how this game would turn out. The packaging is attractive and the board is nice and sturdy which is a must for board games that will be regularly played. We all understood the concept of the game easily and everyone picked it up quickly. The game is fun and also educational for the younger generation because it allows them to learn and pick up new words from all aged players! We have twisted the rules slightly where each person has to explain the words which are put down so that everyone can learn what they mean. This game is simple enough for anyone to play and enjoy thoroughly and it has been great for our family evening time! This is great quality and will last for a very long time which makes it brilliant value. We have played this for hours at a time and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who loves Scrabble! Sienna Mandurn – Mallory 10 Years


    This game definitely promotes my child’s development in terms of vocabulary, spelling and strategic thinking / planning


    Stephanie Awarded the Scrabble Trickster 5/5

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