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Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Band for Nausea

Adult Sea-Band
DRUG FREE – Helps with Nausea, travel and morning sickness relief
Natural relief
No side effects
Sea-Band Adult Pack £8.15
Sea-Band Child Pack £8.15
Winner of the Bronze Award 2010/11 and Winner of the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2012/13

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£8.15 Per Pair. Available to purchase online at or click online for local stockist

Sea-Band Acupressure Wrist Band for Nausea Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Keys

Product Tested By Rachel Keys

Rachel Awarded The Sea-band Wrist bands 4.4/5

I had used sea-bands before, as a child, so knew what they looked like. The packaging was appealing and the lilac colour of the bands was nice although I think that I’d have bought the normal grey ones as they would have been less noticeable with the clothes I usuallywear. The reusable travel case was useful and kept the bands clean and together whilst I wasn’t wearing them. The instructions clear explain how to place the plastic button on the acupressure point on your wrist in order for the bands to work. I wore the bands from around lunchtime until bedtime as my "morning sickness” lasted from mid-afternoon until the middle of the night. They took the edge off the nausea but it was still in the background. I didn’t receive the bands until I was 14 weeks pregnant so my nausea had reduced somewhat.  It would have probably been better to try them from around 6 weeks. The bands did not work as well as putting on before the onset of nausea, if I put them on when I was already feeling sick. The bands were comfortable to wear but did leave an impression on the skin after a few hours. I found it better to leave them on and not touch them. If the bands were looser then they wouldn’t work so need to be as tight as they are. The bands look well-made and I know from using them for travel sickness that they can last for years. They are relatively cheap to try and can be used after the baby arrives for any time you feel nauseous. The bands are simple but do what they are designed to do. I don’t see how they could be improved. They are very noticeable so if you haven’t announced that you’re pregnant then wear long sleeves! I would purchase this item and would recommend. Some people will find that the bands stop the nausea completely and some people won’t. If you have severe morning sickness then you’ll try anything and even a small improvement helps.  I wish I’d had tried them with my first pregnancy. An easy, affordable and natural way toreduce morning sickness. Rachel Keys

Product Tested By Martine Wright

MartineAwarded The Sea-band Wrist bands 3.8/5

First impression not great looking looked more like sweat bands. Packaging nice and compact. Very clear on how to wear in correct position. Started off wearing them all the time but then realised they made me feel more sick after a certain length of time. Best worn for just an hour or so. These did help a little when already feeling sick. These were very tight which I understand they have to be for the correct pressure, but uncomfortable for first hour and then when stop noticing the pressure, that’s when the sickness got worse. These are really good quality. I would say these represent good value for money if the person using them doesn’t encounter any problems. I would recommend for mild sickness. I think these bands could be made to look more attractive. For the little relief these gave me I personally do not think they are worth it, but I do suffer with quite bad morning sickness. I would recommend for people who do not suffer with such bad morning sickness. I think these would be useful for someone who only experiences sickness first thing in the morning and need some gentle relief. Personally I found these were not suitable for someone like me who suffers from morning sickness for most of the day. Martine Wright

Product Tested by Katherine Allan

Katherine Awarded the Sea-band Wrist Bands 4.7/5

These arrived in a neatly packaged box, looked well-made and was eager to try these out. I must admit I had not heard about these before for morning sickness so I was very happy to try these out. Also liked the carry case as made then easy to take around with you. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow.  I would wear these during the day, especially when I felt my morning sickness coming on. These did help ease the nausea which was a good thing for me, as hate feeling so sick all the time. I did find they felt tight on my wrist, but got used to wearing them and would wear them for about an hour at a time. These are made to a very high quality and will last for a long time, so you could use them for other things like travel sickness too. I think these are good value for money as they will last for years and you can use them for next baby and also for travel sickness. These are simple and easy to use and once you get used to them comfortable to wear. I do not really suffer from bad morning sickness, but I have found these have helped. I would purchase this item and certainly recommend. These worked and anything that helps alleviate morning sickness is a good thing in my mind. An easy, cost effective way to deal with morning sickness. Katherine Allan


 I wish I’d had tried them with my first pregnancy. An easy, affordable and natural way to reduce morning sickness.             


Rachel Awarded The Sea-band MamaWrist bands 4.4/5

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