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Be transported into an amazing underwater world at the UK’s Newest Aquarium. Come nose-to-nose with Ernie, our stunning giant green sea turtle, and prepare for astonishingly close views of everything from humble clownfish and seahorses to graceful rays. To get any closer you’d have to get wet!!

Explore our creatures
What’s your favourite sea creature?Are you a Shark lover or Seahorse fanatic? Perhaps it’s the graceful rays or the clever Octopus that you love the most. Maybe you simply can’t decide! Here at SEA LIFE Manchester you can make up your mind and see them all – from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. And you’ll be able to get closer to them than ever before.

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Online from £9.95pp. £16.95per person or family price (2 or more) £14.95pp. Children aged 2 and under FREE. Disability Carers come in for FREE (with proof). Wheelchair and Pram accessible.

Sealife Manchester Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Helen Cawley –
Ruby Ivy & Cora – 5, 2 & 1 year

Helen Awarded The Sealife Centre
Manchester/Trafford Centre 4.5/5

thought it looked like a good attraction for young families such as ours.
We travelled by car so the attraction was very easy to find as it is
located within the Trafford Centre which is well signposted from the M60
motorway. The attraction facilities were on the whole very good!! Car
parking is plentiful & free!! & located right near the entrance. The
only downfall is no specific place to eat once inside. The entrance was
good. Very inviting to children with fish tanks of sea creatures to entertain
them while queuing. The entrance staff were very friendly and helpful. Once
inside, we were very impressed with the attraction. From the outset, it was
atmospheric & grabbed our attention as well as our 3 young children! The
attractions at the centre were perfect for a young family. The lighting
provided stimulating viewing for even our youngest member of the family who is
20 months. The tanks were full of interesting creatures & the majority of
tanks were very low so our small children could join in independently. Our
children had a fantastic time. They were all able to join in with the visit. As
stated, our 20 month old was able to independently look into the majority of
tanks to see the fish etc. Our 5 year old enjoyed the interactive element of
the attraction, such as answering the lift the flap questions on the displays
& feeling the crab shells etc. This is a perfect attraction to fill
an afternoon despite the notorious Manchester weather!!! It’s a great
attraction to please all our children & was enjoyable for us too, very
informative!! We found the facilities lacking as there is nowhere once inside
the attraction to get something to eat, except a vending machine for drinks or
chocolate, but it would be nice if there was somewhere to sit & have a
coffee & grab a sandwich etc. for the children. However once outside the
attraction you are in the Trafford Centre so there are options for food once
outside. The other issue we had was the toilets. My 2 year old (only recently
potty trained) announced as we got to the entrance that she needed the toilet.
We asked if she could use their toilet as we were booking in but the member of
staff said that although we could, the toilet was about 3/4 of the way round so
it was a fair distance away from the entrance. It would have been handy if
there was a toilet near the entrance/exit as it meant we had to go back out of
the attraction & ask a neighbouring cafe if we could use their toilet
before we went into Sealife. This venue is extremely safe. We allowed our
20 month old to walk around the attraction. She has only been walking for
around 3 months & is still very dependent on her buggy but she enjoyed
walking round & being involved in the experience (had she been in her
buggy, there may have been a limit to what she could see without being lifted
out). The whole place was enclosed so even our young children could walk around
independently & enjoy the experience as they wished without us as parents
trying to keep them at our sides.We found that as lovely as the
experience was, it only really passed 2 hours maximum so it was fairly pricey
for such a short time. We would really expect to be entertained for the
majority of the day for what the family ticket cost. Having said that,
for the time we were there, we were entertained and were happy with the
experience. We would consider going again as it was an experience
we could all enjoy equally as a family, no matter how young our children are.
& the fact that it wouldn’t matter what the weather was like is a plus
point! I would recommend to our friends with similar age children for the
reasons stated above. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience all in
all, ease of location, parking, the attractions inside were perfectly aimed at
our young family. The only slight downside was the price & lack of food
amenities. We really enjoyed the visit to Sealife & found comfort in the
fact our young children could all join in the activity. There was plenty to see
& do for all. We would definitely consider going again; its only slight
downside was the lack of food amenities & the fact that it is quite pricey
to entertain us for only a couple of hours. Helen Cawley – Ruby Ivy & Cora – 5, 2 & 1 year

Tested By
Tracy Gibson – Sophie & Daisy – 11 & 3 Years

Tracy Awarded The Sealife Centre
Manchester/Trafford Centre 4.8/5

It was set in a
convenient location with good parking. It was quite busy though but it’s
understandable given the location and being set in a huge Building packed with
Hundreds of other stores. It was very easy to find, we went via our car
and used a sat nav. The attraction
facilities were okay. The play area was rather small and the coffee shop
expensive. The entrance was okay. A little hectic because we went at what seems
to be a busy time. But the staff seemed to have it under control and we weren’t
waiting too long. It was an exciting experience, we
were eager to see what it had to offer as we’d never visited that particular
sealife centre before. The
quiz trail was fun and Sophie enjoyed doing it as a team with Daisy. My
children that I took enjoyed it very much, we’ve visited various similar
attractions previously and there never seems to be as much or as big variety as
the sealife centres have. I have a good variety of ages child wise, teenager
right down to a 19month old and I always find they enjoy days out which involve
learning new things about species of animals or fish etc. The play area was
quite small and rowdy with children that really needed to be a little less
rough whilst playing, the coffees were quite expensive but whilst the kids play
its worth splurging to enjoy a hot drink. The toilets were easily accessible.
We all felt safe at this venue. This doe’s
offer value for money as the kids enjoyed the kids quiz trail and the sharks.
We would definitely visit again. I would
recommend as it is accessible and easy to find. Parking is a plus too. We were
able to park quite easily. It was an enjoyable experience although the
ticket price is a little expensive. Most families have 3+ children now and I
feel a family ticket should reflect that. Or have options of tickets. I also
feel that it should be free for children of 4 and under as they don’t really
soak up the experience as much as an older child. We enjoyed the day and were
grateful for the opportunity to visit. We had always wanted to go after
we’d saw the sealife centre when visiting LEGOLAND next door. We will visit
again. But not for 6+ months plus to ensure my youngest daughter (2)is
old enough to be able to enjoy it more. And My 3 year old to be able to
understand the displays and enjoy the attractions like the play area without me
worrying she’s going to be hurt. Tracy Gibson – Sophie & Daisy – 11 & 3

Product Tested By Katie Newly –
Karen & Kia 5 & 3 Years

Katie Awarded The Sealife Centre
Manchester/Trafford Centre 4.6/5

were all very excited to be visiting Sealife as had been meaning to go for a
while. We went by care and easy to find
with good signs. Car parking easy ample
places. The entrance good, got in pretty
quickly and nice friendly staff. This is a great place for children so much on
offer. They just loved all the sea
animals, were amazed, loved the touch pools and generally had a fantastic day.
They loved the Clawed creatures, seeing the animals being fed and having fun in
the play area. Loved the fact you had so many interactive activities and really
stimulated their imagination and helped them to find out more about sea
creatures. The only downside to this
venue is they do not really have many facilities for food and drink. Would be nice to have a selection of cafes
and place for you to sit and eat packed lunch if you are taking one as the café
was a bit expensive. Could do with a few more toilets too as with little ones
you never know when they need to go. We all felt very safe at this venue. We spent all afternoon here and my children
had a ball. It is good value as on a par
with so many other attractions and my children loved the experience. I would certainly recommend as a fun
educational day out. Plenty on offer a fun day out just needs a few more places
to eat and sit and relax once you are in the venue. We all had a wonderful day. Katie
Newly – Karen & Kia 5 & 3 Years





We really enjoyed the visit to Sealife & found comfort in the fact our young children could all join in the activity. There was plenty to see & do for all. We would definitely consider going again.


Helen Awarded The Sealife Centre Manchester/Trafford Centre 4.5/5

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