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Sebamed Hand And Nail Balm

Clinical study of sebamed hand and nail balm demonstrates increased moisture, making the skin perceptibly smooth and supple. Its effective moisturizers make the skin soft and enhance the appearance of hands, whilst the active ingredient keratin strengthens the nails. Created with the same pH 5.5 value of healthy skin, it supports and protects the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle and absorbs quickly and completely, without greasy residues.

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Sebamed Hand And Nail Balm Reviews

Product Tested by: Jo Smith

Product Tested By Jo Smith

Jo Awarded The Sebamed Hand and Nail Balm 4/5

Looks a bit medicinal but quite pleasant. Packaging was nice, good quality but wouldn’t make you choose it in a shop. Good closure on the cap which dispensed the cream nicely and cleanly. Instructions are fine, detailed enough for a hand cream! Good quality. Smelt nice and moisturised as expected, without any irritation. Absorbed quickly and didn’t feel greasy. The price seems comparable with similar good quality hand lotions so I wouldn’t especially say it was expensive, but I personally would buy something cheaper. You need to use quite a lot of it to get the feel that your hands have been really moisturised so it might not last as long as some others of the same size tube. I would consider buying it, depending on what else was available, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. It wouldn’t occur to me to recommend this product as there are so many others on the market which work just as well. Although I wouldn’t advise against buying it either. A pleasant, usable hand cream but doesn’t stand out as a market leader. Jo Smith


ProductTested By Sian Foster

Sian Awarded The Sebamed Hand and Nail Balm 3.8/5

The product arrived in a fairly plain box. It arrived in a similar designed packaging to the design on the tube. It fits in with the description that this is a clinical moisturiser. Packaging is fairly non-descript. It is in plain packaging of a white box with writing of the name of the product and a brief description. Its selling point is that it has the same pHas healthy skin. The instructions were in depth and clear as to the use of the liquid. Similar to medication this had a thin paper insert with information about the use etc. of the cream. The lotion is a thin white liquid, there is not really a scent on the lotion, but this fits in with a clinical aspect of the lotion. I have not had any congealing of the liquid or any negative effects of using it. The liquid is the same on the last day of the trial as on the first day of the trial. It is a little on the cheaper side as hand lotions go but I would describe the lotion as a basic moisturising cream. I did not notice any long lasting affect apart from the difference that using any moisturising lotion would have. For many years I have used hand lotions due to dry skin. I have therefore used quite a few different hand lotions and testing this on the basis of how well it moisturises your hand. It is a thin lotion which is a bit of a pain as your hands are wet until this is absorbed. My nails can be on the dry side and they were looking a little stronger. As soon as I have washed my hands the effects of using the lotion is washed away. A lasting effect from using the lotion does not remain, because of this I would not recommend the product. It is a moisturising cream with a description of being a 5.5pH lotion. I have used many clinical moisturisers and many shop purchased lotions. This seems to be a lotion that I would put in the middle, clinical barrier creams moisturise whilst shop bought creams are sold for their style/scent and looks, this is not either. If you’re after a basic moisturising cream, then this is the one for you. Sian foster


Product Tested By Lauren Smith

Lauren Awarded The Sebamed Hand and Nail Balm 4/5

A nice simple tube of hand/nail cream. The design is simple clean colours. Same as many tubes of hand cream on the market in tube design. This is a simple look and I do not think this would catch my eye in the stores. This tube is easy to use and you can dispense the cream easily. Handy to take in your bag too if you need to apply again during the day. Instructions good. The fragrance is nice. This is easy to apply and absorbed fairly quickly. Did not leave my hands feeling greasy. The price is on a par with a wide range of similar creams. I did find I needed to apply a few times during the day and the tube did not last me that long. It did leave my skin feeling soft and must have improved strength of my nails as they did not break as often as they normally do. I would purchase this again, but not wowed by this product. I would recommend as we all have different skin types and not too expensive so well worth trying. A nice basic hand and nail cream that did work. Lauren Smith





A pleasant, usable hand cream.     


Jo Awarded The Sebamed Hand and Nail Balm 4/5             

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