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Self Stirring Mug

The Self Stirring Mug is the consummate gift for that person who is simply…well – lazy! I mean – come on, we all know one, someone who is simply so lacklustre and apathetic in their demeanor that they can’t muster up enough energy to stir their own drink!Simply flick the switch and the mug stirs away to your hearts content. Simple! It really is effortless – all you need to do is insert the batteries and it’s ready to go.If the user can actually be bothered to start the ‘self stirring’ process all they need do is hold down the button (which luckily is at the top of the handle, where your thumb sits when lifting a cuppa) and sit back and marvel as the mug stirs away to ‘perfect frothyness levels’.So sit back, relax a little bit more than you already are and enjoy a nice brew.Check out Sylvie’s musings on the Self Stirring Mug here.Requires 2 x AAA Batteries (not included).

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£12.99 Available to purchase online

Self Stirring Mug Reviews

Product Tested by: Julie Grindle

Product Tested By Julie Grindle

Julie Awarded The Self Stirring Mug 4.8/5

Looked very good quality more like a flask mug. Easy to hold and also held the heat. I just loved the stirring action. It was fun to watch and my children just adored this mug they thought it was magic. Gave my tea a lovely stir every time. Good quality really fun mug which I have been using for ages now. I have since got one for my husband and also a great gift idea. This is good quality and lasts as have been using it daily. The only expense is getting new batteries when they run out and we needed more as used so much. A great gift idea for everyone and quality is excellent. Julie Grindle

Product Tested By Charles Pearson

Charles Awarded The Self Stirring Mug 4.5/5

Arrived well protected in packaging. A good quality mug. Instructions simple to use. This is a great novelty item. Also you are mesmerized by the stirring process once you pop sugar into the mug. This works great and good fun. Had to stop brother absconding the mug. The only fault is on the one I received the stirring process seemed to have a fault and would not stir all the time. However, the one my brother purchased seemed to work find and lasted a lot longer. Might be worth looking at improving the quality of the stirring mechanism. A good quality mug, fun item and makes a good gift idea. Price just a bit high could come down a bit. Charles Pearson

Product Tested By Robert Norvack

Robert Awarded The Self Stirring Mug 4.3/5

Good quality. Good design and fun gadget. Arrived well packaged and protected. A novelty mug which stirs for you. Fun to use, easy to set up. I did find the stirring mechanism faltered on a few occasions and could be improved. Overall a reasonably priced gadget. A fun item, good idea for novelty gift. Also good quality and when works it is a fun gadget to have. I would purchase and a few friends have also asked where to get this and got one as a novelty gift. Something a bit different. Robert Norvack


Julie Awarded The Self Stirring Mug 4.8/5

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